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Category: flat hunt

03/21/10 11:24 - 37ºF - ID#51243

Flat hunting in NYC

So how does one hunt for a cheap flat in NYC without having to share it with a gazillion others??

And no. I am not moving but my brother is. We are looking to find something in the range of $1000 to $1500/month. We have been told to stick to areas around Harlem or Brooklyn and ignore the rest of the boroughs.

If you know of anyone renting out a flat - you cannot find a better tenant than my brother (Yes. I know. I could be saying that just because I am related but it's true).

Thoughts or tips, anyone? Former/current NYC dwellers or Buffalo denizens with NYC contacts?

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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: tourism

03/16/10 09:53 - 37ºF - ID#51203

Your response is required by law...

This came in the mail today...


I am looking at this envelope with such weird emotions. It feels crazy that I am being counted as a part of the population here, in a completely foreign country.

I know it's not like I am getting electoral franchise or anything, but it seems like a momentous thing to be doing. In some small way, I am going to be part of this massive census - a detailed stock-taking of human resources in a country that is half-way across the planet from where I was born.

I reckon, it's a routine government-initiated statistical exercise to many, but to me, today, it's a source of wonder - in black and white.
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Category: eating in

03/14/10 01:57 - 38ºF - ID#51186

According to Wordle...

I am a tea fanatic.

And I don't even write about it so much. How did they know?!

Caught (e:ladycroft)'s wordle - (e:ladycroft,50987) and I think it did a pretty good job there. :-)
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Category: art

03/14/10 11:19 - 35ºF - ID#51185

Spunk, reloaded.


Via 't-you-tell
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Category: art

03/13/10 07:01 - 38ºF - ID#51177


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Category: eating in

03/07/10 08:29 - 32ºF - ID#51129

Super-Godmum No Knead Bread

I made bread today for the first time in my life. And it is probably the best bread I have ever had. I can't believe this - it is seriously blowing my mind.


The recipe is extremely simple and it's shocking just how wonderful it tastes with butter. And of course, no recipe is worth following so I went ahead and completely messed it up with abandon.


I don't have any measuring cups or implements or scales. Worse, I don't really have a concept of what a cup is, so I did a very rough volumetric-ratio-eyeballing (which actually means, I just dumped in whatever seemed okay). (e:heidi), you can sigh now. ;-)

That's not all. I didn't let it rise for 20 hours because I was impatient, threw in an obscene amount of walnuts and dates, and then added a whole chopped jalapeno because I didn't want it to be sweet. Then I thought, what the heck, why not be crazier and added a whole fistful of flaxseed and a tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil just because it happened to be near the flaxseed.


Even with this terrible approach to baking, I got splendid results. And of course, I went the extra health freak mile and used 100% high-fibre hard winter spelt flour and no bread flour. I have heard of recipes being described as "forgiving" but this one HAS TO BE the SUPER-GIGANTOID-GODMUM of ALL the forgiving recipes in the history of cooking on this planet.


Go ahead, mess it up. You will get edible results. :)
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Category: grocery

03/07/10 11:58 - 32ºF - ID#51123

Pricerite, I love you.

Pricerite now has Blue Diamond Almond milk (Original, Unsweetened and Vanilla) at $1.99/0.5 Gallon.

I am swimming in a Sunday bliss induced by mango tea in almond milk, reading several engrossing articles on mitochondrial mysteries and writing my IRB protocol while broad beams of sunlight from my flat windows caress my bald head. And that is a run-on sentence with very poor form that I am trying to avoid in my technical writing.

Ah. Perfection. (Or will be perfection, if I finish this IRB protocol and a good part of my background and specific aims for the analysis I want to carry out.)

But, Pricerite, I do love you. And that justifies the terrible grammar and deplorable lack of structure in this entry.

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Category: simple pliny

03/03/10 08:15 - 33ºF - ID#51103

Totally Bald.

I went bald today and it is a liberating feeling. I can feel little streams of air wafting across my head. A young lymphoma patient snipped my curls off. She is still on a regimen of five different kinds of chemotherapy. A cancer survivor told me about the time when she lost her hair - all of it, including the hair from her nostrils. She said she felt as if she were breathing the world in every time she inhaled.

I am more convinced than ever that we need to keep going, work harder and think out of the box in our battle against this wretched disease. We don't have any time or space for cynicism. My department's reaction amazes me. All of them, without an exception, went out of their way to make my bald nutty head feel appreciated and warm. They are a unique family.

I ran into the charming (e:enknot) in the cafeteria when I went searching for (e:libertad). Tony, who on earth is Andrew Reed and how do you know him? More importantly, what is he doing on the tables of our cafeteria? He is not even a first-page hit on Google Images: He is clearly not one of these: Or is he? Do you have a deep dark obsession with the British church, state, police and sport, that no one had an inkling about... till right this moment!??

(e:libertad), I am now so curious about your office! I am going to gatecrash someday. You work in a mysterious building that is just marked by a direction - not even a name! And no guests are allowed?! Why, my office is always crawling with guests and other random people!

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Category: science

02/27/10 11:22 - 32ºF - ID#51087

We are creatures of carbon.

::Download Flash Video::

We evolved through our carbon interactions.

We migrated lead by our carbon needs.

We reproduced guided by our carbon culture.

We engineered our carbon environments.

We sheared the fabric of our lives with carbon based hostilities.

We continue to interact and change our carbon dynamics.

To carbon we all shall return.

  • C Graphic:

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Category: eating in

02/26/10 07:19 - 26ºF - ID#51080

Organic milk - hating it!

I finally caved in and bought a carton of Amish Organic Country Farms 1% Milk (well, mainly because they were out of the fat-free milk gallon). I really had high expectations from this milk - seeing as how it is organic and all. I could not have been more unrealistic about my expectations.

This milk tastes like it came directly from the cow or buffalo or whatever bovine they were milking. I know some of you are smirking and saying. "It's milk. What else did you expect?".

Let me tell you, I did not expect the farmyard cow/bovine smell. It completely throws my milk drinking experience. It taints my coffee and makes tea unbearable with its heavy heavy cow-ish/bovine odour. My tongue is now coated with the same odour and I can feel it slowly creeping up my sinuses. Ugh. Ugh. UGH.

I am DONE with this Organic Amish milk business. I am going back to fat-free mass-produced possibly hormone tainted neutral-smelling milk. I think I will deal with the devil and trade a little undue cell proliferation for the urge to throw up everytime I drink my favourite black tea with milk.

Maybe boiling will do away with the smell? What do you think?
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