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02/05/05 05:37 - ID#21852


My new user pic is of my darling little Amber, who won a cat of the day award in May for this picture....
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02/05/05 04:28 - ID#21851

American Chopper

I love the color green, I am glad to be writing in it....
Currently I am at work (it seems I only update from work) I am in my office which is directly over a massive convention hall (think of the convention center before it was a casino) where the North East Motorcycle Expo is being held this weekend. As a result I keep hearing engines and bad 70's rock. However, I got to see the OCC guys bring out the Liberty Bike yesterday on my lunchbreak when the expo was setting up. If you are not familiar with the Discovery Channel show American Chopper then you will not care or understand what the hell I am talking about. For those of you who do know the show, I find it very entertaining and was a bit star struck to see them. It would be really cool if they were filming some of the show here but I didn't see any cameras or anything.
An aside to Jill, was bright eyes in boston this past week? Because I am pretty sure I saw Conner Oberst fans being escorted out of the lobby. He may have been staying here under an alias because his name nor bright eyes name was in the reservation system. Let me know
I had a crazy dream about Mike last night, some may find it creepy but I thought it was kind of neat. I had this dream that matt and I went to Vegas or someplace like it, on vacation. When we were there we decided to go to this museum like those crazy wax museums on clifton hill. So we go inside and I realize that the museum is all about my friends and I. Like there are little scenes of us in highschool in each part of the museums with wax figures of us. Like that picture of us from the slide show in the couch potato float re made with wax figures of us. And in the background of all of it there was recordings of our voices on that particular day that the scene was depicting. And then there were rooms that were set up exactly like each of our bedrooms were set up in high school all with these recordings. I was amazed at every room I went through at who could have saved all of these artifacts and actually tape recorded all of our conversations and taken the time to set up a whole museum of our high school lives. Of course it was Mike who was reading a book behind the counter of the gift shop. How crazy was that dream?!
Okay I guess thats all I am going to write for now because i am sure everyone is bored of my randomness for now. tata
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01/14/05 05:28 - ID#21850

look everybody I have updated!

I know its a miracle that I have updated. I never really have the time it seems. Sometimes I start an update but have to delete it because I don't have time to finish it. I am currently at work and it is pretty slow today thank god. If you haven't seen me online lately it is because my computer is somewhat in need of repair. I guess the Internet port no longer works so I am forced to do all of my online stuff like e-mail at work. However the firewalls don't allow me to go on aim. They did at one time, but someone squealed (not on me but in general) so we haven't had it for months now. I am working my fingers to the bone these days trying to pay off disney world. My travel agent informed me today that since I din't pay for my accomodations before the new year turned over I would not be able to get the rate I previously had been paying off because it was only a 2004 package so now I am subject to the new 2005 rates. She hasn't told me what they are yet (I will know by monday) but I can only assume they are higher, especially since 2005 is their big 50th anniversary thing ( I didn't know that at the time of booking it). Thankfully matt will be contributing to the disney fund even if in a small way, which will help.
Speaking of Matt, he just got back in to Boston today, I talked to him on the phone but haven't seen him (due to being here at work). I haven't seen him in a week and a half (a record for us). Tonight we are going to one of our favorite restaurants, the longhorn. The food is great but expensive, and I always find myself a little queezy because every five feet there is a massive bull head over the tables. Makes it extremely hard to eat a steak, but I never really eat red meat so once in a while my body demands it, steer head or no steer head.
I had another dream about me and jill opening up a don apparel like store on elmwood. Maybe fate is trying to tell me something? It will always be a thought in the back of my mind. I mean with my business degree and her fashion and sewing sense we could have a very fun hipster boutique on our hands. Food for thought.
I hate the work hour countdown. I have a little over two hours left, which could be shorter if you ask me. It would be more fun if I could change my accent for every call or answer the phone in snazzy ways. But no, no fun for Diana just bad small talk and paperwork.
Ok must go now for I have nothing left to really discuss, that is what happens when all you do is eat sleep and go to work....maybe I will have something more exciting to share at a later date. To mike and paul I hope your grandma is feeling better, had I have know I would have joined the many friends who called from afar. I send my good thoughts and wishes.To everyone else i miss you, and to jill, fate may be saying that we should open that place together what do you think of that? We could be like laverne and shirly working together....and we would totally wear our initials on all of our shirts. Mike would make a great squiggy....I digress....goodnight all
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11/18/04 09:29 - ID#21849

Still alive

Wow it has been forever since I have updated, stranagely I am on e-strip reading other people's journals all the time but have been far too lazy to make my own entry. I am excited to go home next week for thanksgiving even though I had to lie to my boss to get the days off. I don't think I could be alive and not do everything possible to get home for holidays, and not because my family is great or anything, but because of the food of course. I eat nothing but garbage or mass produced food here unless I spend horrendous ammounts of money to go out to eat. Take today for example, a bowl of special k, stouffers mac n cheese, a handful of pretzels and some pop. Oh the comfort of saying pop and not being belittled! I am so glad that Matt is a fellow Buffalonian, for I would be so sad to never say pop or discuss the longing for real wings for months at a time. So yes I will be home at 6:30 in the morning on Thanksgiving, for those of you Mike hasn't told, because my slave driver boss made me work the day before until 6 and didn't tell me she was giving me the weekend off until it was too late to catch a reasonable flight home. So I will be taking a Greyhound (with Matt, I am not crazy enough to go alone) at 8:30 at night overnight to arrive at 6 in the morning. Matt has never taked a Greyhound and therefor is far too optomistic about the trip. I know it will be cramped, long and torturous, while he thinks it will be some kind of an adventure ("we can bring big thermoses of hot cocoa and snuggle and play cards!"). How cute but so nieve.

There are so many things I am dreaming of stuffing into one weekend. I want to take Matt's mom and grandma to see the incredibles, go to golf dome (random but matt has got me wanting to...anyone else in?), DUFFS, spend time with the kitties, pizza hut, KFC and mighty (you would be amazed the things you crave when they are not availible to you all the time), at night playing board games at higher grounds (the last time was so fun..."and he's also the last dinosaur"), MOCHA...
You guys better be ready to hang out because I need to see everyone every minute I can. I will be home for christmas but I'm not sure it will be longer than a week or two. This job sucks. I am working right now technically. I love the money hate the company and the job. Everyday I just have to think about Disney world and sitting in my own living room with my kitties to get me past storming out and quitting. Responsabilities suck so much, and I barely have any. I don't wanna grow up anymore.

I guess I should update for real before I complain. In all my classes I have at least a C + but I don't know what they are above that. Midterm warnings only tell you you are doing bad if you have below a C+ and I never got one so I have at least that. I don't think they are A's anymore though. its hard to go from a 3.8 to not even knowing if you have a B. I just know I am lucky my teachers havent kicked me out for all the classes I have missed this semster. Working full time and going to school full time is harder than I could have ever imagined. My job isn't so much my fan either, as I am late almost every day. In my defense it is never really over 5 minutes and it is the result of being completely dependant on public transportation which is often late and beyond my control. I leave as soon as my classes end but it never seems like enough time. I don't know if the whole company is anal or if it is just my boss, but she is a very by the book woman and as you all know I am not. No one laughed when I started jamming out to the bagel bites song that was stuck in my head by the fax machine, they were not amused. I am so not a cubical person. I am biding my time hoping to transfer to another department after the mandatory 6 month wait but its looking like I may not get a sparkling review. I am just not a professional type person. I need life not black and white faxes and a headset. Grrrr

Anyway so life isn't sunrise and d
aisys but I know that I don't have to stay anywhere I don't feel happy I just wish there were more options. Like maybe working 30 hours a week instead of at least 40. Okay so now back to work, or at least pretending to while I do some Math homework. See everyone this week!
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10/04/04 12:40 - ID#21848

Around here...

Wow, I know I haven't wrote in forever but jill is amazing me with her non regular updates. I am very used to getting my home info from e-strip and I can see that I am not getting much. But here is my update anyway. School is going okay, I don't see myself keeping my 3.8 status from last semester. My classes are harder than I am used to and I have much less time to focus on them than I usually have. Plus 3 out of 5 of my teachers are brand new and have zero idea how to teach a class. One of my teachers is a pretty young mom and while her silly anecdotes are funny to me, they don't get any point across and end up wasting a good portion of my time and sometimes confuse me. Another teacher is an older guy who I am assuming worked in an investment firm or something and has never taught before. The class is finance and so far I have not learned anything. All he does is pop in videos every single class without fail. I tried reading the book and learning things myself but it went way over my head. Anyway...
I am finally starting my job this tueday. It has taken them almost two weeks to finish a background check and drug test. I am very nervous about this job and a little excited. I have never had a real job in my field and am very afraid of fucking it up. I see me overbooking the hotel and being fired or something crazy. I am excited because it is a professional job which means I will get to shop for a whole new professional wardrobe. I am afraid though that I wont be able to come home for holidays or be able to take days off as much as I have with all of my part time jobs. I am also afraid it will drain me to work full time and go to school full time, but I am so excited at the things it will open up to me. I will be able to take that trip to disney world for spring break and I will have enough for my dream apartment and to take my kitties and be able to take Matt out for a real dinner once in a while. I just really want to start already so I can begin a routine because my life has been so hectic and stressful.
I got the lead in my school's play. The play is called "I can explain" and its about a girl and guy's trip through relationship hell. Where I will fit this in between working and going to school full time I do not know, but the director said she is willing to work around my schedule. I really hope she means it because I explained about my work and school sceduling stuff and she still seemed okay with it which is crazy but nice. It is totally going to be a crazy semester, but I am okay with that.
Last weekend Matt took me to the Boston Animal expo and cat show. He knows how I go through furry creature withdrawl when I am away from my cats and when we saw the commercial he knew I wanted to go. The cat show was really wild, if you have ever seen the movie "Best in Show" you would have laughed so hard at being at this place. There were so many people with head to toe cat outfits on and people rubbing their cats down with oil and cat hairspray. One cat even had a full dream house cage that looked like a barbie dream house and it was tucked in asleep in this frilly little bed. It was hilarious. I found the most perfect kitten in the world for sale there. It was a scottish fold boy kitten named kerns, it was the cutest cat I have ever seen in my life, and I have seen some cute ones. It should have been in commercials, it didn't even look real. I am going to scan the picture of me holding it sometime this week. If I had $800 I would have bought it on the spot even though I am totally against buying from a breeder, that is how amazing this cat was.
After the cat show matt and I were walking back from burger king to my house and they had shut down the street for filming. It happens sometimes around my house because its around the block from Marlboro street which is the picturesque street of boston, the one always on postacards because of the pretty townouses. We were standing around to see what they were filming and m
t said "holy shit thats jimmy fallon." Drew Barrymore and JimmyFallon were standing like 10 feet away. They have been in Boston the last month or so filming this movie called Fever Pitch about a guy who had to chose between his girlfriend or the redsocks and the house they used as their house is around the corner from me. It was pretty cool to see, I took a couple pictures before they made us leave, but I got one of matt in front of Jimmy Fallon's charcter's car (they had to drag it down the street because jimmy couldn't drive stick) and one of people reloading film in the camera, I'll post them with the kitty picture. We also got followed by secret service on friday of last weekend but thats no big story, the 7-11 in my area is right behind john kerry's house and it was 2am and we were getting some ben and jerrys, they eventually stoped following us but it was funny how indescreet they were. Matt was paranoid though.
Okay now I have to go start some homework. I'll be posting again soon with all the pictures that I just got back when I get a chance to scan them.
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09/22/04 12:46 - ID#21847

I am a professional!

Well I got a good job! I am the new reservations agent at The Seaport Boston Hotel! I went for my interview this morning and was hired on the spot (once my drug test is cleared of course). I am so very excited, the hours are good, the pay is amazing, I even get full benifits health/dental, 401k! So now I can save up for my apartment and my kitties well being, and the spring break trip to florida! I am getting real life travel and tourism hospitality experience which will help me on my career path and I have something to carry me over when I graduate. This is such a great thing for me I can't even describe. However until I get my first paycheck, which will probably take a month, I only have $13 in my checking account! I am waiting on my last paycheck from Old Navy and my birthday card from my mom (leave it to my mom to be over a week late with my birthday card). Hopefully that money will keep me with shampoo and toothpaste for the month! Alright more on this and other things later...
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09/13/04 05:13 - ID#21846

Why I write

I know I write to keep my friends informed and in touch with my life. I like the feeling of closeness to know that even if I don't have time to pick up the phone and call everyone I can post and I can read their posts and the world seems a little smaller between Boston and Buffalo.
PS. I just e-mailed my resume to the human resource department of the Lenox Hotel, Boston's Waldorf Astoria ( ). There is a job posted there that I want so bad I could kill. All I keep hearing in my head is the song from A Chorus Line, everytime I think about it "God I hope I get it, I hope I get it, how many people does he need? I really need this job, please God I need this job, I need to get this show!" Wish me luck I am going to need every ounce of it. This job will make all of my current dreams come true, I will be able to afford my apartment in a nice area, be able to get my cats all up to date with their grooming, medical care and shots and take them to live with me in due time! I will keep you all posted
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09/12/04 04:28 - ID#21845

I partied like it was my birthday!

Friday night at the stroke of midnight my 21st birthday officially began. I was supposed to spend the night at a club named the roxy but seeing as how it was the first weekend of the school year every club in the world was having a "back to school party" and the roxy was no different. Apparently DJ Jazzy Jeff of Fresh Prince fame was the Dj for the night and cover was $25 so I knew that option was out. Eventually I ended up with some people going to my best friend's roomates' from last year's apartment. The apartment was owned by 5 girls and the party was like those 5 girls me and my best friend and maybe 4 other girls but there were a billion guys there. Once everyone found out it was my 21st birthday it was like the mission to get me drunk, and I did. This will probably be the last time I will ever do that because it was far too scarry for me. From the stories of people there and my blurred memory of that night, I apparently told some kid from Wentworth's (Matt's college that is almost like 90% guys because its a technology school) hockey team that I wanted him to be my present at midnight. Somehow that doesn't suprise me I was very drunk, nothing happened thanks to my friends, but things came close apparently. Looking at the picture of him now I can understand why in my drunken stooper I almost jumped him. He's the one in the white, other than the crazy eyebrows he was pretty hot. Of course I told him I had a boyfriend after I sobered up a bit and we kind of decided that if we ever ran into each other again at Wentworth it wouldnt be wierd...but it will because now I am humilitaed. It turned out he was a freshman. I told Matt as soon as I got home of course, he just laughed because I didn't do anything but I still felt guilty, even though I don't really remember all of it. We decided its best for me not to drink hardcore unless Matt is around to take care of me. He said I was cute when I was drunk, who says that?
Auka (yes thats her name, shes from austrailia and shes named after aukland), Me, and my best friend Jen (how drunk do I look?)
Jen and Auka's boyfriend Mark (in the red), and my almost hook up Dane (in the white)
Me and Jen
Mark (red) and Dane (white)

After my drunkin night (and being woken up by mike's call lol) Matt and I got some krispy Kreme on my birthday morning and then I got may hair cut at a very nice place. She spent like an hour and a half drying and curling and styling my hair, it felt so good. Then we took a little trip outside of the city to charelstown were we saw the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) and the USS Constitution museum. We didn't get to see it all so we might go again next weekend. Then we went to the 3-D I-max movie Ghosts of the Abyss about the wreckage of the Titanic. It was very cool, creepy, but very interesting. We had planned on going to the 80's laserlight show at the planetarium but the subway was under construction so we didn't make it in time. Instead we walked through Charles Street (one of the most quaint streets in the city) that was so peaceful and nice. we stopped by the common to visit the 9/11 memorial that they deicated that morning too. After that we went to the California Pizza Kitchen for a late dinner where I got (this sections is mainly for mike's fascination with what people eat) Linguini with shrimp and garlic cream sauce and matt got a carne asada pizza. Then after watching American Chopper on the discovery channel I went to bed.

All in all this past week's birthday celebrations helped make my birthday the best ever! Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes, cards and presents, and to the people whos presents and well wishes are still in the mail (or at their house until novemeber).
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09/06/04 04:46 - ID#21844


It is 3:30 am and I need to get up at 6 to take the 7 hour drive back to Boston. Insomnia can be so frustrating. I actually got home from my lovely early birthday dinner with, jill,jim, teres, and mike at Olive Garden early enough to get a good night sleep. I thought I was ahead of the game because I was actually tired at midnight even though I woke up at 2 after staying up all last night. Of course and hour and a half after I fell asleep I woke right back up. Then the crazy wives tale sleep aids came into play, stretching, music, glass of milk etc. but nothing worked, then came the inevitable sleep time calculations "if I fall asleep in the next 15 minutes I will get at least 3 more hours of sleep....okay well if I fall asleep 30 minutes after that I will get about 2 and a half hours of sleep..." Alas I have decided to embrace my sleeplessness and look up crazy things on the internet until I need to get out of bed. Although everyone knows that last hour right before they have to get up they end up falling asleep making it feel impossible to get up and be motivated. Grrrrraa!!
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09/02/04 04:04 - ID#21843

My love for Kitties

I know that my journals generally talk about kitties at least 75% of the time so it is no suprise that I was so happy, and in rachel's case sad, to hear others speak about theirs. Drchlorine your cat is absolutely adorable, or should I say muy guapo! I would love to meet him sometime, he seems so charming. I am very suprised I havent thought of posting an entry from one of my cats. Sometimes they instant message people without my consent if I leave my laptop open but they havent mastered full words or sentance structure like The Mang. Rachel I am so sorry you feel that you have to give away your cat. Does your kitty already have a new home or are you looking for one? and why exactly do you have to get rid of him/her if its not too much to ask? I don't know the entire situation of why you feel you have to give it away, but I agree entirely with Sqb and all of his points. Either way its awful that anyone should have to go through that. My mom, the horrible creature that she is, got rid of my two cats one day while I was away at school (I was a sophmore in HS at the time) and I had had them since I was 11. I can't ever remember crying that hard as when I came home and there was not a kitty to greet me. It took me a long time to get over that. Now I have 4 cats that I have had for almost 4 years, they live with my mom here in Buffalo while I have been going to school in Boston but I die a little bit every fall when I have to leave them. My goal is to get an apartment by either christmas or summer break of this year and bring them to live with me one by one, as my mother is evil and unstable when it comes to just about everything and I often fear for my cats safety, conditions, and health. Anyway I wish you luck and if there is anything I can do to help please let me know, I would gladly go out of my way for a furry friend.
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