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08/30/04 02:40 - ID#21842

Disapearing and Disapointing

Lordy its been forever since I have updated, I always have tons of stuff to say but I always exhaust my topics in various conversations and it makes me not want to talk about them here. I guess since everyone else is reflecting on their summer thoughts and memories I shall too ( hope you have some time, its a long one). First off I agree with several things in mikes journal (but not all of course). I have slowly gotten to the realization that this probably is our last summer, I know Matt and I are sworn on getting the apartment and staying in Boston next summer, so regardless if anyone else leaves the B-lo it will most likely be my last summer with our group. I guess I always knew it was only a matter of time before I was out of buffalo forever (aside from visiting of course) but I never really thought about not seeing my friends, aside from sporadic visits for a few days at a time, basically ever again.
I think everyone has that friend of the family that they call aunt, uncle, or cousin that you aren't actually related to, but that your parents were friends with before you were even thought of, so you have been taught to call them this from a young age. In most cases you only see them on special occasions or when they visit every so often, someday we will be these people to each other's kids. Does this make any sense to anyone else? I guess when I think about it that way it makes me pretty sad to know that for all the years we spent together night after night in all kinds of situations and places, we will barely be acquaintances. I know that this summer (and most of the months leading up to it) I basically lost one of my best friends in one form or another. We used to talk about everything together and I respected her advice on just about everything. I realize that my relationship with Matt changed my relationships with my friends, especially hers, but I have made and extremely conscious effort to stay tuned in and be in touch as well as spend time with her and everyone else, but unfortunately I don't feel like she has made the same effort for me, and I know I am not the only one who feels this way, but I can only speak for myself. All of that aside I have always loved and been proud of the fact that we have all stayed so close and that when christmas and summer came around we would all slip back into our old routines with a few variations. Now I realize that this is the end of that era of familiarity and comfortability, but does it have to be so cliche that we all move away and lose touch? Couldn't we all make a little more effort to be in touch and connected. I know this sounds corney and the disconnection will probably be so gradual that we will hardly notice, but I can't see my adulthood being as special without each of you and, even more corney, I don't want my kids to grow up without really knowing each and every one of you. I know I couldn't have grown up without you and I would hate for them to. Lets always stay as close as humanly possible, even if it takes that extra effort, I know you are all worth it.
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08/09/04 04:29 - ID#21841

To Terry mit liebe

[inlink]terry,281[/inlink] Did you not like T-bag? If I had known I certainly would not have continued with it if I thought you were offended. How about T-nacious? T-ranasaurus rex? Terry-ham lincoln? Or if you would prefer just Terry I can do that. Nicknames are just kind of my thing with new friends, but if my terms of endeerment are annoying or offensive I would gladly take them back. I've got no hard feelings about the other night, you can call me what you like, however of the two I would rather be called D-licious. I looked up the other and thats kind of crazy that you even knew what that was, I mean I had to look it up because I had never heard of it, where would one hear/learn such a word? Creative, gross but creative, but thats what I like about you. I just hope we are all cool now, I hate it when my feisty-ness and lack of inner monologue gets in the way of friendships.
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08/06/04 05:12 - ID#21840

"victory over homosexual sin"

I was looking around on the events section to find something fun to do on this chilly friday and came across this event posted:
First Corinthians Six Eleven Group
Date: 1/1/2004 through 12/31/2005 every Friday
Description: Learn to gain and maintain victory over homosexual sin. The First Corinthians Six Eleven Group meets every Friday night at 7:00 at New Life Assembly. Ring the doorbell when you get there.
Click for more details...type

Not only was I amazed that it was there on the events section of a buffalo news run site, but if you look, they actually meet to discuss the "victory over homesexual sin" every Friday! These people have nothing better to do with their ignorant lives then to spend their friday nights searching for an excuse for their gay bashing.Nice buffalo. com
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08/05/04 02:34 - ID#21839

Peeping in on some journals

First off, How freakin cute is lilho!? Seriously you are one of the cutest people I have ever met, if I was staying in Buffalo you would be the first person I would want to live with. However I will be back in Boston in about a month. But if you want to move to boston I will be getting an apartment around christmas break time and you are more than welcome to move in there. If not, you are always welcome to visit and stay with me in Boston anytime crazy lady.

To Matthew, my boyfriend Matt is one of if not the biggest muppets fan I have ever encountered and he loved your entry on the muppets. He also hates what is happening to the jim henson legacy and agrees that disney will only cheapen and cheese up the muppet/henson name. On a somewhat unrelated note, the puppy that I want for graduation this year Matt is determined to name Dr. Teeth, cute but we'll see.
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