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Category: music

03/23/12 06:29 - ID#56276

You are my home

Okay, I admit, I just can't stop looping all his songs. It's Billy Joel but in an inexplicably and 10000000 times sexier voice.

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Category: music

03/23/12 06:23 - ID#56275


One word. WOW.

I can't imagine how this youtuber transformed Billy Joel into something completely extraordinary. I love that raw edge to his voice. His covers are quite possibly the best versions I have ever heard! In fact, I would say, I prefer these versions waaaayy more than the originals. Why on earth has this person not been discovered yet?!
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Category: music

03/23/12 05:47 - ID#56274

Just the way you are...

Wish my committee would say this to me. Alas. Alas.

Not a note out of tune. I prefer this version to Billy Joel's version!

And let's not even talk about that infernal kid Bruno whatever. All the really good Billy Joel's covers are sunk in searches by his absolutely awful song. WHYYYYYYY did he have to choose the same name!?? The universe should have rules against someone picking a classic song name and then destroying the whole concept by some hideous teeny-bopper version,

Even searching for "Just the way you are" -bruno is sometimes polluted with Bruno covers. UGH. Super UGH.

Anyway, in spite of bruno-polluted searches, I found another brilliant keyboard version (without the vocals)

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Category: music

03/08/12 10:40 - ID#56189


Can't complain about google new unified policy, Discovered Marteria. :)

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Category: music

02/24/12 01:05 - ID#56123

Buffalo needs a happy song today.

The constantly dragging workload and grey skies are getting to me. What I need is this happy song from Boney M to pick me up and accelerate on my work so I can clear some more hurdles (read: chapters).

Lay your problems on the floor, clap your hands and sing once more.
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Category: music

01/26/12 07:54 - ID#55986

Let's walk this road together

Took me a while to get to this song...

There is so much anger between the lines of hope. In love with the chorus. Works like apple zotz.

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Category: music

01/26/12 07:06 - ID#55985

Future Justin Beiber.

But way better?

Wait, he and some American have Beiber fever.

I think I might just join the teenage throng rooting for this youtuber. That voice can launch a million R programmes.

EDIT: I just found out he is the most subscribed to youtuber in the UK. Who knew. He is famous. Already.
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Category: music

01/20/12 09:14 - ID#55949

Josh Groban sings Kanye West

In 140 operatic characters. LOL
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Category: music

01/20/12 08:07 - ID#55948

Françoise Hardy: French Joan Baez

Heh. I listen to this and all I can think of is.. hey, when did Joan Baez start singing in French. :)

And this has to be the most unsettling song to sing to a kid.

A medieval version of that where they cut out the disturbing bits. LOL

Another version of All the pretty little horses. Instead of singing about the dying baby being attacked by the elements at the end of the meadow, now it's about birds and butterflies fluttering about its eyes.

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Category: music

01/20/12 07:43 - ID#55947

Stokowski. Period.

The ultimate transcriptions stop at Stokowski.

Seriously, I think I enjoy his transcriptions waay more than the originals. Under his unique influence, somehow the frenetic ornamentations of the baroque era are magically lifted and transformed into the stately pace of the classical era. This is Vivaldi's oh-so-baroque classic, sounding as if it was written during Beethoven's times. It is played in the video by the magnificent BBC Philharmonic under Matthias Bamert.

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