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01/14/05 05:28 - ID#21850

look everybody I have updated!

I know its a miracle that I have updated. I never really have the time it seems. Sometimes I start an update but have to delete it because I don't have time to finish it. I am currently at work and it is pretty slow today thank god. If you haven't seen me online lately it is because my computer is somewhat in need of repair. I guess the Internet port no longer works so I am forced to do all of my online stuff like e-mail at work. However the firewalls don't allow me to go on aim. They did at one time, but someone squealed (not on me but in general) so we haven't had it for months now. I am working my fingers to the bone these days trying to pay off disney world. My travel agent informed me today that since I din't pay for my accomodations before the new year turned over I would not be able to get the rate I previously had been paying off because it was only a 2004 package so now I am subject to the new 2005 rates. She hasn't told me what they are yet (I will know by monday) but I can only assume they are higher, especially since 2005 is their big 50th anniversary thing ( I didn't know that at the time of booking it). Thankfully matt will be contributing to the disney fund even if in a small way, which will help.
Speaking of Matt, he just got back in to Boston today, I talked to him on the phone but haven't seen him (due to being here at work). I haven't seen him in a week and a half (a record for us). Tonight we are going to one of our favorite restaurants, the longhorn. The food is great but expensive, and I always find myself a little queezy because every five feet there is a massive bull head over the tables. Makes it extremely hard to eat a steak, but I never really eat red meat so once in a while my body demands it, steer head or no steer head.
I had another dream about me and jill opening up a don apparel like store on elmwood. Maybe fate is trying to tell me something? It will always be a thought in the back of my mind. I mean with my business degree and her fashion and sewing sense we could have a very fun hipster boutique on our hands. Food for thought.
I hate the work hour countdown. I have a little over two hours left, which could be shorter if you ask me. It would be more fun if I could change my accent for every call or answer the phone in snazzy ways. But no, no fun for Diana just bad small talk and paperwork.
Ok must go now for I have nothing left to really discuss, that is what happens when all you do is eat sleep and go to work....maybe I will have something more exciting to share at a later date. To mike and paul I hope your grandma is feeling better, had I have know I would have joined the many friends who called from afar. I send my good thoughts and wishes.To everyone else i miss you, and to jill, fate may be saying that we should open that place together what do you think of that? We could be like laverne and shirly working together....and we would totally wear our initials on all of our shirts. Mike would make a great squiggy....I digress....goodnight all
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