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Category: eating out

03/23/12 08:13 - ID#56277

An Ethiopian Restaurant in Buffalo

Finally. The Lucy Legacy

But why does it have to be so very far?!

Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant and Variety Store
388 Amherst Street - Buffalo NY
Hours are: Mon-Sat 7am to 10pm | Sun 11am to 10pm

Wish it was on Elmwood and Summer.
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Category: music

03/23/12 06:29 - ID#56276

You are my home

Okay, I admit, I just can't stop looping all his songs. It's Billy Joel but in an inexplicably and 10000000 times sexier voice.

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Category: music

03/23/12 06:23 - ID#56275


One word. WOW.

I can't imagine how this youtuber transformed Billy Joel into something completely extraordinary. I love that raw edge to his voice. His covers are quite possibly the best versions I have ever heard! In fact, I would say, I prefer these versions waaaayy more than the originals. Why on earth has this person not been discovered yet?!
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Category: music

03/23/12 05:47 - ID#56274

Just the way you are...

Wish my committee would say this to me. Alas. Alas.

Not a note out of tune. I prefer this version to Billy Joel's version!

And let's not even talk about that infernal kid Bruno whatever. All the really good Billy Joel's covers are sunk in searches by his absolutely awful song. WHYYYYYYY did he have to choose the same name!?? The universe should have rules against someone picking a classic song name and then destroying the whole concept by some hideous teeny-bopper version,

Even searching for "Just the way you are" -bruno is sometimes polluted with Bruno covers. UGH. Super UGH.

Anyway, in spite of bruno-polluted searches, I found another brilliant keyboard version (without the vocals)

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Category: i-tech

03/23/12 12:09 - ID#56272

If it looks like a troll...

"If it looks like a troll and walks like a troll, it must be Apple."

The company just fell to a new low of what it is to be an ultimate champion in hypocrisy.

It just filed a patent for haptic feedback - a super convenient feature that has ALWAYS been around in Android. No doubt the next step would be some stupid patent office clerk signing off on this and then Apple suing the Android world to get its grubby manicured camouflaged paws on even more profits that is definitely not theirs and then claiming that they came up with the idea to begin with.

Disgusting practices +++

Given these hideous underhand dirty market practices coupled with snooty elitism and a horde of facade-driven sheep creeps, who feel they have inherited some kind of glory by using CrApple products, is it any surprise that even considering buying any kind of CrApple seems revolting?
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Category: the odes

03/22/12 10:30 - ID#56265


Taking a break... Severe times are ahead.
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Category: linux

03/19/12 01:02 - ID#56245

More about EZ Drop (File Sync): Share files between linux and android.

A few posts back, I found an application called EZ drop (File Sync) for easily transferring files between my android devices and my linux laptop. While I struggled to set up servers, this application worked very easily and fast.

However, (e:Paul) brought up some misgivings about why EZ drop (File Sync) needed an external site to make this transfer. I echoed these questions in an edit to my earlier blog.

Well, I can tell that (e:strip) is being picked up by google because I received a message directly from the developer of EZ drop (File Sync)! I think it is worth reading through his responses:

Responses from the EZ drop (File Sync) developer, David

Hey tinypliny!

My name is David and I'm the developer of EZ Drop. I noticed your comments on the app and wanted to give you some answers to your questions. :) I made this app just to help people transfer files devices more easily so people wouldn't have to set up servers, etc. The dropbox app was requesting so many permissions I thought something more light-weight would be appreciated.

I have heard feedback about security-concerns and have taken it to heart. Since the file transfer was being done over plain HTTP, and have since added an SSL certificate to the site (you can click "secure" at the bottom to access it). SSL transport encryption will also be added to the app soon.

I had said in (e:tinypliny,56229): "it's also somewhat non-transparent"

And the EZ drop developer replied to this:

I will put up an "about" page that describes exactly how the file transfer is done so that people can understand what's going on under-the-hood. Basically, you temporarily upload your file to me, then I send it to your device. Whether you are sending from your android-to-PC or PC-to-android, the process is the same.

"Why do you need to go to an external site and get a code? "

The code is the secret key that links your computer and the android device. Alternatively, you would have to log in with a username/password. It's just a simple way for the server to know which device to send the file to.

"What other data does this application collect from your android device?"

I don't collect any information about your android device or your computer, I kept the required permissions in the app to a minimum exactly for this purpose. The only permissions required are internet access and SD card storage, just enough to let you transfer the files. Files that are transferred are deleted within 24 hours. I've also put up a "privacy" page regarding this.

Thank you for trying out the app and posting your comments. Your feedback goes a long way!

Thank you, EZ drop David, for stopping by my blog and then taking the time to send me a detailed message!.

Well, I don't see any reason why such level of honesty and earnestness should be doubted! And I have to admit that EZ drop made my life easy when I was really struggling with the Apache set up (I am sure I was missing some configuration details but I didn't have the time or experience to troubleshoot.)

An additional advantage of EZ drop (File Sync) is that unlike other methods, it actually makes it easy to share files with people outside your wireless loop or LAN network, by sharing the PIN/code. You can share files with people say, across the globe. That's pretty nifty. With this responsive a developer, I have no doubt improvements to EZ drop will be fair and fast.
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Category: eating in

03/18/12 06:59 - ID#56242

What *else* do you do with raw popcorn kernels?

apart from making popcorn, that is.

Sometimes, there is only so much popcorn you can keep popping till you realize that you have entirely way too many kernels and you have got a bit tired of the plain popcorn...
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Category: linux

03/18/12 12:10 - ID#56241

Take4: Sharing files between Linux and Android

You really don't need the ridiculous USB wire or deal with the fact that the transformer (TF101) simply refuses to mount without fuss on either Linux or windows. It prompts you to install some Asus sync utility that I absolutely don't want to. Turns out there are even more ways to share files between your Asus transformer and your linux laptop.

I found WebSharing Lite File/Media Sync a while back

After installing the WebSharing Lite File/Media Sync, you just connect your android device to your wireless network, start the application and press start. It gives you an IP and port address. Something like: It also gives you an "owner's password" - a random alphanumeric string.

You use your browser on your laptop to browse to this address. If you want file edit access, you input the password at the prompt. And that's it. You can upload or download files - as fast as your wireless modem is able to allow - in my case 54 MB/s.

This is even simpler than the earlier methods and seems to be secure since there is no external access and everything is limited to the internal loop behind your wireless router.

Now that this is sorted, wonder what the next mountain will be... rooting or maybe nothing because that's all I use the tablet for, reading and more reading. Rooting holds its charm but I am not entirely clear what benefits I will get from rooting the tablet right now.
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Category: the odes

03/17/12 09:39 - ID#56238

Apology is policy

How could I have ever forgotten this?? I completely went over the line this past week. I could have done with a dose of calmness. :/

And of course

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ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...