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Category: i-tech

08/25/12 01:46 - ID#56707


Depressing news from the courts today - where jurors think "a rectangle with rounded corners" is worth awarding $1.5 Billion to the eternally thieving Cr-Apple.

For shame.

I swear no crapple product will cross my threshold or get ANY of my money ever. Its WRONG to use legal loopholes and the ignorance of a technically challenged and biased jury to level competition. This is what a bully does. First steal all possible pre-existing designs, then use intensive PR to pass it all off as if you "invented" the entire thing, recruit sheep who clearly have no independent thought and then play these sheep to find in your favor.

Today is a dark day that clearly shows just how backwards the legal system in the US is and how any company, given enough PR efforts can effectively obscure their own shady thieving past to make people believe that they own all of their designs. "Original look and feel"?! What a load of crap(ple).

Apple, I hope people realize how much of a bullying fraud you are some day. You are a disgrace to the future of technology.

(e:Paul), I know you are pretty fond of your new toy but Crapple is now clearly the new Micro$oft. Same rotten techniques and the same loathsome tactics to suppress open-source innovation. I am having some trouble understanding how you can forgive the atrocities that Cr-apple is heaping on the FOSS community enough to buy from them again. I am starting to view them as a feudal cult-following fiefdom of sheep.

There is also a slight ironic edge to all this legal warring that Crapple is heaping in the courts. I read somewhere that the iphone contains many components that are made by Samsung. It could be that Crapple has just bitten the hand that feeds it raw materials. I wonder what the repurcussions would be...
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Category: eating out

08/21/12 05:51 - ID#56695

Gatur's Ethiopian: The Fabulous Menu

Okay, I just can't stay away from this place. Where where where were they all these years?? Got some Mutabuq to devour with tea today...

So Gatur's Ethiopian cuisine menu is FINALLY online. Ripped it from Facebook to post here:

If you haven't been here, you are TOTALLY MISSING OUT. Drop everything and just go. You will love it. Gatur's serves up some seriously delicious foodie heaven food.

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Category: eating out

08/13/12 04:12 - ID#56675

Gatur's Ethiopian Cuisine: Superawesome food!

It's here!! In Allentown. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Ethiopian niche cuisine is FINALLY in our neighbourhood in downtown Buffalo. Gatur's Ethiopian restaurant is open - within *walking distance* on Allen Street.

I wish this had happened sooner and not a mere two weeks before I am moving out of Buffalo. But I am not going to complain. I tried their lentil Sambusa and Bagia with the Ethiopian hot chutney today and was blown away. Really D.E.L.I.C.O.U.S! Can't wait to try ALL their other food!

Hopefully, the owner will mail me the PDF of their menu to post. We are going to lunch there at
3.00 PM, Wednesday, August 15. Join us!!

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