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04/26/04 03:13 - ID#21828

Matt's room

I have been staying at Matt's room the last few nights because it is his finals week and he needs to work on his final model and studying but in order to still see him I need to work around his schedule. I am amazed at how bad guys make fun of each other and pretend that they are still joking like they aren't hurting each other's feelings. Girls do that to other girls that they don't like but guys will say the meanest most offensive things to their best friend and expect them not to be hurt or mad, its common practice. Matts roomate said like three really mean things to him yesterday and I couldn't believe that kid could sit there and pretend he was joking. I could tell it hurt Matt but he denied it to me the whole night, I just couldn't believe it. Guys, testosterone is not a brick wall fellas, you are allowed to admit when something hurts you. Whatev

Has anyone seen that british comedy Calender Girls? I am curious about it however I really have no desire to see old british women naked. I think we should start supporting movies with real women with real wrinkles instead of this whole botox and face lift phenomenon. Who knows what we are going to find out about the chemicals and surgery involved, it could turn into something deadly. Nothing that does what it does can be healthy.

Exams are coming up next week and I am not too worried about them, I just wish that they were over. Matt goes home this Saturday and he'll be there for a week, then he's driving back up next Saturday to pick me up and bring me back to the B-lo. I had an exam on Monday but I had it switched to Saturday so that I could get home sooner. Not to mention Matt and I have never been apart for more than 7 days, and an exam on Monday would have us apart for 10 days.

I saw 13 Going on 30 on Friday....OMG it was soooo very good!!! I could be a bit biased as I love anything 80's always have (yes long before it became the cool thing to do) and I adore Jennifer Garner. She is so adorable in this movie, I am so jealous, I so want to be her or at least her best friend. It was hilarious, even matt loved it (he was one of exactly 3 guys in the theater!) and it was touching, I cried at the weirdest times too, and of course I cried at the end. I wanted to see it again right after I saw it.

I am going to miss this city so bad, I can't even imagine how bad. Part of me misses it already...But I will get to see my cats and I miss them so much too. Grrr, its always a trade off. I get to have my cats and all my friends and no school, but I have to leave my freedom, my city and getting to sleep with matt every night. Okay I have to go get some ice cream....because I can
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04/16/04 01:42 - ID#21827

Skippin Class

I am here in my room skipping my accounting class. Why? who really knows, I hate this class, and I already have missed my fair share of classes but my grades are pretty good so I don't feel as bad. It is such a beautiful friday I can't wait to be outside in that gorgeous Boston sunshine.
Last night Matt and I went to the Bruins game at the fleet center. Wow, Boston hockey fans are so crazy. I had so much fun, I wish I would have went to more during the season. It was game five of seven in the playoffs for the stanley cup. Bruins lost last night miserably (1-5) but the thing that was insane was how very bad the refs were, and the montreal canadiens were such wusses. This one guy kept faking injuries to try and get the bruins penalty, it was painfully obvious. There was a good few minute chant among the crowd of "these refs suck!" Very amusing.
I had a very long talk with mk the other night. I am glad I was candid and said exatly how I felt, as I always do, but I just want her to know that I am happy if she is happy and I support anything she does because I trust her judgement. I just wanted her to know that I am always thinking about her and worried about her. But I will be behind her 110% and happy to meet anything or anyone she loves. I miss her and I can't wait to see her and everyone again in a few weeks.
I can't believe I haven't seen everyone in almost 5 months. I can't believe I haven't petted my cats in almost 5 months. I miss them soooooooo much. Everytime I go to a store and see the cat food isle or see and orange cat stuffed animal I can't help but cry a little inside. I made matt change the channel when we were watching alien because segourney weaver has an orange kitty that looked so much like amber. It made me sad.
I think that is all my update for now, how boring my entries are, no humor at all anymore...I kinda wish I was at darien lake today with everyone like the day when everone came to see john mayer. That was fun...good times.
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04/04/04 03:17 - ID#21826

Journal reading

I was just wondering if anyone really reads my journal, because I don't feel like they do. I really don't care if people don't, but I am just curious if people do, and if so, who? E-mail me at or mention it in your journal if you get too lazy to do that. Thank you for satisfying my curiosity
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04/02/04 02:52 - ID#21825

Presents 'n' stuff

So those of you who have turned 21 recently and are wondering where your presents are, don't worry they are coming. I hope you got the cards...hopefully those were on time. I have 3/4 of MK's present done and I'm pretty sure I am picking up the last element of it and mailing it out today. As for Jillian I have been searching all month for the right gift for you and really I am finding it harder than usual. I wanted to get you guys the kind of gifts you probably wouldn't find in Buffalo. Really crazy or nice stuff that only a big city can provide, but I am finding this difficult. There were many things I know you guys would have probably liked but nothing that has stood out. Last weekend I bought the main part of MK's present and I hope that she finds it fun and different. I found it at a comic book store and Matt and I laughed for like ten minutes and we knew it was perfect. I had fun carrying it around the streets of Boston and when you see it you will understand why. Once again today I will be looking for Jill's present. I also have to find something for my cousin who turned 18 the same day as Jill's birthday. I am already on the lookout for Jen's present, but somehow I feel like her gift will be easier (maybe because I can focus on it and not have to think about two other people's presents at the same time). Craziness.
Tomorrow I am going to this cartoon festival at the boston symphony. Matt wanted to go so I suprised him with tickets. Apparently they show looney toons cartoons that use classical music or symphony type stuff from 10 to 4. They do tours of the symphony hall, and let you play instruments and they have face painting and the boston animal rescue society will be there etc. So basically we will be the only non-parents over the age of 10 in attendence. Hmmm fun? I don't know but when I find out I will tell you.
Yesterday I went to my public speaking class and all these kids had their posterboards and outlines and were making presentations and this girl was like "hey whats your topic" and I was like "umm for what?" she was like "you're the first person on the list to do their persuasive speech today" I thought I was having that dream where it was the big test and I didn't study or something. Everyone has had that dream or one like it, like that episode of full house where DJ was having a nightmare about taking her SAT's and she had a #2 pencil and they only accepted #4, and for some reason she had to wear a clown nose and vanna white guest starred? Does that one ring a bell? Anyway so I thought I was literally having that dream. Cause at first I got all nervous and then I was like oh I'm just having that dream again. BUT NO, it wasn't a dream! For the first time in my academic career I was COMPLETELY unprepared for a major assignment or project. I planned on doing it this weekend cause I thought it was due next week. I didn't't even have a topic yet. My teacher (who already hates me, as mentioned in the previous entry) was not pleased, and gave me some lecture about "fresh fish" or fish not being fresh? I don't know what she was talking about, it was some analogy or metaphor that I was not picking up on, whatever, bottom line is that if they don't have time to hear my speech Tuesday then I have to have a meeting with her alone. Talking to her during class makes my skin crawl, I can't even imagine spending "quality" time with that crazy woman. And she's not the fun crazy either, she's the 'one step away from being the woman talking to the people in the bilboard on the subway' kind of crazy. I digress...
OMG did anybody see the so called "April Fools" episode of the osbournes yesterday? It was the most horrible thing I have ever encountered. It looked like a regular episode but in the episode Jack was having this problem with sleep walking and they would show it each night with the night vision camera, and at one point he woke up hitting his bulldog lola, which was horrible but then it got worse. Th
xt night they showed Sharon's favorite dog mini the cream colored pomeranian walking into Jack's room and jack "sleepwalking" (which looked quite authentic) picked up the dog and all you saw was him bear hugging it and heard these doggie whimpers and then dead silence. The next scene they show is ozzy and sharon looking for mini all over the house the next morning, Jack gets woken up by them calling for her and realizes that he has smothered the dog in his sleep so he gets up really quickly puts the dog's body in a duffle bag and sneaks out the front door swearing. Then later he calls ozzy and tells him he did something really stupid and says that he killed mini. Until this point matt and I watching it in absolute horror didn't think he actually killed the dog because "they wouldn't really show that on tv" he thought it was just hurt, or at least he kept trying to convince me of it. When I realized the dog really was dead I burst out crying I was so upset that I had just heard the cries and seen a little pomeranian (my favorite breed) die and I knew how much sharon loved that dog and how devastated I would be if my cat suddenly died. So I am bawling, hard core animal sounds and all and matt jumps up and changes the channel. After I calmed down he turned back to it for a minute as the credits were about to roll they say some sort of april fools thing and put up that no dogs were harmed in the making of the show and that mini was still alive. I was absolutely horrified that they would do that on tv and to their viewers. Matt was so angry that they made me cry, he vows never to watch the show again and we used to watch the show all the time. Okay well on that note I have to get going and make something for lunch and pick up mk's present stuff and hopefully mail it out. goodbye everyone
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