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Category: food

02/25/06 06:47 - 25ºF - ID#36654


Poissonuer [inlink]mrdt,6[/inlink] - what a great word! I love that.

I was thwarted in my pursuit of fish n' chips last night. Edinburgh Castle was packed to the gills (pardon the poisson pun) for "Rock Out w/o yr Cock Out," which might sound, um, exotic but apparently is a monthly event here. Who knew? Needless to say, I was disappointed, having already rationalized getting chips AND rings as it's been such a long time since I indulged. Probably just as well, since I'm sure I would have hated myself in the morning (if not sooner) - same as last time. Tastes so good going down but doesn't feel so great once it's landed.

Believe it or not, I recently started paying attention my diet too. No really! Admitting you might have a problem is the first step, right? ;-)
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Category: potpourri

02/24/06 10:47 - 26ºF - ID#36653

Two bits

Current issue of Sunset magazine has an article about Ethiopian food with links to some recipes:

And if that doesn't interest you, here's a pic my ex just sent me from Clipping and Grooming Your Poodle. Something for everybody.


Ok, I'm off to Edinburgh Castle Pub for fish & chips and a pint or two before X. Packing ear plugs this time.

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02/24/06 01:09 - 23ºF - ID#36652

Fuzzy Butter

Lisa: Fuzzy to the touch

Twisted: Similar to butter in texture and appearance

Ha! I love it.

p.s. - (e:Ajay), I would be happy to spot you [inlink]twisted,312[/inlink] 2 bucks - or a BK VeggieBurger - any time! Just ask!

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Category: work

02/23/06 09:12 - 33ºF - ID#36651

Work not play

Some people see things that are and ask, Why?
Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not?
Some people have to go to work and don't have time for all that.

--George Carlin

So, I have a job interview next Tuesday. No - not for that blogging job. I haven't heard anything back on that. They're probably still wading through the thousands of blogger wannabe resumes. No, this one's just another contract gig. But they're giving me an editorial test, so maybe there will be some writing. If I get it, that is. And if not, there's always recreational blogging, haha.

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Category: money

02/23/06 08:41 - 33ºF - ID#36650

Gift Horse

I'm going to have to adjust my food budget to account for panhandlers along the way. Or devise an effective defense plan.

The ironic thing is, I was on my way to the rock-bottom, el cheapo shopping district when I was almost immediately waylaid by a petite 50-something Irish-accented woman. She was $1.70 shy of the BART-fare back to wherever she was going. At least, that's the gist of her longer (but not too long) rendition of the story, delivered in those lilting Irish tones I can't seem to resist. So I pulled out my wallet, gave her two bucks, accepted her Thanks and God Bless You and went on my way, thinking maybe I'd been had, but I have to give her an A for effort and an A+ for delivery. So that's worth something.

Approximately 2 minutes later, I'm waylaid again by a stocky, 50-something black woman. I feel like I've already done my good deed for the day, but at the same time I don't want to discriminate so I let myself get pulled over. She asks if I can give her $5. I'm thinking "five bucks! Yeah right. That's more than I was going to spend on Ramen Noodles at the $1 store!" But something in me is thinking just give her $2, otherwise it's gonna bother you. So I give her $2 and she immediately starts ranting that she needs $5 so she can buy a chopped beef steak. I'm thinking, chopped beef steak! Do you know how many packs of Ramen noodles you could get for $5? So I go to plan B, which I've been carrying with me ever since I brushed off this elderly gentleman in my neighborhood who I'm almost certain would have used any cash I gave him to purchase his choice of nips. That bothered me, so when I got the "buy one get one free" coupon for Burger King - I knew exactly who I could treat to that second Whopper. I'd been carrying the coupon with me ever since. So I told her, I'm not giving you more money for chopped beefsteak. But I'd be happy to treat you to your burger of choice at Burger King. (If you ever read my journal on a:link you know about my weakness for BK. I'm not proud of it.)

She would have none of it. We argued in the street for several minutes before I walked on. I would have taken my $2 back, but having already given it to her, I wasn't really entitled to take it back.

Needless to say, I dodged panhandlers of other nationalities until I'd finished my shopping.

I did have one good spontaneous giving experience shortly after that. I was refilling my gallon water bottles at the Safeway near my gym when a guy came up with a grocery cart full odd, empty containers and asked me how much it cost to get a water refill. I answered, 35 cents a gallon. I finished my second refill, and took some extra time getting everything together before leaving because I thought I knew what was coming. Sure enough, he dug through his pockets - twice - then asked if I had 35cents I could give him. I probably should have given him two bucks, but there's something to be said for exact change.

Speaking of bargains, the store next to my gym has 8.5 oz cans of cashews for only $2. That's less than $4/pound! I'm now eating approximately 1.5 pounds of cashews a week though. That's gotta stop. I was hooked on almonds before, which I think are better for you, if only because they're only addictive enough for me to go through about 3/4 pound a week. But now for some bizarre reason, almonds are $6/pound. What am I supposed to do in a case like that?

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02/19/06 05:42 - 19ºF - ID#36649

Babel fish

Not as interesting as the medical advisories for [inlink]jenks,71[/inlink] Prescription Cocaine (who knew?), but check out the languages this notice to residents of my neighborhood had to be printed in - English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Arabic. Seems like a weird choice, although I'm not sure what I would have expected instead. I'm guessing it wasn't arbitrary. I keep looking at it like I'm going to learn something, but so far only that apparently Arabic is read from right to left.


Anyway, Modern Art of Tea is applying for a liquor license. Long Island Ice Tea anyone?

p.s. - anybody want to catch "24 Hours on Craigslist" this weekend? It didn't get great reviews, but the Red Vic is fun, and there's an Ethiopian restaurant on Haight too. Oh wait, you're all 3000 miles away. Damn! Nevermind.

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Category: web

02/18/06 02:01 - 10ºF - ID#36648

Welcome to Lisa Land

Hey (e:Paul), thanks for the [inlink]paul,4175[/inlink] instant website. I know it only took you 2 minutes to code it, but next time, could you give me 10 minutes to populate before linking to it? Who am I kidding, that'll never happen, lol. Anyway, I put some pix of my new 'hood up there - including one of City Hall lit up at night. That's all I have time for right now. Contrary to popular belief, I do have a life to live here. So I'd better get back to it.

p.s. - I did not pick the site name.

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Category: music

02/17/06 04:28 - 26ºF - ID#36647


Not only is having a 10% OFF SALE on non-PREORDER items until Tuesday February 21st (5pm US Eastern Time) when you enter the coupon code PREZ2006 during checkout, but if your post-discount subtotal is over $100.00, you will receive a FREE CD. And not just any CD, but your choice from 5 Top Import CDs valued between $26-30. While supplies last. Share this coupon!

There you go.

And here's a link to their "super sale items." 10% off does not apply to these since they are already heavily discounted.

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Category: food for thought

02/15/06 10:06 - 43ºF - ID#36646

General Observations

(Ok, maybe not that general, but just give me a grain of salt.)

I think everybody has been angry, bitter or disappointed at some point in time. I know I certainly have been. Sometimes you need to vent or grieve or recoup. And I don't begrudge anyone however much time they need to do that. At some point though - and I'm not saying today, or tomorrow, or even before next February 14th (although these freakin' holidays do serve to remind us that time marches on whether we're having fun or not - kind of like being accountable to a therapist each week x 52) - at some point, you may be ready to move on.

Until then, probably the best thing anybody can do is listen. But am I going to do that? Hell no!! So if you're not ready yet (or not ready enough to think about being ready), you should probably click on somebody else's journal now.

Consider yourself forewarned.

First off, I don't claim to understand what anyone else is going through. I may be in a better situation than you are, and I may never have been in as bad a situation as you have been. I can't change that any more than you can. All I can do is take it into consideration and try to relate anyway.

We all do certain things in hopes of getting a response - to be loved, to get laid, to merit a comment. I wouldn't change that even if I could. The thing I keep noticing is how that can take on a life of its own, become the end rather than the means, actually sabotage your intention rather than further it.

The thing I think is interesting is how men and women do exactly the same thing - but because they tend to barter in different currency, they completely miss or misinterpret each other's meaning.

I'm certainly not pioneering new ground by saying women tend to give emotional support (manifested in many different concrete forms), and may sacrifice their own time/comfort/needs to anticipate what a guy wants. If she is hoping for something in return, she can't tell him because that would invalidate her selfless act. And maybe she's hoping he'll also anticipate her needs without having to be told what they are.

He may totally appreciate what she's done for him, (or more likely - appreciate it, but not understand how or why she made sacrifices to do it), but still not get that she's hoping for something in return: thanks, a compliment, recognition.

If she doesn't get it from him (or the next guy) she may ramp up the self-sacrifice. Then feel even more hurt/used if she doesn't get it. The bigger her sacrifice, the more taken for granted she may feel, even if she does get some response.

This is an EXTREME example, and I'm not saying every woman has this tendency. Same thing goes for the guys - up next.

Guys, on the other hand, tend to be much more straightforward. Which may be why they're so mystified when some women don't see things the same way. I mean, everybody knows five dozen roses costs a lot more than a bouquet of daffodils or hydrangeas. But if you happened to be paying attention when she said she hates roses, and again later when she said how much she loves daffodils and hydrangeas - guess what. That's worth a whole freakin' lot more than 100 dozen flowers she hates.

Does that mean you have to pay attention to everything she says? DAMN STRAIGHT! Don't like them apples? Might I suggest you go see "Brokeback Mountain?" (j/k. maybe.)

If you're thinking you already listen to what she says, maybe that's true. BUT, if you start to feel like a pimp when you're trying to make her feel like a princess, chances are you're actually making her feel like a whore.

Oh, I can see how it happens. When you're not sure about somebody - or how she might feel about you - the most direct, universal, unambiguous way to let her know you think she's special is to gamble a wad. The bigger the wad, the more you might think you're telling her what you think of her. You may have put a lot of thought into it too. But if what comes across is the $$ and not the thought - she could totally miss it. The same way you may have missed her hidden sacrifice.

Hear me now and believe me later, but I'm telling you: sure, women may want the ginormous diamond and the luxury vacation and the 5 dozen roses - but mostly because it shows you love them. Otherwise it's completely meaningless. (Yes, there are some exceptions, but I'm speaking for the majority of women I've known. I should also go on the record right now and admit I am, indeed a woman myself. So I can't really be totally impartial here. Nobody can. And sadly I've never had a guy blow a wad of cash on me. So obviously I'm doing something wrong. Anyways, I should be saving my ammunition - I mean, advice - for the type of guy I'm way more familiar with who always wants to fix the girl he's with. Which may seem well-intentioned but is equally subversive. Just in case you were wondering, Ajay.)

From a woman's point of view, it's much easier to put your money on the line than your heart on the line. Some of you guys have been putting your money on the line. And in the process, your heart has been trounced anyway. You may have thought you could spare your heart by sacrificing your wallet - and your princess may have thought that's what you were doing too - but the casualty count is obvious to me.

Put these two together in large enough doses and you've got a recipe for disaster. Here's what I'm suggesting.

Ladies: As much as we might wish he could read our subtle clues, most guys are not mind readers (with the obvious exception of Steve Jobs, of course). There is probably way the hell more going on in your head than he could possibly fathom without at least a few directions. And you know most guys hate to ask for directions, so he may try to bluff his way through it. And if he continues to feel utterly lost, he may take the next exit and try another onramp.

Guys: Next time - when you're ready - just put your heart on the line and keep your wallet in your pocket. It might seem more risky at first, but if you review history, you'll see you haven't had much success with your method. And with my method, you'll be no worse off, but you will at least have that down payment for a new car. (Am I right or am I right?) A nice home cooked meal, a tender massage, listening and caring about what the hell is going on with her (without always telling her how to fix it) - that will get you a whole lot farther. At least make sure you know where you're both going before you pull out your wallet. And if you're not sure, just ask for directions.

That's my point of view anyway. Would I have spent my whole freakin' afternoon writing this post if I was after money? Which reminds me - WHY can't I make a living doing this? Ok, forget that. Bad timing.

Oh, and I know what you're all thinking right now, so I'll just go ahead and say it for you: "OMG Twisted! How did you ever get to be so insightful? We so cherish these words of wisdom you deem fit to bestow upon us!!"

I'm 97% sure you're being sarcastic. So I'm just going to ignore that.

p.s. - if you see yourself in any of this, you are not alone. It's always easier to see your own blind spots in someone else. If you've never seen this in anybody anywhere, well, maybe you're lucky. Or maybe you see it differently. I don't know. This is just one woman's point of view.

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Category: holiday

02/15/06 02:07 - 45ºF - ID#36645


I hope everybody enjoyed/survived whatever type of V-Day you set up for yourselves this year. If not, you've got 364 days to change things before next year. Don't wait until February 13th! (Those on cruise control can adjust as needed.)

I don't remember V-Day being such a hot button in peepville last year, but then I guess I was in Boston (again) for the sci-fi marathon, so I may have missed any Valentine angst.

I know this was a particularly bad V-Day year for some, and that sucks. It's hard not to revisit the ghosts of Valentines past, but you might be surprised how your perspective may change over time. Or not. In any case, just remember -- the past does not have to dictate the future.

So I had a fun time at the Lovemakers show last night. As good a way as any to spend V-Day. I even got a pretty decent contact high from all the making out going on (haha). And the usual contact high goes without saying in SF.

They do put on a great show. Before the encore people were shouting "show us your dick!" He didn't oblige this time. Too bad! I'll have to take my own advice and work on incorporating that particular element into my life before next V-Day. ;-)

We were, however, rewarded with a great cover of the Cure's "A Forest." I still remember the heart-quickening moment of recognition the last time I heard them do it. What a great fucking song! I don't care how great some of the current bands are, my heart is still solidly set in the 80s.

Can I just tell you what a great venue GAMH is? Looks exactly the same today as when it opened in 1907. I can't wait to see Supergrass, X, She Wants Revenge, Arctic Monkeys, and Snow Patrol there in the next few weeks. (Name-dropping especially for you, (e:Ajay). ;-) )

And there are tons of restaurants in the vicinity to fit any taste or budget. Larry insisted on treating me to dinner and the show last night. He said it was because I drove him to an emergency ophthalmologist appointment Monday after he nearly poked his eye out. But I think it's just fun to treat someone on Valentine's day. It certainly was fun to be treated. Come to think of it, I'm really making out like a bandit this month since he's also treating me to Sister's of Mercy (nudge nudge, Ajay) because I drove him to pick up his new PC, monitor, printer and speakers.

Which reminds me, it was cool to drive by SF City Hall last night and see it lit up with pink/red lights under a huge full moon. Wish I'd had my camera.

Sure, it could be improved upon, but all in all a good V-Day. I try not to do the comparison thing with myself or anyone else. Although with perspective that can also be revealing. Yes, I think more mutual revealing just might be the thing to work on for next year. ;-)

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