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12/26/21 11:44 - ID#60870

Many hugs to Paul + Terry + Joe

It's been a while. Just popped by to reference something and found folks are still finding my Linkage Disequilibrium article useful.

Who'd have thought the article would help folks for this long.

(e:Paul), (e:Terry) and (e:Joe) - miss you all. Hope you are doing well!


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Category: estrip

01/31/15 04:51 - ID#59807

Looking back...

I just ended up on my own post from almost 4 years ago for the same question I had 4 years ago. Maybe its proof that one never changes inherently.

And I obliterated my FB account just like I shooed away my twitter page all those years back. There is something so indeterminably creepy about FB's security implementation. I am just not on board with it.

On a related note, I don't write for leisure anymore. I sometimes wonder if this is making my general writing more unimaginative.
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02/21/14 04:10 - ID#58712

I miss you, Paul

Beautiful and dead.

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08/19/11 03:07 - ID#54972

Freaking Out! A bat is here!

(e:leetee), I have no idea how you dealt with having a bat flit about in your house. We just spotted an absolutely humongous one at the 24 and spent 20 minutes freaking out and trying to capture it (well.. I think (e:Terry) was trying the real capture part and (e:Paul) was trying to capture it virtually using his phone.

I think I nearly died because (e:Paul) was shrieking like a maniac and the bat came within a 2 cm radius near my hair. I am sure the bat thought my head was a fellow bat, what with my insanely out-of-control hair.

We think it has flown out the door now but it could well be hiding behind the sofa or lounging on the chandelier. Needless to say, I think we need to pre-empt our bat-dread-induced-heart-attacks and think carefully about our last minutes and maybe our last words on this planet. Should we be whispering or yelling it out over the 24 rooftop?

We read in Wikipedia that:

bats catch prey by aerial hawking and gleaning tactics

That monster was totally aerially hawking and gleaning NEAR our heads.
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