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07/28/04 04:36 - ID#21838

Theres no peeps like e-peeps!

Last night was such a blast! I knew that the outer circle orchestra concert at bidwell would be a good time but I had no idea how good! I met e-peeps rachel, and chamille (southernyankee) for the first time. I must say that there really are no peeps like e-peeps. Those two ladies were incredibly friendly, they made me feel as if I'd known them forever, such a great and rare quality. I was reintroduced to tk (flacidness), whos hips do not rest on the dance floor. I was also reintroduced to lilho, sarah, as we went to high school together and knew each other on a basic level. (warning random rant having not much to do about the rest of the entry coming up ahead)

Isn't it funny how perceptions and personalities change over time and with age. I knew of sarah in high school, she was a friend of a friend of a friend kind of thing. I knew of her, but nothing formally about her but my perception of her was that she was mean or unapproachable. Never had she said or done anything to me to warrant such a perception, but I would have sworn to you at that time that she was bad news. After formally meeting her last night I have to say she is one of the sweetest, cutest people I have ever met. Just a few hours of hanging out with her and I have to look back and wonder how I could have ever seen her as anything but friendly and adorable. It certainly makes me take an introspective look at myself and how much I have changed since high school. I am glad to say that I have a more open mind, and a broader and more optimistic look at life. Hooray for ridding myself of teen angst entirely!

Continuing, the dancing was fun, the wine plentiful, and the music upbeat. Moving on to Paul, Matthew and Terry's, hanging out and munching on some two for one pizza was very fun. I was certainly more hyper than I have been in some time, possibly at the idea of being without my other half for the first time in a while. He tends to keep me sane and in line, he was missed, I really wish everyone could have met him. It was also very cool to see Laura there as it has been years since we've hung out, hopefully there will be more of that this summer. PTM are always so hospitable, lord only knows why they would let crazies like us come over so often but thank you to them. I am sorry that matthew was not feeling up to par but it was nice of him to still be social, I know how hard that can be. This entry has gone crazy longer than it should have, so I will bow out now. goodnight all see you soon
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07/26/04 01:58 - ID#21837

Albright Knox jazz sundays

Today Matt (the boyfriend) and I both had the day off (a total rarity these days). We wanted to do something we never get a chance to do, We considered the zoo, and strolling in niagara on the lake, old fort niagara or rollerblading by the falls. In the end we decided to grab some food and go to the jazz sunday at alrbright knox. Matt loves jazz and I had been promising him that when we both had a sunday off that we would go. I have nothing against jazz and who doesn't love a picnic? We had the best time. If anyone is looking for a real fun buffalo community event, jazz sundays (every sunday at 2 till about 4) are so great. There were so many more people than I thought there would be, but there wasn't a bad seat in the whole area. The outer circle orchestra was todays band and they are great. I wouldn't necisarily say they were jazz, they sounded more like salsa to me but then what do I know. people were dancing all over the place, young and old. It was so festive and fun, the orchestra was great and I'm hoping some e-peeps and my friends will want to go with me to see them at the bidwell elmwood show on tuesday at 7 that southernyankee posted on the events calender. Matt even pulled me to the front and we attempted to do some very white couple salsa dancing. I had a great time. Matt and I will be gone this weekend to albany for his cousins wedding but he wants everyone to go with us to jazz sunday the weekend after. He's planning on bringing a couch, yes a couch, and he wants to get a bunch of people to go. I think that would be a really good time, e-mail me or im me if you are in. After the jazz sunday, we walked around by the waterfront, got some ice cream and watched 50 first dates (for probably the 50th time). Now its bed for me after watching the chipendales e true hollywood story of course.
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07/17/04 06:08 - ID#21836

"When the lights go down in the city...

and the sun shines on the bay, oh I want to be there in my city...I want to get back to my city by the bay." Thank you Journey for immortalizing my feelings in your lyrics. It is 4:30 in the am and I have found myself looking at pictures of Boston online. If I were there right now, I could take a walk down newbury street and window shop in stores I could never afford, see the jewelry that oprah and jessica simpson wore at the most recent movie premier, and eat a sunday while the sun comes up. Insomnia can be like an adventure there. Everything is more exuberant and brilliant. I feel more at home there with all the grittiness, homelessness and arrogance. Not that any of those are good things, but the difference between the two worlds. I miss my city, I miss walking down the streets singing the mary tyler moore theme in my head and reveling in my freedom and accomplishment. Not to mention the romance of the city, even if I weren't in love while I was there, there is no denying the romance in strolling through little italy and grabbing a box of pastries to go and eating them on long warf watching the ocean in the moonlight. Tres belle. Alright now that the sun is coming up and I know I have a big day ahead of me, I must make a real effort to sleep. Goodnight.
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