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05/19/04 10:38 - ID#21830

Mmmm ice cream!

I really didn't eat a dinner yet exactly, I had some noodles a little earlier and watched Matt eat some mcnuggets not too long ago and my brother and I discussed a little long john silver's but so far no food, however if you guys did want to get some ice cream later I am totally up to it as MK suggested. Food or no food.

I have been watching last comic standing reruns on comedy central with matt for what seems like all day, I wouldn't mind getting out of my house for a while. Last night after hanging out with everyone at Tullys and the mall we went to matts house, watched tv and worked some more on matts puzzle and then watched shrek and ate some green popcorn (made for the release of shrek 2). It was probably better than regular popcorn, I certainly enjoyed the entire day and night. Okay I really have not much more to update on because I have seen you all almost every day this week and since this journal was basically to keep you guys updated...there you go.
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05/03/04 11:53 - ID#21829

Mixed mood

I ate 3 Krispy Kream donuts today within an hour and a half. I am feeling like white trash. I keep trying to tell myself that they are smaller than normal donuts (like when you have 3 slices of pizza and you convince yourself they were small slices...we've all done it). However they are so much richer than normal donuts, and you can see them being fried right there in the window. Why? I keep telling myself I need to shed a few vanity pounds so I feel confident about being in a bathing suit this summer, but then I end up eating twice as much as I should. I just can't help myself sometimes...damn those carbohydrates!! Why must they be the tastiest food group!!!

I am currently watching unbreakable with Bruce Willis, I barely understand what is going on. Am I supposed to be scared because I really am not. However they have been having "spoilers" for M. Nigh Shamalyann's new movie (the guy who made Signs and 6th Sense) and it stars adrien brody, Segurney Weaver and Joaquin Phoenix. It looks really really creepy, its called "The Village."

My grandmother in Malta died today, I don't exactly know how to feel about it. I just found out two hours ago from my Brother.I met her and everything, but she didn't speak english so I never really knew her. Granted I am sad because now I will never get the chance. I often wonder if she was just like my mom, or worse or if she was a sweet old woman. Knowing my moms genetics I doubt that. My mom is leaving for Malta on friday to be with her family. I think she will be there for a couple weeks, so I wont see her when I get home. I haven't seen her in 5 months and I have to say, I enjoyed every minute of it. I was dreading going home, living in that house and dealing with her rules, limitations and put downs. At least having two weeks to just get used to being home after geting to live my own life and be happy out here will be a big help. Sometimes I really hate her, and I hate when the horribleness extends to me here. Its crazy to me that she can piss me off when I live 7 hours away. She is just that good, what a dark gift.

I know I should be attempting to study for something but damn is it hard to get motivated. I will be home saturday evening back to the b-lo. I can't wait to see the kitties!! Okay, I am going to attempt to make a study guide so if I feel like studying one of these days, I will be able to. Can't wait to see everyone!
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