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04/20/05 09:00 - ID#21855

Homeward bound...

No, not that crappy Disney movie about the pets on the farm or whatever but me being ready to spend another fabulous summer in Buffalo! I can't wait to go home and watch shakespare in the park with the coolest kids in town, and have ice cream by the river (ps who wants cheesey bread at Tully's right now?), seeing movies and talking though the corney parts... etc.

I have a week and a half left at my miserable job and I could not be happier about that! I make more at my craptacular job than my sister who is a vet tech in Buffalo but money can certainly not buy happiness. Unless it is in obscene ammounts that would allow me to buy Orlando Bloom for a week, or rig the Vibe awards to start a hip hop war. But lets face it that kind of money is only made through birth, ill buisiness gains, or marrying a 90 year old oil tycoon like Anna Nicole Smith. But sadly even she lost her millions. Needless to say I will only miss the money but it wasn't worth the frustration. I wonder if I will ever find a respectable, good paying job that won't make me want to put a gun to my head at the end of the day. Speaking of which I am currently looking for a summer job so if you hear anything let me know. I sent out a bunch of resumes already so hopefully something will come of those. Matt has been putting in resumes for architecture internships in Buffalo left and right but none of the firms seem to be taking interns. Its sad because the kid already second guesses his talent and then to be continually rejected makes it harder. I keep trying to explain the differences of places not wanting interns and real rejection of people wanting interns but not chosing him. He seems to think they are the same but to the outside person it is easy to see it has nothing to do with talent just supply and demand.

We are subletting a place off of main street for the summer right across the street from UB. It is the apartment of a kid we both went to school with at Morrisville who now goes to UB but will be at home in Rochester for the summer. he was supposed to pay off the end of someone elses lease so he and his friend could have the place for the next school year. Matt told him we would pay half of the lease for the remaining 4 months to stay there while they were home for summer. So we are getting a big 2 bedroom apartment for like 350 a month utilities and cable included. After spending the last week in Boston looking at places for next year that are half the size of my bedroom for $975 a month without utilities this seemed too good to be true. It will be interesting to live in Buffalo without my parents hassling me every day. So if anyone needs a place to lay low from their parents this summer- we have an extra bedroom. As I recall Jesse had to sleep on a couch at his new house so Jesse you are more than welcome to come stay at the apartment and have your own room no charge. That offer is up for MK or Mike or whoever will be home from the crew this summer.

Speaking of being home for the summer who else will be? I know Matt and I will be home, last I talked to Mike and MK they were going to be home. I heard that Jill and Teres were going to europe and Jen would be in KY with Glenn. Will Jesse and Maureen be home? What about Yo, will she be gone for mass periods of time? I would like a summer pre-cap and I expect Mike to be the one who will know so I will look forward to seing that in his and all of your entries. Well I must go, my paper on the Sexual Roles in Gone With the Wind will not write itself.... unless I feel like paying $39.95 for it online...
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