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09/22/04 12:46 - ID#21847

I am a professional!

Well I got a good job! I am the new reservations agent at The Seaport Boston Hotel! I went for my interview this morning and was hired on the spot (once my drug test is cleared of course). I am so very excited, the hours are good, the pay is amazing, I even get full benifits health/dental, 401k! So now I can save up for my apartment and my kitties well being, and the spring break trip to florida! I am getting real life travel and tourism hospitality experience which will help me on my career path and I have something to carry me over when I graduate. This is such a great thing for me I can't even describe. However until I get my first paycheck, which will probably take a month, I only have $13 in my checking account! I am waiting on my last paycheck from Old Navy and my birthday card from my mom (leave it to my mom to be over a week late with my birthday card). Hopefully that money will keep me with shampoo and toothpaste for the month! Alright more on this and other things later...
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09/13/04 05:13 - ID#21846

Why I write

I know I write to keep my friends informed and in touch with my life. I like the feeling of closeness to know that even if I don't have time to pick up the phone and call everyone I can post and I can read their posts and the world seems a little smaller between Boston and Buffalo.
PS. I just e-mailed my resume to the human resource department of the Lenox Hotel, Boston's Waldorf Astoria ( ). There is a job posted there that I want so bad I could kill. All I keep hearing in my head is the song from A Chorus Line, everytime I think about it "God I hope I get it, I hope I get it, how many people does he need? I really need this job, please God I need this job, I need to get this show!" Wish me luck I am going to need every ounce of it. This job will make all of my current dreams come true, I will be able to afford my apartment in a nice area, be able to get my cats all up to date with their grooming, medical care and shots and take them to live with me in due time! I will keep you all posted
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09/12/04 04:28 - ID#21845

I partied like it was my birthday!

Friday night at the stroke of midnight my 21st birthday officially began. I was supposed to spend the night at a club named the roxy but seeing as how it was the first weekend of the school year every club in the world was having a "back to school party" and the roxy was no different. Apparently DJ Jazzy Jeff of Fresh Prince fame was the Dj for the night and cover was $25 so I knew that option was out. Eventually I ended up with some people going to my best friend's roomates' from last year's apartment. The apartment was owned by 5 girls and the party was like those 5 girls me and my best friend and maybe 4 other girls but there were a billion guys there. Once everyone found out it was my 21st birthday it was like the mission to get me drunk, and I did. This will probably be the last time I will ever do that because it was far too scarry for me. From the stories of people there and my blurred memory of that night, I apparently told some kid from Wentworth's (Matt's college that is almost like 90% guys because its a technology school) hockey team that I wanted him to be my present at midnight. Somehow that doesn't suprise me I was very drunk, nothing happened thanks to my friends, but things came close apparently. Looking at the picture of him now I can understand why in my drunken stooper I almost jumped him. He's the one in the white, other than the crazy eyebrows he was pretty hot. Of course I told him I had a boyfriend after I sobered up a bit and we kind of decided that if we ever ran into each other again at Wentworth it wouldnt be wierd...but it will because now I am humilitaed. It turned out he was a freshman. I told Matt as soon as I got home of course, he just laughed because I didn't do anything but I still felt guilty, even though I don't really remember all of it. We decided its best for me not to drink hardcore unless Matt is around to take care of me. He said I was cute when I was drunk, who says that?
Auka (yes thats her name, shes from austrailia and shes named after aukland), Me, and my best friend Jen (how drunk do I look?)
Jen and Auka's boyfriend Mark (in the red), and my almost hook up Dane (in the white)
Me and Jen
Mark (red) and Dane (white)

After my drunkin night (and being woken up by mike's call lol) Matt and I got some krispy Kreme on my birthday morning and then I got may hair cut at a very nice place. She spent like an hour and a half drying and curling and styling my hair, it felt so good. Then we took a little trip outside of the city to charelstown were we saw the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) and the USS Constitution museum. We didn't get to see it all so we might go again next weekend. Then we went to the 3-D I-max movie Ghosts of the Abyss about the wreckage of the Titanic. It was very cool, creepy, but very interesting. We had planned on going to the 80's laserlight show at the planetarium but the subway was under construction so we didn't make it in time. Instead we walked through Charles Street (one of the most quaint streets in the city) that was so peaceful and nice. we stopped by the common to visit the 9/11 memorial that they deicated that morning too. After that we went to the California Pizza Kitchen for a late dinner where I got (this sections is mainly for mike's fascination with what people eat) Linguini with shrimp and garlic cream sauce and matt got a carne asada pizza. Then after watching American Chopper on the discovery channel I went to bed.

All in all this past week's birthday celebrations helped make my birthday the best ever! Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes, cards and presents, and to the people whos presents and well wishes are still in the mail (or at their house until novemeber).
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09/06/04 04:46 - ID#21844


It is 3:30 am and I need to get up at 6 to take the 7 hour drive back to Boston. Insomnia can be so frustrating. I actually got home from my lovely early birthday dinner with, jill,jim, teres, and mike at Olive Garden early enough to get a good night sleep. I thought I was ahead of the game because I was actually tired at midnight even though I woke up at 2 after staying up all last night. Of course and hour and a half after I fell asleep I woke right back up. Then the crazy wives tale sleep aids came into play, stretching, music, glass of milk etc. but nothing worked, then came the inevitable sleep time calculations "if I fall asleep in the next 15 minutes I will get at least 3 more hours of sleep....okay well if I fall asleep 30 minutes after that I will get about 2 and a half hours of sleep..." Alas I have decided to embrace my sleeplessness and look up crazy things on the internet until I need to get out of bed. Although everyone knows that last hour right before they have to get up they end up falling asleep making it feel impossible to get up and be motivated. Grrrrraa!!
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09/02/04 04:04 - ID#21843

My love for Kitties

I know that my journals generally talk about kitties at least 75% of the time so it is no suprise that I was so happy, and in rachel's case sad, to hear others speak about theirs. Drchlorine your cat is absolutely adorable, or should I say muy guapo! I would love to meet him sometime, he seems so charming. I am very suprised I havent thought of posting an entry from one of my cats. Sometimes they instant message people without my consent if I leave my laptop open but they havent mastered full words or sentance structure like The Mang. Rachel I am so sorry you feel that you have to give away your cat. Does your kitty already have a new home or are you looking for one? and why exactly do you have to get rid of him/her if its not too much to ask? I don't know the entire situation of why you feel you have to give it away, but I agree entirely with Sqb and all of his points. Either way its awful that anyone should have to go through that. My mom, the horrible creature that she is, got rid of my two cats one day while I was away at school (I was a sophmore in HS at the time) and I had had them since I was 11. I can't ever remember crying that hard as when I came home and there was not a kitty to greet me. It took me a long time to get over that. Now I have 4 cats that I have had for almost 4 years, they live with my mom here in Buffalo while I have been going to school in Boston but I die a little bit every fall when I have to leave them. My goal is to get an apartment by either christmas or summer break of this year and bring them to live with me one by one, as my mother is evil and unstable when it comes to just about everything and I often fear for my cats safety, conditions, and health. Anyway I wish you luck and if there is anything I can do to help please let me know, I would gladly go out of my way for a furry friend.
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