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Category: flat hunt

04/10/10 10:33 - 40ºF - ID#51362

Help! NYC flats?

Okay, flat hunting in NYC for my brother has not been going so well. Thanks, (e:Heidi) for putting me in contact with Lisa! I have sent her an email.

My brother and I are visiting NYC to check out flats from Thursday to Sunday this coming week. It's making us really nervous. He needs to move to NYC in the second week of May. We have been looking at craigslist and for prospective places. Craigslist, NYC is like 100X dodgier than any craigslist I have looked at! Are we missing any good sources such as artvoice for NYC or something?

Do you know of any friends/contacts who are leasing out places in the range of $900 - $1500 a month? We have been told to hire a broker but I am inclined to take (e:lauren)'s advice and directly talk with people who are leasing their own places out.

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Category: i-tech

04/09/10 09:04 - 36ºF - ID#51359

My next computing solution...

Will definitely NOT be a boring old laptop or an ipad. Both lack the flexible stylus/tablet based solution I need. Though this is M$, you have to agree that the concept interface is pretty sweet.

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Category: whine

03/27/10 02:46 - 43ºF - ID#51274

Dear upstairs neighbour,

If you are the one playing "metalcore"-ish music at full blast right now:

a) I resent the noise.
b) I am trying to write a grant here, and the signalling pathways are not getting any easier.
c) Your taste in music sucks. Bleh. Check out "Running Wild". At the very least, you will know how heavy metal can sound almost as good as baroque.
d) If you don't stop in the next hour, I may have to hotfoot it to the office or call the manager and be a pain in your existence.


PS: The noise stopped. Maybe the neighbour reads (e:strip) or got tired of their own crappy music.
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Category: buffalo

03/24/10 08:39 - 39ºF - ID#51260

Non-driver's State ID: Experiences?

For some complicated reasons that I cannot control, my passport will be in NYC and I will be here in Buffalo for a whole of 20 days. This is creeping the wits out of me right now. Remember that island poll where your flat burns down and you are allowed to take just one thing? (e:tinypliny,49243) Well... I am revising my answer big time. I think I will be glad with just my passport.

Mainly, because of this lot...

And so, I need to get my non-driver state ID before my passport goes away on its AWOL tour. I think I have all the documents now - I checked the DMV site.

Has anyone here ever applied for it? How long does it take? Any pearls of wisdom for getting this thing with the least amount of disruption to a particularly busy workday?

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Category: science

03/23/10 07:50 - 37ºF - ID#51249

11th hour thoughts...


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Category: flat hunt

03/21/10 11:24 - 37ºF - ID#51243

Flat hunting in NYC

So how does one hunt for a cheap flat in NYC without having to share it with a gazillion others??

And no. I am not moving but my brother is. We are looking to find something in the range of $1000 to $1500/month. We have been told to stick to areas around Harlem or Brooklyn and ignore the rest of the boroughs.

If you know of anyone renting out a flat - you cannot find a better tenant than my brother (Yes. I know. I could be saying that just because I am related but it's true).

Thoughts or tips, anyone? Former/current NYC dwellers or Buffalo denizens with NYC contacts?

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Category: tourism

03/16/10 09:53 - 37ºF - ID#51203

Your response is required by law...

This came in the mail today...


I am looking at this envelope with such weird emotions. It feels crazy that I am being counted as a part of the population here, in a completely foreign country.

I know it's not like I am getting electoral franchise or anything, but it seems like a momentous thing to be doing. In some small way, I am going to be part of this massive census - a detailed stock-taking of human resources in a country that is half-way across the planet from where I was born.

I reckon, it's a routine government-initiated statistical exercise to many, but to me, today, it's a source of wonder - in black and white.
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Category: eating in

03/14/10 01:57 - 38ºF - ID#51186

According to Wordle...

I am a tea fanatic.

And I don't even write about it so much. How did they know?!

Caught (e:ladycroft)'s wordle - (e:ladycroft,50987) and I think it did a pretty good job there. :-)
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Category: art

03/14/10 11:19 - 35ºF - ID#51185

Spunk, reloaded.


Via 't-you-tell
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Category: art

03/13/10 07:01 - 38ºF - ID#51177


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