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NY state is now recommending Hepatitis B vaccines for all newborn babies based on six case studies of medical errors I'm not one of those crazies (see Jenny McCarthy) that thinks vaccinations lead to autism. I do think that its overkill to give a newborn a Hep B vaccine based on six case studies. I didn't even get this vaccine until I went to work in a hospital with routine exposure to patient blood. I can't see how a newborn would ever likely come into contact with this. Anyway I did find find this great website the Jenny McCarthy Body Count I find idiots like her and and people like Oprah that give her a pedestal from which to spew forth dangerous crap highly despicable. It is amazing to me how quickly bullshit spreads in the information age. It's no wonder I'm becoming a Luddite. It's scary to think that my baby could get polio because some moron thought that a vaccine was more dangerous than the disease it prevents.
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I am really annoyed with how much I use Facebook these days. I can't figure out why I even log in anymore. I can't stand close to 10% of my "Friends". Most of these people were someone I was acquainted with many years ago. For the most part I was never their friend and it is obvious why. Another 10% are people that I went to high school with and was never friends with. In fact everything I know about these people is based entirely on their facebook status. Most of the people I'm close with don't actually communicate anything at all with me there. In fact I also don't communicate any sort of real personal information. But the craziest thing of all is that most of my communication is with people from (e:strip).

Btw (e:paul)'s head keeps showing up on the people I may know screen. What's up with that?

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