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03/25/04 11:46 - ID#21824

Missing Person's Report

Today while I was out Mike IMed me saying that I don't update enough and that I have "dissapeared of the face of the earth" so I took this as my cue to update. I would update more if I had something interesting to say or if anything new really ever happened to me, that, and if I had more time.
Today I got up and went to my Public Speaking class (this should be a fun and easy class I realize but not the way my teacher teaches it, so to me it is tortuous). I took a midterm in there and thank god it was open book because otherwise I would not have passed and I need to pass so I can get out of there and never have to think about it again. Then I went back to my room to make sure Matt was up for his class and to get my books. I have had a free single since the second week of this semester when my roommate moved out so Matt has stayed over every night since. He hasn't even been back at his room in over a month. We should probably just get an apartment, but that would bring more confusion to our already hectic lives. Then I went to my travel geography class where I semi-aced this test on egypt. After that we proceeded to watch this incredibly boring video about egypt where I literally fell asleep. that hasn't happened in class in a very long time. Then after class I got lunch (poptarts and soup- yes I am a college student) and settled in watch Ellen. todays episode I have been anticipating all week (yes this the most excitement of my week, and now you see why I don't update) because Heath Ledger was on it. Did you know that Heath Ledger can play the digery-doo?? Well now you do. after watching that I took a nap for an hour before making my way down the oh so fashionable newbury street to work. I worked an 8 hour shift almost entirely alone (with the exception of my manager) and made almost $10 in tips (which is a lot for working at Ben and Jerry's). Wesley Clarks political advisor came in and I served him (he gave me a $2 tip and has a very hot son who looks live a very metrosexual John Mayer, he was probably gay thinking about it now). Then I went home for the night after my shift (at approx. 9pm)
Apparently President Bush was in town at Park Plaza (which is basically across the street from my dorm) for some sort of campaign fundraising thing which I did not know about because I was working all day. Crazy. There is also apparently a serial killer on the loose in Worcester (about a half hour from my school) who has killed three women already...creepy. Hmmm what else...I am getting about $300 back from taxes which I am hopfully putting aside for spring break next year. Matt and I have pinkey sworn that we are going to save up and go to disney world next year for spring break after being stuck here while everyone else was out having fun. Anyone who can aford it, or has the discipline to save up is invited.
I saw Mona Lisa smile the other day, I rented it on video. Eh, it was nothing special, I was kind of dissapointed. I can't exactly say what I didn't like, just know I didn't. Okay more on my exciting life tomorrow because someone is at my door...goodnight
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03/14/04 05:26 - ID#21823

Aunty Jillian!

I am very excited for Jill's brother and Laura, and of course for Jill herself! I was far too young to be excited when my neices were born...not to mention they turned out to be little monsters....but I think now that I would have been very happy about the whole idea if it happened today. It is very hard for me to imagine Joe as grown up still, let alone as someone's dad. I can still remember being woken up at Jills house by the "emergency medical" song Joe liked to sing, not to mention his eating 4 times the ammount of any rational person and not gaining an ounce, or hearing him sing a random and very out of tune U2 song when he knew I was o the phone or staying at Jill's. He will probably be the funest and craziest dad ever. Its a good thing Laura is so sweet and calm, hopefully she can pass some of that on to Aiden to balance out Joe's genes...not that there's anyting wrong with Zach genes just that they are a little 'different.' I love them just the same those zaney Gordon Lightfoot lovers.
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03/11/04 06:29 - ID#21822

Serving up BJ's

haha got thought I was talking about giving "wholesale clubs" but actually I was talking about my new job at Ben and Jerry's. I was interviewed and hired yesterday and thank god, because I was down to my last $20 bucks and soon enough I wouldn't have been able to do laundry or buy new deodorant and I didn't wanna become the stinky kid in class. I haven't worked yet, but my boss is from williamsville which is nice, a little piece of home, at work. Matt has been staying with me all week for his spring break and it has been so nice having him here. I was so spoiled by getting to see him anytime I want. Next week is my spring break where I will probably be staying with him at his room, but I wont get to see him very much because he has a lot of classes and works a lot of hours. Well my new job should keep me busy next week so I will not be sitting around his room thank god. As much as I love being at Matts room, his roomates are something to learn to tolerate. One is stinky and creepy, one is nice, and one can be an asshole depending on his mood swings. They never really make me feel comfortable being there on the whole I always feel like I am overstaying my welcome or that they just want me to go away. I am really dreading staying there the more I think about it. Hopefully it will go okay. I haven't spoken to mike or mk since the other day, but I hope that the misunderstanding is behind you and you guys can make a little more time for one another and learn to be a little more tolerant of each others lives. You would really regret it if you stopped being friends, friendship itself is never lost just misplaced and we all need to take a little time and effort to find each other again. I know we are all very busy and our lives may be different and far apart but we really do need to keep in touch and stay friends as best we can even if it takes a little more effort. I have learned that the hard way over the past 3 years. I never want to lose you guys, no matter where I am and you shouldn't lose each other. Enough said. So for all of you politics fans, there is yet another reason to visit me in Boston. Get this, John Kerry lives on my street about a half block away. Apparently I was like the only person at my school who didn't know this. My friend shannon babysitts for the family who lives next door to him. Their dad is the guy who owns the staples chain and the staples center where the lakers play in LA. Apparently every kid that lives in the dorm at my school has an fbi file now. There are secret service guys all over my street 24 hours a day in overcoats and with those ear peices and they look in windows of cars with these little flashlights and just patrol all the time. Its crazy that I never noticed that stuff before, but I guess they have upped the SS guys since everyone else dropped out of the race, which is why I noticed now as oppsed to earlier. Craziness. Okay I think I have to go to the grocery store and get some stuff for dinner. I'll talk to you guys later
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