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Category: linux

08/31/11 08:01 - ID#55063

Arrgh, what's wrong now?!

Seriously, I can't seem to catch a break with my linux troubles. It's been hardly 14 days since my fresh install and things are already starting to act up with Crunchbang.

The stylus goes on insane object and text selecting sprees on its own and randomly refuses to be controlled. The bash history no longer takes orders from ~/.bashrc and never remembers even a line of history (even though I have set it to remember 10K lines). E4rat is installed and running, but applications have been slowing down.

I am SO sick of having to do fresh installs every fortnight. It borders on the illogical and for this reason alone windows XP seems rather appealing. Its rock solid and just as fast even after 1.5 years after a fresh install. Why OH WHY can't my favourite distro come even close to that kind of stability and consistency??

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Category: the odes

08/26/11 11:40 - ID#55033

Peacock Shoe

I wish this shoe didn't have such hideous heels and were more of a flat Mary Jane instead. I would get it in an instant.
Well... maybe not this instant but most likely after a couple weak lopsided debates with my rational self on the complete insanity of shoe-hoarding. But those heels are the best safeguards against any impulse buying.

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Category: disasters

08/25/11 08:31 - ID#55024

Hurricane Irene.

This massive hurricane is headed directly to NYC, Long Island and New Jersey. I am more than a bit worried. My brother is in zone A - categorized as the most flood and storm-prone in the city and likely faces evacuation this weekend.

Baruch College 155 E. 24th Street, HS of Graphic Comm. 439 W. 49th Street and John Jay College 445 W. 59th Street are the nearest evacuation centers. His building has already sent out an emergency preparedness notice.

All this is making me really nervous. I am desperately hoping that this hurricane changes direction and is somehow deflected well away from the whole NYC region. :(
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Category: buffalo

08/25/11 08:13 - ID#55023 pmobl

For Matthew!

Get better soon!





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Category: goals

08/24/11 12:36 - ID#55012

It's not lent but...

A chain of rants in (e:metalpeter,55007) make me want to throw down this self-improvement challenge.

I am ready to
a) give up salt for however long it takes
b) start doing push-ups all over again everyday for however long it takes

if someone else wants to give up something or take up something with me and be accountable for that here. It has to be something that is causing you harm or is damaging your life or is negatively influencing your life to some extent.

Too much salt and not enough muscle definitely are negative influences on mine.

Who is up for this little last-quarter goal-setting?

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Category: dance

08/23/11 02:45 - ID#55005

Calling Matthew to be André Rieu's photographer!!!

This is it! (e:Matthew), you need to enter the André Rieu photography contest!

Sign up on Rieu's site.

DO it now!!
Think of all the glory if you are picked!!

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Category: buffalo

08/23/11 02:34 - ID#55004

Definitely an earthquake

I felt it and I thought, wow the wind must really be picking up in Buffalo. Guess it was really an earthquake and not just the building showing its age and resonating with the wind.

LOL@ this comment on the story:

Soon to be former Buffalo schools superintendent James Willians was seen jumping up & down in a temper tantrum b/c he could not get anyone to help pack his belongings...

Seriously, do people stalk the Buffalo news site just to post stuff like this? Hahah

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Category: i-tech

08/23/11 05:22 - ID#55003


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This is the longest I have been on any website anytime in all of my www existence. I feel seldom bound to any online service or site unless it's for work/school or its services are just irreplaceable. I guess knowing everyone in person has made a difference here.

I feel more at home because of you all. :)
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Category: the odes

08/21/11 04:29 - ID#54994

Lost my credit card.

I lost my primary credit card yesterday somewhere between home and pricerite. But take a look at who checked out my last transaction...

I cancelled it. Hopefully, whoever found it didn't have a chance to use it before they froze transactions. It was lucky that the card was not entered into the cash-from-ATM scheme.

Lucky or if you believe that last transaction... hehe.
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Category: linux

08/21/11 11:04 - ID#54989

Sound card on PanP7

For reference the sound card on my PanP7 is:

cat /proc/asound/card0/codec* | grep Codec

Codec: Realtek ALC272
Codec: Motorola Si3054

It has the most crappy output with ALSA sound server. The front mic used with a mic booster produces an extremely high pitched sound. I am sure it is capable of killing all bats in a 10 mile radius and driving all humans crazy or deaf or both.

The driver is meant for these following platforms. From /usr/share/doc/alsa-base/driver/HD-Audio-Models.txt.gz:

3stack-dig     3-stack (2-channel) with SPDIF
3stack-6ch     3-stack (6-channel)
3stack-6ch-dig 3-stack (6-channel) with SPDIF
6stack-dig     6-stack with SPDIF
lenovo-101e     Lenovo laptop
eeepc-p701     ASUS Eeepc P701
eeepc-ep20      ASUS Eeepc EP20
ecs         ECS/Foxconn mobo
m51va         ASUS M51VA
g71v         ASUS G71V
h13          ASUS H13
g50v         ASUS G50V
asus-mode1      ASUS
asus-mode2     ASUS
asus-mode3     ASUS
asus-mode4     ASUS
asus-mode5     ASUS
asus-mode6     ASUS
dell         Dell with ALC272
dell-zm1     Dell ZM1 with ALC272
samsung-nc10     Samsung NC10 mini notebook
auto         auto-config reading BIOS (default)

The problem is the regular sound output is extremely low. I can bet that if I put windows on this machine, the speakers will come to life. But that is just not happening with ALSA. The alternative is OSS, which I tried but had so many problems, I had to return to ALSA. I could install pulseaudio but pulseaudio has such crazy whims and fancies it is impossible to predict what will stop or start working next. It's a just a sound card, not some rocket science. Linux sound drivers just aren't up to snuff yet.
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