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02/18/08 08:11 - 33ºF - ID#43385

Arson? and Sid Crosby

So this morning I was awakened by my neighbor ringing my doorbell. I missed her but I quickly noticed why she came over. There was a trash can on fire across the parking lot. I put some flip flops on and moved the can away from the building to the middle of the parking lot. It's not often I leave the house in only my underwear but I really figured my landlords didn't want their art store on fire this morning. It seems strange that a trash can filled with newspapers would just spontaneously combust. I have to wonder if somebody did it on purpose or if a lit cigarette was to blame. Oh well the fire department didn't really seem all that interested in investigating. In fact when they finally showed up one of them decided to warm himself by the fire.

It looks sort of unimpressive after the melted bin collapsed upon itself. I tried to put it out with my fire extinguisher but it kept starting back on fire.

Yesterday was somewhat interesting. I stopped into work to get my schedule and one of the waitresses was telling me Sidney Crosby was eating there. naturally I didn't believe her so I went to look for myself. crazy enough Sidney Crosby was eating in my restaurant. I didn't bother him but one of the girls asked for his autograph and he was really cool about it.

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02/11/08 08:34 - 12ºF - ID#43282

Fuck you parking nazi's!!!

Ugh, I'm going to have to start budgeting for monthly parking tickets. I have never had more than one parking ticket in the last 10 years. Since moving to Buffalo I am working on my third. It really irritates me that both times they have gotten me its within 15 minutes of the alternate side of the street going into effect. It's not like my car was really hurting anything. On the flip side the last storm we had there was a car completely blocking my neighbors driveway for a day and a half before they actually ticketed it. I guess they are more concerned with the Elmwood strip area than Allentown.
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02/09/08 11:11 - 35ºF - ID#43257

Cafe 59...I have tried.

I have tried to give you guys my business on so many occasions. You certainly make it next to impossible with your crappy hours and broken espresso machine. When I went in for a delicious mocha in November and was directed to the "espresso machine broken" sign I was disappointed. But I figured today I would give you another shot at being my local cafe. When I walked in to see the exact same "espresso machine broken" sign I have walked out of your establishment never to walk in again. I can't fathom how you can run a cafe without an espresso machine for 3 months. Amazingly most people drink coffee in the morning. Opening at 9am is probably a tad too late to catch any of the people walking to the train station on their way to work. Seriously how do you stay in business? I love to support local businesses, but I guess I will stick to going to Starbucks on campus for when I want a mocha in the morning. Such a shame I thought you had potential.
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Category: politics

02/01/08 10:04 - 30ºF - ID#43126

Presidential Race

Not that I talk about politics much. I am really curious to see who is going to end up running with who. With the top two democrats being so cordial last night and Giuliani kissing Mccains's ass are we going to see a Clinton/Obama vs McCain/Giuliani election?
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01/31/08 05:16 - 23ºF - ID#43115

Jobs and such

Today I was called off of work. This is the second time in two weeks. So I decided to make good use of my time off to apply for a new job. I dropped off my resume at 4 of the 6 sushi bars that I know of in the area. I have no idea if any of them are even looking for waitstaff, but I need to get a new job. I avoided O because I didn't really like it all that much, and Kibirashi because they have had problems with the tax man. I have never been to some of these places to eat, but I figure its all pretty much the same minus the strange specialty maki that places prepare. Obviously some places are busier and serve fresher fish. I really hope I hear something back soon.

As a reward for not killing anyone when I was called in I checked out the new beer store VBM on elmwood. I think it opened this week. The shelves are partially stocked with some delicious brews. The guy working there told me they intend on stocking over 1000 kinds of beer. They have about 8 taps to fill growlers. I was shocked to see that they have Delirium Tremens on tap, but at $24.95 a hit I opted for a sixer of Dogfishhead Raison d'etre instead. They certainly aren't winning any awards for being the cheapest beer store in Buffalo, but they will still get a good majority of my business. Besides beer they also have a small deli, some expensive looking prepared foods, a small selection of cheese, hot sauces and some foo foo crackers. I'm guessing the markup on the beer isn't good enough to sustain the business? Despite the prices I am really excited that this store opened. This means I can walk to get good beer!!!
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01/24/08 01:35 - 20ºF - ID#43011

Too excited!

I just bought my plane tickets to go to Budapest!. I have no idea exactly what I'm going to do yet when I get there but I guess thats half the fun. I still can't believe how cheap the tickets were. I almost waited a few days to see if they would go down but then the price of $707 from Buffalo came up and I had to take it. I really hope the dollar doesn't get any worse between now and then.
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01/22/08 12:03 - 28ºF - ID#42984

I need help!!

Ok computer savvy peeps, I really need to find out the best or at least the cheapest way to run a windows application on my mac. I know absolutely nothing about any of this and I figured somebody here probably did. Do I need to buy a copy of windows? Because I would really rather not. Does anyone know of a free download that will do this? All I can seem to find is stuff for intel macs, which I don't have. Please help!
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01/21/08 11:04 - 12ºF - ID#42972

Ticket of shame

So I went to Holiday Valley yesterday to get some practice before I go to Whiteface in February. I guess I'm in slightly better shape than I thought because I'm a whole lot less sore than I anticipated. Anyway Holiday valley is kinda overpriced considering how small the vertical drop is. It looks like its probably a good place to learn. All ski places have the ski patrol and they are usually pretty cool as long as you are skiing in control. Holiday Valley has the added safety patrol, They have nothing better to do other than bust people skiing on trails that are closed but should be open. There was one trail there called chute, I believe, which was closed all day and towards the afternoon I decided all that fresh powder should not go to waste. My friend was apprehensive about going till I said "what are they going to do, take away our lift tickets??" It was the best trail we skied all day. When we got to the top of the lift "Sharon" armed with a pair of diagonal cutters was waiting for us. She took our regular tickets and gave us our tickets of shame.


I get so annoyed with some ski places. Why they have perfectly good trails closed just because they aren't groomed makes no sense to me. Some people actually like skiing ungroomed snow. I thought she was being way too dramatic about the whole situation. I'm already skiing at my own risk anyway, why shouldn't it be my right to decide whether or not I'm capable of skiing a trail?

But I did have a good time. They good about the mountain is at least they have a couple of high speed quads. So the time between bombing down the mountain is reduced by a few minutes.
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01/19/08 05:08 - 20ºF - ID#42956

Skiing anyone???

Ok so this is kind of last minute. I'm going skiing tomorrow, either at Holiday Valley or Bristol Mountain. Is anyone interested in going? I will probably leave around 7 or 8 am and ski all day. I have some extra clothing if you aren't equipped, I definitely have an extra coat, goggles, ski socks, and maybe a pair of pants but I will have to check. Sorry no extra gloves, I had to buy a new pair today because I lost my old ones. I'm not sure what it costs to rent skis or a snowboard, but I think the lift ticket at bristol is around $50, and at Holiday maybe $45.
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01/14/08 04:16 - 36ºF - ID#42880

Here we go again

I am so not happy about retaking Statistics. Apparently UB's intro statistics course is much better than my former college's. I'm amazed that everything else I took at OCC transferred, I would be willing to bet that the Organic Chem I took was slightly easier than UB's, but they transferred it.

Today I finally got a copy of the syllabus for my stats course. Luckily I saved a copy of the other syllabus from the last time I took it. I cannot figure out any significant differences between the two. They are nearly identical right down to the Minitab assignments which I despised the first time around. I know there is probably no chance of getting out of taking this course no matter how hard I try. But I really want someone with the power to change the transfer agreements to explain exactly what I will be getting out of this class that I haven't already received. I'm almost hesitant to bring this to the professors attention right off the bat because I would rather be anonymous. Thats the only thing I have embraced about taking classes with 449 other people. I almost wonder If I should speak with the department head.
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