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Category: eating in

09/27/09 03:18 - 66ºF - ID#49870

Why I don't go to Kuni's...

Yesterday's Twitter stream made me realize that, though people (well, okay, I mean (e:paul)) talk about Kuni's regularly here, I have never actually eaten there. I considered this rather anomalous behaviour and a couple explanations came to mind.

I have walked past it innumerable times so given my defective mind, I must have checked it out at some point, not liked it and thus erased that memory from my consciousness. Or maybe like one of those Tralfamadorians, not chosen to focus on the experience because of the expense or just the blandness of the food.

But the fact of the matter is I really haven't ever been there. Since I can't justify going there today, I made this for lunch.

Steamed French Beans fast-sauteed with garlic, dried red chillie flakes, Thai green chillies, split yellow lentils, white lentils, homemade spicy hummus and soy sauce. Served with a light sprinkle of coconut and lime juice.

Prep time: 20 minutes
Around $3 for 5 servings

Yes, this is exactly why eating out feels like such an unsatisfactory and unacceptable rip-off.
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Category: the odes

09/26/09 09:31 - 56ºF - ID#49859

A day in the ER...

In fair crazyland, where we lay our scene, medicine doth not exist. There exists only faith. Heal thyself.

Now, that's some strong stuff. Hahaha

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Category: i-tech

09/23/09 04:30 - 74ºF - ID#49839

Why am I on Twitter?

My twitter experience started out as a slightly staggered instant messaging/helpdesk/news-update platform for the online services and news sources I use for my school/professional work.

However, quite inevitably it has spilled over into a duplicate twitter account for non-work-related interest areas such as (e:strip), Buffalo and then overflowed to other virtual Buffalo denizens not on (e:strip). My mind has an (almost certainly) inaccurate map of these crazy online connections I am making. They are all over the place:


The green ticks are the people I have met in non-virtual worlds and the question marks are the unknowns. The connections are people or news sources whom I have connected to online.

I am not sure where all this twittering and friend-feeding is going (an element of time-wasting is almost certainly involved). However, my school work is definitely benefiting through my twitter window. I don't like the whole Facebook culture of one-line breathless status messaging and will always prefer wordy run-on blogs but there is an indescribable quotient of "cool" in being able to message myself with a link or post an observation and have a focused, relevant, informed and witty social commentary tacked on to it.

There is also this thrill in being able to address anyone and everyone on the network with no prefaces. It feels like a huge party conversation in which you can join or from which you can drop out anytime. I am finding that some of these conversations (especially on the school front) are involved, funny and lead to insights that are quite impossible in a formal single-track interaction with just the source material (without added benefit of a social commentary).

Overall, I feel like I have a flashy but useful tool in my school toolbox. But the strange fact is somehow Buffalo is becoming even more intimate each day even as the whole area of unknowns steadily gets bigger.
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Category: opinion

09/19/09 12:36 - 58ºF - ID#49813

Is Buffalo turning into Ireland?

I spent some time at the CEPA gallery in Market Arcade last evening and I was struck by this exhibit.

It takes me back to the time when that ignorant shrunken old hag "Mother" Teresa was alive and channeling money into her vile medieval dark age schemes in Ireland.


However flawed the Government at home might be, I am really glad they didn't let that loathsome shriveled monster take over health policies and reproductive rights in the country.


This issue strikes a very very raw nerve in me. How can you possibly know what it is like to look ahead at 9 months of unexpected depression and self-torture when you are so far removed from such scenarios?


It speaks volumes about your insularity when all you can think of is being aggressive about allowing continued division of a bunch of cells under the facade of being "pro-life" while completely ignoring a human whose life and future might be at stake.

Buffalo need to re-evaluate its scarce programs for safe and medically aided abortions. Is this all we have?

1. Sweet Home Medical
Phone: 716-691-1414

2. Buffalo Women Services
Phone Toll-Free: 1-800-598-3783

3. Planned Parenthood, Niagara Falls
Phone: 716-282-1221
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Category: science

09/14/09 08:08 - 70ºF - ID#49772

Be a skeptoid.

This man has it right on so many counts.

Yeah, the video is 41 minutes long but the message is totally worth it.
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Category: tourism

09/13/09 12:47 - 69ºF - ID#49761

It's Electric! (For JBeatty!)



  • I find Buffalo's downtown and harbour utterly fascinating. There is so much character and story behind each building, each statue, the shapes and the curves of the radials and the roads. You could spend many a pleasant day wandering around downtown and not be bored (unless of course, history, architecture and scenery don't really get your attention) Some cities are very sterile by comparison.
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Category: tourism

09/12/09 07:45 - 70ºF - ID#49757

We are really very different




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Category: buffalo

09/10/09 03:54 - 76ºF - ID#49740

Vandalism on Allen Street

I was walking by 50 Allen Street when this caught my attention.


I shared the outrage when I saw what they had done.

Really? Who digs up a beautiful front garden?

What were they thinking?! Don't they have any pride in a beautiful community?

  • (e:Libertad): My pictures were sideways to start with but I resized and saved them as jpegs. When I uploaded them, they lost their correct orientation. I saved them as pngs and re-uploaded them and this time, they retained their intended orientation. I am thinking maybe this has something to do with loss of information when you resize and save as jpegs. The pngs, though the same size as the jpegs, have a lot more bytes than the jpegs - maybe that is why retain their orientation information? I am guessing here... (e:Paul) - do you know something about this?
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09/03/09 12:44 - 68ºF - ID#49692

Last days of Summer...


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