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Around here...

Wow, I know I haven't wrote in forever but jill is amazing me with her non regular updates. I am very used to getting my home info from e-strip and I can see that I am not getting much. But here is my update anyway. School is going okay, I don't see myself keeping my 3.8 status from last semester. My classes are harder than I am used to and I have much less time to focus on them than I usually have. Plus 3 out of 5 of my teachers are brand new and have zero idea how to teach a class. One of my teachers is a pretty young mom and while her silly anecdotes are funny to me, they don't get any point across and end up wasting a good portion of my time and sometimes confuse me. Another teacher is an older guy who I am assuming worked in an investment firm or something and has never taught before. The class is finance and so far I have not learned anything. All he does is pop in videos every single class without fail. I tried reading the book and learning things myself but it went way over my head. Anyway...
I am finally starting my job this tueday. It has taken them almost two weeks to finish a background check and drug test. I am very nervous about this job and a little excited. I have never had a real job in my field and am very afraid of fucking it up. I see me overbooking the hotel and being fired or something crazy. I am excited because it is a professional job which means I will get to shop for a whole new professional wardrobe. I am afraid though that I wont be able to come home for holidays or be able to take days off as much as I have with all of my part time jobs. I am also afraid it will drain me to work full time and go to school full time, but I am so excited at the things it will open up to me. I will be able to take that trip to disney world for spring break and I will have enough for my dream apartment and to take my kitties and be able to take Matt out for a real dinner once in a while. I just really want to start already so I can begin a routine because my life has been so hectic and stressful.
I got the lead in my school's play. The play is called "I can explain" and its about a girl and guy's trip through relationship hell. Where I will fit this in between working and going to school full time I do not know, but the director said she is willing to work around my schedule. I really hope she means it because I explained about my work and school sceduling stuff and she still seemed okay with it which is crazy but nice. It is totally going to be a crazy semester, but I am okay with that.
Last weekend Matt took me to the Boston Animal expo and cat show. He knows how I go through furry creature withdrawl when I am away from my cats and when we saw the commercial he knew I wanted to go. The cat show was really wild, if you have ever seen the movie "Best in Show" you would have laughed so hard at being at this place. There were so many people with head to toe cat outfits on and people rubbing their cats down with oil and cat hairspray. One cat even had a full dream house cage that looked like a barbie dream house and it was tucked in asleep in this frilly little bed. It was hilarious. I found the most perfect kitten in the world for sale there. It was a scottish fold boy kitten named kerns, it was the cutest cat I have ever seen in my life, and I have seen some cute ones. It should have been in commercials, it didn't even look real. I am going to scan the picture of me holding it sometime this week. If I had $800 I would have bought it on the spot even though I am totally against buying from a breeder, that is how amazing this cat was.
After the cat show matt and I were walking back from burger king to my house and they had shut down the street for filming. It happens sometimes around my house because its around the block from Marlboro street which is the picturesque street of boston, the one always on postacards because of the pretty townouses. We were standing around to see what they were filming and m
t said "holy shit thats jimmy fallon." Drew Barrymore and JimmyFallon were standing like 10 feet away. They have been in Boston the last month or so filming this movie called Fever Pitch about a guy who had to chose between his girlfriend or the redsocks and the house they used as their house is around the corner from me. It was pretty cool to see, I took a couple pictures before they made us leave, but I got one of matt in front of Jimmy Fallon's charcter's car (they had to drag it down the street because jimmy couldn't drive stick) and one of people reloading film in the camera, I'll post them with the kitty picture. We also got followed by secret service on friday of last weekend but thats no big story, the 7-11 in my area is right behind john kerry's house and it was 2am and we were getting some ben and jerrys, they eventually stoped following us but it was funny how indescreet they were. Matt was paranoid though.
Okay now I have to go start some homework. I'll be posting again soon with all the pictures that I just got back when I get a chance to scan them.
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