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02/24/08 12:04 - 25ºF - ID#43447

Bush Drunk

These videos kept me amused this morning

this one is probably my favorite though

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02/23/08 10:31 - 19ºF - ID#43434

Europa Bistro

Last night I went to this place for the second time and I have found it worthy of a good review. This is probably my favorite restaurant I have been to in Buffalo as of yet. It is a tiny little place on Elmwood, they have about 5 or 6 tables and a small bar that can seat about 9. Although it is a small place they have a pretty large beer and wine selection. They probably have more Polish beers than I have ever seen at a restaurant before. Excluding anywhere in Poland of course.

Their menu is nothing short of spectacular. They have traditional dishes from all over Europe but quite a bit of it from the Eastern part. Last night I had Cassoulet which is a French Stew made of pork sausages, duck confit, duck fat and the impossible to find Tarbais Beans. This is a labor intensive dish to make, especially if they are making their own confit. It was so delicious, but it was so large I couldn't even come close to finishing it.

Last week for lunch I had the Pork Rillets, which is another French dish which is usually made with pork belly and is spreadable on baguette. Theirs was a little different, they made it with pork shoulder and it was more like a very upscale pulled pork sandwich, but delicious nonetheless. They have some dishes that I love there. I can't wait to try all of them out. They also have daily dinner specials and soups. The only thing that doesn't sound good to me is the Lambic float for dessert. There is something kinda sketchy to me about mixing Gelato into my beer. Service there is very pleasant, quick and not even remotely stuffy. Prices are actually lower than I would have expected. Although the only other time I have ever seen Cassoulet on a menu was in NYC, the price was steep at $23. It is a bargain at Europa Bistro for only $13. Here is their website for further information although the menu is slightly larger and different than the one they have posted.
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02/20/08 02:38 - 18ºF - ID#43402

Theraflu sucks

I have had what I assume to be the flu for the past 3 days. This theraflu crappola I bought doesn't make me feel any better and it tastes like piping hot bile. Being busy at school and work while being sick is so not fun. I have one more exam tomorrow and I will be thankful when it is all over. Today I had a quiz in my computer science class. This lady that sits next to me who I talk to sometimes actually asked me for an answer as I was on my way to turn my paper in. I mean c'mon, are you fucking kidding me??? There is no way in hell I am going to risk being booted out of school in order for you to know the correct answer to a true/false quiz question. You already have a 50:50 chance of being correct. I should have given her the wrong answer to teach her a lesson but I just told her I didn't know.
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02/20/08 09:11 - 12ºF - ID#43397

That was unexpected!

So my landlord called me last night saying he wanted to set up a meeting. I thought that is usually never good. Kinda like being sent to the bosses office. But I went in this morning and they wanted to talk to me about what happened Monday. Then he offered to knock some money off of my rent this month to say thanks! Whoa! I have never had a landlord that I remotely even liked much before. Sounds good to me though. I had to keep stressing to him that I wasn't really the one who discovered it so hopefully he takes care of my neighbor too.
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02/18/08 08:11 - 33ºF - ID#43385

Arson? and Sid Crosby

So this morning I was awakened by my neighbor ringing my doorbell. I missed her but I quickly noticed why she came over. There was a trash can on fire across the parking lot. I put some flip flops on and moved the can away from the building to the middle of the parking lot. It's not often I leave the house in only my underwear but I really figured my landlords didn't want their art store on fire this morning. It seems strange that a trash can filled with newspapers would just spontaneously combust. I have to wonder if somebody did it on purpose or if a lit cigarette was to blame. Oh well the fire department didn't really seem all that interested in investigating. In fact when they finally showed up one of them decided to warm himself by the fire.

It looks sort of unimpressive after the melted bin collapsed upon itself. I tried to put it out with my fire extinguisher but it kept starting back on fire.

Yesterday was somewhat interesting. I stopped into work to get my schedule and one of the waitresses was telling me Sidney Crosby was eating there. naturally I didn't believe her so I went to look for myself. crazy enough Sidney Crosby was eating in my restaurant. I didn't bother him but one of the girls asked for his autograph and he was really cool about it.

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02/11/08 08:34 - 12ºF - ID#43282

Fuck you parking nazi's!!!

Ugh, I'm going to have to start budgeting for monthly parking tickets. I have never had more than one parking ticket in the last 10 years. Since moving to Buffalo I am working on my third. It really irritates me that both times they have gotten me its within 15 minutes of the alternate side of the street going into effect. It's not like my car was really hurting anything. On the flip side the last storm we had there was a car completely blocking my neighbors driveway for a day and a half before they actually ticketed it. I guess they are more concerned with the Elmwood strip area than Allentown.
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02/09/08 11:11 - 35ºF - ID#43257

Cafe 59...I have tried.

I have tried to give you guys my business on so many occasions. You certainly make it next to impossible with your crappy hours and broken espresso machine. When I went in for a delicious mocha in November and was directed to the "espresso machine broken" sign I was disappointed. But I figured today I would give you another shot at being my local cafe. When I walked in to see the exact same "espresso machine broken" sign I have walked out of your establishment never to walk in again. I can't fathom how you can run a cafe without an espresso machine for 3 months. Amazingly most people drink coffee in the morning. Opening at 9am is probably a tad too late to catch any of the people walking to the train station on their way to work. Seriously how do you stay in business? I love to support local businesses, but I guess I will stick to going to Starbucks on campus for when I want a mocha in the morning. Such a shame I thought you had potential.
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Category: politics

02/01/08 10:04 - 30ºF - ID#43126

Presidential Race

Not that I talk about politics much. I am really curious to see who is going to end up running with who. With the top two democrats being so cordial last night and Giuliani kissing Mccains's ass are we going to see a Clinton/Obama vs McCain/Giuliani election?
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