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02/19/04 10:29 - ID#21821

"Yello...Tony Visco!"

I just read Terry's entry on Mike's dad and the accompanying answering machine message and I laughed so hard for like 10 minutes. The more I listened to it though, the more I realize that someday Mike will be his dad. That is the kind of message that Mike leaves on my voicemail now, so in like 20 years I can only imagine that the messages will be the same if not worse. However I don't know if Mike will ever pick up his dads need to randomly argue about things that make no sense and are out of nowhere. Or that may also be something that comes with time and a lot of pipe smoking (whatever Tony Visco really smokes in that pipe has always been to some debate). My experiences with Mr.visco have been scattered throughout my years as Mike's friend, but most often my random experiences have been on the phone, where Mr. Visco has either just tried to talk to me for no reason and without any real topic of substance, for 20 minutes, until giving Mike the phone. Usually at the time Mike is not busy or unable to take the call, he is generally right there in the room, but Mr. Visco will talk to me for long periods of time before even telling Mike that I am on the phone. Sometimes it turns out that Mike was never home to begin with, and Mr. Visco just felt like asking me random questions before telling me Mike was still at work. The best are the times when he tries telling me that Mike has moved out or no longer lives there, when this happens I must sit there and debate with Mr.Visco about why this is not true until he will call Mike for the phone call. I may have spent upwards of a full day out of my life talking solely to Mr. Visco on the phone before he will give it to Mike. All the while Tony Visco is a charming man and quite entertaining, that is when he is not trying to mallot any donuts.
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02/18/04 02:33 - ID#21820

Like two ships passing in the night...

Mk, I just read your update to my posting from yesterday (everyone else who hasn't read it, please see yesterdays posting below)I realized that I am supposed to be in NYC the weekend before the wednesday that you arrive. Matt and I have opposite weeks for spring break so we decided to share that weekend we have in NYC. Maybe, just maybe I can stay until wednesday to at least spend a day with you, if you are not too busy of course (and of course everyone else is more than welcome to come too, call or e-mail me if you are interested and maybe you can stay at my sisters apartment with me) my break is that week of the 15th. This could be interesting. Of course all of this hinges on whether or not I will have a job to get enough money to follow through with this plan. Here has been my life since I last updated:
Matt and I finally had our incredibly belated christmas exchange two days before valentines day, I got a really cool red vinyl wonder woman planner, some dvds, magnets for my fridge posters for my room etc. I really liked all of my gifts.
I have been searching for a job around my area but my search has been fruitless so far. There are still a few possibilities I am waiting on including a gourmet dog treat shop and a stationary/scrapbook store, we shall see. My bank account is down to $40 dollars so I need a job ASAP. However it is cold most days and I hate going out and putting in applications when I can't feel my fingers.
I talked to my brother and cousin yesterday. My brother still has no job after 3 months and he only goes to school part time and his girlfriend is still beastly and mean, not to mention she cheats on him all the time. He is depressed all the time and it hurts me to talk to him sometimes because I can see the answers to making his life better but he just can't. He worries me.
My cousin is almost 18 she is so dramatic about everything. She falls in love with every guy she dates and she hates her life, did I mention she is almost 18?
I never call home except when I have to and then its just to get the lecture about me not calling from my mom, even though I am usually right in the middle of calling her, do you see the confusion? Then she wonders why I don't call.
I miss my cats and I realize that if I don't get to go home for break I wont see them for 5 months, and that is way too long not to see my furry friends. Yet going home means dealing with the three topics above.
I saw a U2 lazer show at the planetarium in the boston museum of science on sunday night. It was so cool, you really need to experience it to understand how neat it is, I love u2, you gyus would have loved it too.
I went to the boston museum of science on presidents day, monday (matts 21st birthday) and it was litterally swarming with little kids. Being around so many of them makes me not want to ever have kids, but being around one really cute one brings out that feeling of maybe I do. I'll just have to remember to go to a child infested area any time I even think about having kids. And god damn there are some bad parents out there with some rude little bratty no mannered kids. Enough said.
matt did the cutest thing on Valentines day. He had to work in the morning so he got up and when I was asleep, he filled out an entire box (32 cards) of snoopy and woodstock valentines and hid them all over my room with cute little notes on all of them. It took me all day to find them and when I did there was a box of chocolates. He let me pick out my valentines day present which i didn't find until two days after vealentines day when we were at the science museum for his birthday, it is a silver ring with a beautiful amber stone. We went out for dinner on valentines day, we were supposed to go ice skating in the common (boston's central park) afterward but we had to wait for a table for almost two hours so we didn't have time.
My grades are doing fine from what I can tell, its not so hard here but its certainly no

sy. Its no learning disabilty school thats for sure. A lot of my classes transfered over so I might be able to graduate on time or at least with only one semester over.
I was doing this fashion show for my friend in the fashion merchandising major here but I dropped out yesterday after I almost faught a girl with pink hair. She was a bitch and I was sick of dealing with her every day so I told them that if she wasn't going to be removed I would quit. Needless to say they didn't remove her so I quit. Kyle (my friend the fashion major)totally understood, he hates working with her too and would have quit if he wasn't getting credit for the class. But it was kinda fun walking the runway...for a little while.
On Matts birthday I took him to the hard rock cafe for dinner and told the waitresses that it was his birthday and that he is incredibly shy so to make sure they did something to make him really embarassed. When his cake came they took him to the middle of the resteraunt made him stand on a chair and drink a flaming shot while everyone was screaming and watching. It was hilarious, he was so red, it was his first shot too so he didn't know how to drink it, he looked like someone made him swallow raw eggs. Good times, he's already plotting my embarassment for my 21st.
We also saw 50 first dates as part of matts celebration. I liked it but yet some things I didn't like. I didn't like the ending...well I guess thats all I didn't like really. Still it was a good movie, go see it, very cute, or depressing, depending who you are.
I guess there are lots more things I oculd update you on but I have been writing for a while and I want to watch a couple wedding stories on tlc. I will update more later. Please everyone fill me in on the stuff in the entry below, these are things I must know, urgently.
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02/17/04 09:06 - ID#21819

WTF Mates?!?

Am I so wrapped up in my own life out here that I have completely ignored my darling buffalonian friends? I talked to Mike today for a second and it didn't sound like there was anything new going on with anyone, and I haven't updated or really read any journals in about two weeks so I just assumed I was as up to date as always. I just took the time to read everyones journals and I realize that I am so in the dark. I asked mike about everyone's spring break plans and whether it would be possible for people to come up and visit me, since I am unsure if I am able to come home for mine, or if maybe we could meet in NYC, there were no real answers since he hadn't talked to anyone about it, but I really think something needs to happen in the way of me seeing people because I am obviously not in the loop as far as what is going on with everyone. I read these journals and I need the info so badly but you guys are always very vague as to what is actually going on, just that something is going on. I have many questions that I need to be answered, someone e-mail me about the following: Ted? I am assuming he is a guy from pano's that jill is dating. How did they meet and who asked who out? Does he work at panos or was he just there? What does he look like? Has everyone met him? How long have they been going out? Has she seen his wanky? What did he get her for valentines day? Mike what exactly was the best time and yet the worst in your life that made you think about what you were missing? And why were you thanking teres for it? Are you really considering going to the prom? Does this girl go to west? Who is jens boyfriend? When did they meet, how long have they been together, and who asked who out? How was valentines day in canada? Has everyone met him? What does he look like? Did you get naked with him? Are you still "pure" (for lack of saying a virgin) and what is this about you "entertaining" the troops you saucy minx? and MK where are you going for break? Do you realize that I wont see you till summer crazy lady and if you take another trip in early summer I wont see you for a VERY long time!? And someone please tell me about this yosepha jewish dating service (I am assuming thats what it is) thing? All of these things need to be discussed, I need someone or frankly all of you (so I can get all sides of the story) to e-mail me these details so I know what the heck is going on!!! Okay I will update my own information either later this evening or tomorrow about what is going on with me but right now I really have to get to a paper that I have procrastinated all week. Please get back to me asap with all of the crazy details!
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02/01/04 03:53 - ID#21818

Private Parts starring Jingles Deumant

Mk just did these fun little name things and I thought I'd try it cause it was silly:
EXOTIC FOREIGNER ALIAS = Garlic-Salt Austrailia
(Favorite Spice + Favorite Foreign Vacation Spot)

(Silliest Childhood Nickname + Town Where You First Partied)

"FLY GIRL" ALIAS (a la J.Lo) = D. Ve
(First Initial + First Two or Three Letters of your Last Name)

DIVA ALIAS = Juice Disanni
(Something Sweet Within Sight + Any Liquid in Kitchen)

(Favorite Baby Animal + Where You Last Went to School)

BARFLY ALIAS = Flurry Coke
(Last Snack Food You Ate + Your Favorite Drink)

SOAP OPERA ALIAS = Phylis Liston
(middle Name + Street You Live On)

PORN STAR ALIAS = Jingles Deumant
(First Pet's Name + Street You Grew Up On)

(Any Liquid on the Bar + Last Name of Bad-Ass Celebrity
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