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02/05/05 05:37 - ID#21852


My new user pic is of my darling little Amber, who won a cat of the day award in May for this picture....
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02/05/05 04:28 - ID#21851

American Chopper

I love the color green, I am glad to be writing in it....
Currently I am at work (it seems I only update from work) I am in my office which is directly over a massive convention hall (think of the convention center before it was a casino) where the North East Motorcycle Expo is being held this weekend. As a result I keep hearing engines and bad 70's rock. However, I got to see the OCC guys bring out the Liberty Bike yesterday on my lunchbreak when the expo was setting up. If you are not familiar with the Discovery Channel show American Chopper then you will not care or understand what the hell I am talking about. For those of you who do know the show, I find it very entertaining and was a bit star struck to see them. It would be really cool if they were filming some of the show here but I didn't see any cameras or anything.
An aside to Jill, was bright eyes in boston this past week? Because I am pretty sure I saw Conner Oberst fans being escorted out of the lobby. He may have been staying here under an alias because his name nor bright eyes name was in the reservation system. Let me know
I had a crazy dream about Mike last night, some may find it creepy but I thought it was kind of neat. I had this dream that matt and I went to Vegas or someplace like it, on vacation. When we were there we decided to go to this museum like those crazy wax museums on clifton hill. So we go inside and I realize that the museum is all about my friends and I. Like there are little scenes of us in highschool in each part of the museums with wax figures of us. Like that picture of us from the slide show in the couch potato float re made with wax figures of us. And in the background of all of it there was recordings of our voices on that particular day that the scene was depicting. And then there were rooms that were set up exactly like each of our bedrooms were set up in high school all with these recordings. I was amazed at every room I went through at who could have saved all of these artifacts and actually tape recorded all of our conversations and taken the time to set up a whole museum of our high school lives. Of course it was Mike who was reading a book behind the counter of the gift shop. How crazy was that dream?!
Okay I guess thats all I am going to write for now because i am sure everyone is bored of my randomness for now. tata
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