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Category: fashion

01/13/12 06:51 - ID#55906

These bags

are everywhere. Frankly, they look kind of hideous to me. Like someone sewed up an old tattered mattress coverlet en masse. ugh

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Category: fashion

12/02/10 06:41 - ID#53194

Wool and Lace - Part I

Alright! I am going to give this vintage winter wool coat sewing obsession a real spin and see where I get. (And of course, inflict all my non-progress on you.)


I see I am stuck in step 2. Researching fabrics has to wait because I am off to another exciting salsa class!
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Category: fashion

12/02/10 12:37 - ID#53192

Turns out...

that this
is not how a pattern works or even looks like.

And that has been your sewing lesson for the day.

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Category: fashion

11/30/10 05:11 - ID#53178

Patterning and Sewing a Winter Coat

Call me insane but I have been taken over by this compelling urge to make this black coat (and the grey woollen vintage-fashioned coat below) from scratch by myself.
The trouble is how does one make a pattern and sew a coat based on photographs? Does anyone have any experience in drawing patterns (with appropriate sizing) looking at photographs alone?

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