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02/18/09 03:57 - 36ºF - ID#47800

Buffalo needs more cameras!!!

Today has been such a hassle. I went to move my car last night and noticed somebody punched a hole in my window. They didn't take my stereo or CD's so I figured it was just some moron vandalizing things randomly. So I called the Buffalo Police, but they told me I had to call 911? Does this really qualify as an emergency? Anyway I didn't think anything was stolen till I talked to the glass guy this morning. He told me to make sure my inspection sticker wasn't taken. Well I went and checked and sure enough the inspection sticker was half ripped off. So now I get the pleasure of going to several different places to get this remedied. After talking to all of these people today(cops, mechanics, and DMV workers) this is really common these days. I guess someone was really desperate to get a sticker. I mean it took me three tries to get the car inspected last month and cost several hundred dollars. I really wish NY State would make the inspection stickers crumble to unusable bits when they are removed and it may end up stopping this crap. Well either that or get rid of the new emissions requirements on vehicles. But I'm sure neither of these things will do much.

ps I was kidding about more cameras
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