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06/24/04 05:52 - ID#21835

Grande Mocha and Codine

It is 4:30 am and once again a grande moch has kept me up far beyond my bedtime. However between being kept up by my frequent trips to the bathroom (mochas make me have to pee every 20 min, I know, I know TMI...) and the insane pain in BOTH of my knees (I've had arthritis in my knees as far back as I can recall, however usually never at the same time) I have been wide awake since leaving coffee& where I spent the latter part of my evening with jill mike beast and non strippers. Hopefully sleep will come very soon as I just took a tab of codine to kill my knee pain as the two tylenol that usually do the trick, did not. However I have not eaten since about 10 when I had my chocolate muffin at coffe& so hopefully I wont be struck with an upset stomac because of the codine. I suppose I could eat the bagel I just hoarded in my kitchen. You know you have severe food issues when you hide the last bagel from your household at 4:30am. Tasty tasty carbs. I realize that seriously 60-70% of my daily food intake is carbs, as opposed to mike's daily intake being mainly composed of pork or piggie products (we are talking about 12 slices of bacon in one sitting). I love the little carbs, I love them good. Okay okay, it is about time that I restle some space on my bed away from 2 of my 4 cats and get some shut eye. goodnight.....PS there is a very adorable orange and white stray kitty that has been hanging around my block, I don't know if it has a home because he has no collar, but I will check on that, if not, would anyone be interested in adopting the kitty I have fondly been calling 'Mr. Foxy' because it really isn't safe for him near such a busy street...
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06/22/04 04:31 - ID#21834

hello e-strip my old friend

Its currently almost 3am I am up because my cat is driving me nuts. My usually well behaved orange tabby cat amber is having a swat fest in my room. She wants me to play with her but its 3am and I am in no mood so she instead has taken to jumping on my dressers and swatting anything she can move on to the floor, this included a full glass of water I had on my dresser that she knocked and spilled onto the floor. So cute most of the time but so crazy others.

So I havent updated in forever and a half, I was and still am very daunted by all the new members. I was pretty put off by the idea of total strangers reading whatever I write, because this journal was started to keep my friends up to date with my life while I was away at school. I had no problem with them or terry and paul's friends reading it, but it is the new random strangers that make me a bit uneasy. Granted my life and especially my entries are very boring and it is pretty egotistical to think that everyone is reading my journal, when after past research I found it was about ten people tops including my friends. I guess I should be okay with it since I don't write anything too personal and I don't really get political or deep like a lot of the strippers do but I'll keep you posted on that.

I went to matts today where he made me dinner for what I believe is the first time that I can remember. It consisted of a cheeseburger and sour cream and onion pringles. High class I know, but what can you really ask for. I have to say, it might have been that the patties were freezerburned or something but the cheeseburger was pretty bad, it was hard and unflavorful. I don't want to blame matt in case it wasnt his fault. However he ate his without flinching and was a little hurt when I only finished 3/4 of mine. I told him it was great and everything but after 3 years he can read between my lines. We watched runaway jury and it gave me a headache. John cusac is such a cool guy, and such a good actor, I don't know if I am attracted to him persay but I do admire him as an adult actor, in his younger days I would have totally been attracted to him and I adored his old movies...better off dead, say good.

Another double date scheduled for tomorrow, during the day this time, go karting in canada with the same couple. I really hope they aren't so touchy feely and all over each other like last time, although it is kind of hard to do that in a go kart. We'll see how it goes.
Alright my cat has finally settled down and is sleeping peacefully on my bed, so I am off to do the same. Before I forget, what time does everyone want to get together for the pre party thursday? Matts sister is graduating from high school that night so he wont be making it, so I'll deffinately need a ride. Call me.
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06/04/04 04:22 - ID#21833

X-files and my bad mood

For some reason I have become addicted to watching the 2am episodes of x-files on sci-fi. Currently I am watching one of my favorite episodes. The one where they have to go undercover as a married couple to infiltrate the gated community where people keep disappearing. Where the blob like monster comes out of your front lawn and kills you if you don't follow all the rules of the community. So they taunt the monster by putting pink flamingos on their lawn etc. Very entertaining.

I was in such a depressed crappy mood most of the day today mainly because I was expecting a phone call from a place where I had a job interview on Tuesday where the woman said she would call me either way today. Needless to say I got no call, and I really thought I had the job clinched and I really needed the job badly at this point. So I was in a bad mood, then my dad comes home and asks me if I have attempted to get a job and proceeds to give me a lecture about how you can't expect to get a job by lying around all day etc. Well my dad works all day and sees not my attempts to get a job which have been fruitless up until this interview so I thought. Then Matt came over and when I told him the woman hadn't called, instead of feeling bad for me and comforting me like the usually supportive boyfriend he is, he gave his own form of the lecture my dad had given earlier. This put me in full annoyed depressed mood. Then we went out with my friends for ice cream, which was cool. But then I really felt like spending th rest of my bad day in my pajamas with my kitties, the way a bad day is supposed to end, but Matt really wanted to go and play frisbee with everyone after ice cream so I said I would go, but didn't really feel like running or anything. So we got there, and it was freezing and that didn't help my want to go home and vegetate. So then Matt realized how shy he really is, which sometimes happens, and didn't want to play frisbee without me. I could have sucked it up and played because I know how much he really wanted to play, how much he loves frisbee, and how long it has been since he has had the chance to play but I really really was not up to it. I felt really bad about it later because I know it would have made his week, but he did have to go to bed early anyway because he works at 7am tomorrow. I felt bad for skipping out on everyone and disapointing Matt. Well, here's to hoping I get the call tomorrow.
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06/03/04 05:28 - ID#21832

Extra extra!! Bogy home and Safe!

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06/01/04 04:39 - ID#21831

Humphrey Bogart on the loose!

Well my cat is outside somewhere, he's an inside cat so I don't feel easy about him being out. Matt and I were watching Vegas Vacation until about 2am and when Matt was leaving my house, Bogy (named after Mr.Humphrey Bogart), snaked out and ran out my front door. This isn't the first time he's gotten out, actually he manages to somehow get outside an average of about once a month, for a 24 hour period at the most, and always seems to find his way back on his own. He's a frisky guy as matt putts it, and needs some time to frolick (he's neutered so I don't know what frolicking entails exactly, but he's never brought home a dead animal souvenier thank goodness). I know he's probably fine and will be back in the morning but I can't help worrying just the same. He doesn't have a collar (he's managed to destroy or lose 3 in his 3 years with us so we've given up on them) and its dark so if anyone is in the kenmore area (or anywhere for that matter) and spots a very handsome and large shorthaired orange and white tabby boy cat with a charmingly sly look about him, please contact me. His name is humphrey bogart and he probably wont go willingly, but you can try. It would be very much appreciated, I will update you all as soon as I get news. For now I must try to sleep because I have a job interview in the morning. Goodnight all
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