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Category: i-tech

09/21/10 10:33 - 63.ºF - ID#52796

Fedora: Fine but frustrating

"Are you quite sure that you feel what you ought to do?"
-- Pride and Prejudice, 1797

I am not. But I am determined to stick with Fedora 13. Only, it is so frustrating that I seem to be struggling with the simplest of things.

The minimal installation was so minimal, it forgot to ask me for a login and password preference and then when it finished, it wanted me to use a non-existent login and password to login to the OS. Needless to say, I had to start with the bloated "Graphic desktop" installation all over again and though, I was presented with customization choices, I couldn't really customize anything because I had no idea what any of the packages actually did! And anyway.. why is it that I need a login every time I power it on?! I can't seem to get past this. I hate having to log in to my own computer. I want the boot up to be faster.

I keep trying to install chrome and it says chrome installation had "finished" but I can't see it anywhere. And I hate that trackpad mouse tap behaviour only loads when the operating system loads completely. Before this happens you need to click that annoying trackpad button.

I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I just thought this might be easier than the other zillion times I have tried.


But I am not giving up. I am starting on a book called "Introducing Fedora: Desktop Linux" today. 400+ pages later, if I am still struggling, maybe I will revisit Austen's predictable tome.
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Category: i-tech

09/20/10 05:47 - 65.ºF - ID#52790

Drupal: Hooks, blocks, modules and nodes

I spent quite a chunk of time reading about it. I am hooked. I have to wonder about the people who actually designed all of this - they must have some of the most logical and organized minds around. It took my puny brain quite a while to understand how content management in Drupal actually works.
But it was tough to figure it out initially. Maybe this is how computer scientists must feel when they are asked to understand and write about a cell-culture or mouse knock-out experiment.

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Category: the odes

09/18/10 11:18 - 65.ºF - ID#52781

The weekday consequences of a bald spot.

I have an almost bald patch from my most recent haircut. And no, I didn't do it myself. It's terribly amusing and I can't help laughing at how absolutely abysmal my head looks now.

I resemble him closely.

I guess I am going to repent all this laughing on Monday when people shoot me looks of embarrassment and try and feel bad for me. I will reciprocally try and look appropriately apologetic for having inflicted the bald spot on them.

But my evil twin will want to respond like this...
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Category: i-tech

09/18/10 04:36 - 53.ºF - ID#52773

Print/Read only selections from a web page

It always annoys me when articles I want to read on the web, specifically the ones that link out from are almost always embedded in webpages that additionally have unnecessary and distracting elements such as menus, ads etc.

Chrome came to my rescue. I simply right click over the content I want to read, click inspect element, find the element that houses the article (usually it is under some div id), right click on the appropriate div > copy as html > paste that entire thing on a text editor, say, notepad > save as html. Open the new html file in a browser. Et Voilà - just content, no fluff!

PS: I know you could just click-drag-copy the text you want to read, but I find this cumbersome for really long articles.
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Category: i-tech

09/17/10 08:56 - 51.ºF - ID#52765

Fedora Switch and PDF alternatives

Massive thanks to (e:Paul) for helping me finally make the switch to Fedora on my laptop! So far, it's been running without a hitch. I have found some linux alternatives for my most heavily used programs. However, I am still missing some. I am hoping that all these missing alternatives don't break the switch... Any suggestions that you might have are more than welcome.

Web browsing
Chrome ---> Chrome

VLC --> VLC --> Amarok (? I am not sure if it supports all the various formats FLAC, APE, Ogg, WMV etc like foobar2000 though. Any alternatives?)

LaTeX ---> LaTeX
PDFXChange Viewer with Wine --> ??????? I am completely stumped here.
MS Word --> MS Word using VMbox? (haven't installed this yet). Openoffice completely messes up formats between its odt format and the doc format so I'd rather not use it and spent time fixing ridiculous formatting conflicts.
Virtual PDF printer driver with a very small footprint that I use to print things to PDF. Again, not sure about alternatives.
Distraction-free black full-screen writing environment. Do you know of any fedora alternatives?

R --> R
TinnR --> ???? I use this extensively for writing R code and push the code from TinnR to R for running. It highlights syntax and helps me keep track of coding rules. Any linux alternatives that will integrate with R and has colour coding?

myPaint --> myPaint
Irfanview --> ????
Fotographix --> ????

I would love some suggestions for PDF annotation, highlighting and commenting. I used PDF XChange viewer for this with Wine but I can't find an equivalent piece of native software for Linux. PDFs form the backbone of what I read and use day in and day out and this could just be the deciding factor for me for staying on with the Fedora system or switching back to Ubuntu. Any input you can give me would be awesome! I really don't want to go back to Ubuntu - now that I have seen all the charms of Fedora.
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Category: the odes

09/14/10 10:20 - 58.ºF - ID#52734

Ink = Terrible Film

What a waste of a good 1 hour. I realized 10 minutes into the film that I would be fast-forwarding my way through it. What I didn't realize was that even with the fast-forwarding the "slowness" of the film remains with you and drags you slowly and painfully by the tip of your smashed nose.

Yuckety yuck. Life is too short to be wasting an hour on garbage that tries to pass off as an "Indie". I wish I had never found Gnod Ink was such an AWFUL recommendation. I am never going back to Gnod. EVER
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Category: opinion

09/12/10 04:16 - 66.ºF - ID#52723

Question for e:lilho

I have *really* thick hair that outgrows a cut in less than 2 weeks but I am not ready for that salon pilgrimage just yet.

Do you have any recommendations for the type of thinning shears I should get? There seem to many types around but I just want one that would take all the bulk away. Thoughts?

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Category: music

09/11/10 08:30 - 50.ºF - ID#52704

Totally Verdi of being heard.

I am in love with this particular chorus from Nabucco. It combines two of my favourites - a waltz rhythm and a multi-voice operatic chorus.

PS: A bit too much make-up for the occasion but the singing is spectacular.

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Category: music

09/10/10 08:39 - 62.ºF - ID#52698

I think I now believe...

... in reincarnations. Bublé is really like Sinatra singing Baroque style (as someone else once said).


Missing Image ;(

Somehow, listening to Bublé makes me wish Ella Fitzgerald were still alive to sing a duet with Bublé. And while that might not be such an outlandish wish, I also wonder about how Bublé's interpretations of Whitney Houston's most famous hits might be. I wish he would try them someday.
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Category: opinion

09/09/10 11:07 - 55.ºF - ID#52690

Bethesda - Safe at 11:00 PM?

I will be visiting the NIH/NCI campus in Bethesda in some days. But the trouble is I will be getting into the Washington, IAD airport around 10:00. I hate taxis. They freak me out. So I plan to take the metro to the campus from the airport. I am guessing it will be close to midnight when I make it to the Bethesda campus.

Do any of you have any ideas about how safe this area might be - say compared with Buffalo downtown at night? I really don't want to get into trouble. The conference is quite important and I want to get there and back without broken noses, blown head etc. Any information would be awesome! Thanks!

PS: According to Neighbourhood Scout
- Bethesda is safer than 62% of the cities in the US.
- Annual Crimes
Violent 42
Property 800    
842 annual crimes per 1,000 residents

Chances of becoming a victim
in Bethesda 1 in 1305
in Maryland 1 in 134

PPS: Oh well. I went ahead and looked up Buffalo as well.
Buffalo is safer than 6% of the cities in the US.
- Annual Crimes
Violent 3,804    
Property 16,555    
20,359 annual crimes per 1,000 residents

Chances of becoming a victim
in Buffalo 1 in 77
in New York 1 in 221

Man. It isn't THAT unsafe here, is it?! Do you believe this??
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