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Still alive

Wow it has been forever since I have updated, stranagely I am on e-strip reading other people's journals all the time but have been far too lazy to make my own entry. I am excited to go home next week for thanksgiving even though I had to lie to my boss to get the days off. I don't think I could be alive and not do everything possible to get home for holidays, and not because my family is great or anything, but because of the food of course. I eat nothing but garbage or mass produced food here unless I spend horrendous ammounts of money to go out to eat. Take today for example, a bowl of special k, stouffers mac n cheese, a handful of pretzels and some pop. Oh the comfort of saying pop and not being belittled! I am so glad that Matt is a fellow Buffalonian, for I would be so sad to never say pop or discuss the longing for real wings for months at a time. So yes I will be home at 6:30 in the morning on Thanksgiving, for those of you Mike hasn't told, because my slave driver boss made me work the day before until 6 and didn't tell me she was giving me the weekend off until it was too late to catch a reasonable flight home. So I will be taking a Greyhound (with Matt, I am not crazy enough to go alone) at 8:30 at night overnight to arrive at 6 in the morning. Matt has never taked a Greyhound and therefor is far too optomistic about the trip. I know it will be cramped, long and torturous, while he thinks it will be some kind of an adventure ("we can bring big thermoses of hot cocoa and snuggle and play cards!"). How cute but so nieve.

There are so many things I am dreaming of stuffing into one weekend. I want to take Matt's mom and grandma to see the incredibles, go to golf dome (random but matt has got me wanting to...anyone else in?), DUFFS, spend time with the kitties, pizza hut, KFC and mighty (you would be amazed the things you crave when they are not availible to you all the time), at night playing board games at higher grounds (the last time was so fun..."and he's also the last dinosaur"), MOCHA...
You guys better be ready to hang out because I need to see everyone every minute I can. I will be home for christmas but I'm not sure it will be longer than a week or two. This job sucks. I am working right now technically. I love the money hate the company and the job. Everyday I just have to think about Disney world and sitting in my own living room with my kitties to get me past storming out and quitting. Responsabilities suck so much, and I barely have any. I don't wanna grow up anymore.

I guess I should update for real before I complain. In all my classes I have at least a C + but I don't know what they are above that. Midterm warnings only tell you you are doing bad if you have below a C+ and I never got one so I have at least that. I don't think they are A's anymore though. its hard to go from a 3.8 to not even knowing if you have a B. I just know I am lucky my teachers havent kicked me out for all the classes I have missed this semster. Working full time and going to school full time is harder than I could have ever imagined. My job isn't so much my fan either, as I am late almost every day. In my defense it is never really over 5 minutes and it is the result of being completely dependant on public transportation which is often late and beyond my control. I leave as soon as my classes end but it never seems like enough time. I don't know if the whole company is anal or if it is just my boss, but she is a very by the book woman and as you all know I am not. No one laughed when I started jamming out to the bagel bites song that was stuck in my head by the fax machine, they were not amused. I am so not a cubical person. I am biding my time hoping to transfer to another department after the mandatory 6 month wait but its looking like I may not get a sparkling review. I am just not a professional type person. I need life not black and white faxes and a headset. Grrrr

Anyway so life isn't sunrise and d
aisys but I know that I don't have to stay anywhere I don't feel happy I just wish there were more options. Like maybe working 30 hours a week instead of at least 40. Okay so now back to work, or at least pretending to while I do some Math homework. See everyone this week!
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