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04/04/08 09:50 - 40ºF - ID#43892


I have just successfully brewed mead. This is something I've kind of always wanted to do. In college one of my roommates was a biochemistry major who worked in a lab on a project to determine the precise locations of proteins on the cell walls of yeast. He decided somewhere during this that he just couldn't get enough of yeast cultures, so he began brewing mead in our kitchen.
He started off using bread yeast, and did some recipe that involved a long fermentation. Then he got busy, so he left it kind of too long. By the time he siphoned the yeast out into a plastic pitcher (we were all class, people), it was... Well, he gave me a glass of it, and I took a sip, and made a face. It was strong, somewhat sour, a bit pungent, rather horrible.
But he'd spent a long time on it. So I smiled, and waited until he looked the other way, and then held my nose and drank the whole thing down.

A little while later, noticing my glass was empty, he happily poured me more.
I waited a bit, and did the same thing again.

Then I fell over and lay on the floor for about twelve hours while the carpet talked to me and fairies buzzed around my head.

We'll just say it wasn't the most mellow drunk I've ever had.

But I remain convinced that mead is great, and I've had some I bought in liquor stores that was OK, but expensive. You can get it at premier for $15 a wine bottle. And it's good, but it's not as good as $15 wine. (I normally buy wine that's between $5-10 a bottle, with the $15-20 range being saved for either proven favorites from vineyards I know, or something personally recommended by a friend. Hey. I am all class, people. Also I've been working really hard to NOT develop expensive tastes, with limited success. [Sadly I can't drink Johnny Red but must drink Johnny Black. I refuse to try any of the higher grades for fear I'll like them still better. Bastards.])

So I made a "quick mead" recipe I found on the Internet. Side note: did you know we have an excellent home brewing supply store right in Kenmore? Yes! Niagara Tradition, on Sheridan just past Military. Friendly staff, decent stock, very knowledgeable and helpful, and a good selection. So there's my plug.

Here is my recipe, and in true Livejournal fashion, about fifteen pages of mumbling:

I invested about $20 into this venture, buying sanitizer, plastic tubing, four fermentation locks, yeast, honey, and ginger. (The last two I got at Wegman's. If anyone knows any good farmer's markets or whatevers that'll sell you unprocessed honey, I want to try that next. The Coop maybe?)
As primary fermenting containers, I didn't purpose-buy anything-- I'm just using the big glass growlers you can buy beer in at Premier. They have like a two-dollar deposit, but the same bottle costs four dollars at Niagara Tradition, so I think I'm doing good. And if I want more, well then I'll just have to drink more fancy beer, which is a terrible fate only not at all terrible. (The fermentation locks and rubber stoppers to fit them (size 6.5) are about $1.50/$2 each and are infinitely reusable.)

My first batch is a success: light, slightly sweet, slightly fizzy, tasting of honey and ginger and a little bit of yeast. I don't know if it's called "quick mead" because it is only supposed to take four days (I took a week because I had it in too cold a room at first), or because it is sparkling, but it's good. Weak, and probably mostly non-alcoholic, but quite good. (Fermenting it longer might get rid of the yeasty taste, but it would also make it less sweet. I think I like it as it is.)

I have a second batch going but it's something more complex, requiring 18 days fermentation, then another 2 weeks secondary fermentation in the bottle.
I think I need to buy a bottle capper. But on the bright side, the fact that I haven't taken back my deposit bottles means I am well-stocked in glass bottles. Five cents apiece ain't bad for these suckers. I should take the cans back, though.
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03/28/08 12:09 - 33ºF - ID#43810

lesbian shotgun wedding

ok 2 things in this post.
Yes we are attending a lesbian shotgun wedding.
It's not... exactly... a shotgun wedding. It's a civil partnership ceremony. (You can't call them weddings!! Weddings are for heterosexuals. But at least there are civil partnerships now.) And it was scheduled before my friend got knocked up. But she will be quite obviously pregnant for the ceremony.
See, they scheduled the ceremony, and said, "Once we're legal partners, we'll have a child!" And that was good. But you know, the human body is not a machine. So my friend figured, what the hell, let's start trying now. They've had this reciprocal agreement worked out for ages with a m/m couple down the street, that one of them would donate the, you know, necessary, when it came time. So my friend figured she'd start making the attempt now, and since it usually takes six months to a year to be successful, she'd most likely get pregnant shortly after the ceremony, or perhaps just before, which would also be nice.
Yeah, it worked the first time. So she'll be nearly ready to pop by the end of April. And so it's going to look like a shotgun wedding. As long as they're married before the baby's born, it's all legal, and I think they'll both be allowed to put their names on the birth certificate, which is the important part.

I stayed in a hostel in London (with said friend, actually! Ten years ago now) and it wasn't bad at all, but (e:zobar) is young and not wise in the ways of the world. It is fine and I really doubt anyone will molest his butt. Not with me there to protect him.
But the exchange rate... oh my GOD, I may have to sell my body to pay for booze. Because everything's, like, Manhattan prices there-- what costs you a fiver here costs you a fiver there, and beer is like, seven-- except it's POUNDS not DOLLARS and a pound is TWO DOLLARS NOW! *faints*
It was $1.67 when I was there. It was a long time ago. It was painful even then. Yikes.

The second thing:
Napping with me:
Yes she's licking Z's beard in the photo below. He calls her his "assistant" now that he's working from home, and she sits on his lap and licks herself and sometimes him, and headbutts him while he's on conference calls. It's cute.

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

Aw I guess I can't get those to work-- they're really big files but I figured it could resize them. Bummer.
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03/21/08 09:34 - 25ºF - ID#43746

I am sorry I do not update more.

Apparently if you're not on (e:strip) you're not considered human company.
Chita should have her own (e:strip) journal so (e:zobar) would take her more seriously. (E:Chita) isn't taken.

So I am sorry I do not update more. I am on strike over at Livejournal for today-there is a Content Strike protesting the latest round of, "We Own The Site So Fuck You Who Generate All Its Content And Actually Make It Interesting To Anyone In The World, Including Our Advertisers" wankery. You realize now that LJ has been sold so many times it actually belongs to a Russian company with weird shady Russian ties to Russian things.
But apparently some of them are Jewish, and so the fact that the opposition has chosen to have a Content Strike on Purim is Deeply Significant. Which means, at the moment, that I am either Part of the Solution, or maybe I'm Part of the Problem, over there.
I wish I didn't have my entire adult life invested in the archives there. I am serious, it is my entire adult life. I got that journal in 2001, when I was just about to turn 21. I've updated it almost daily ever since. (I think I've gone up to a week without touching it, but that's unusual.) It's not about the site, it's not about the server architecture, it's absolutely not about the graphic design. But it is, somewhat, about the communities. I've had diaries on and off since I was barely literate, and could never keep them up, because nobody would ever read them. Moving to an online journal (I still don't think of it or treat it as a blog) has not only made me stick with it, but is also far more responsible than my $100,000 creative writing degree for any maturation or improvement that has occurred in my writing. It's also made it possible for me to engage in any kind of introspection / retrospection about my life, because I have no real other records of what I did, thought, said, or felt at any given time in my life, and my memories, where they exist, are often wrong. Memory's a tricky thing.

There's also the added controversy that... well, yes, two or three members of my roller derby league are also members of Livejournal, and read my LJ. I write on there about my whole life, including derby. When I wrote about our last bout, one of the readers linked it to her whole team. (I sort of half-expected she would, but I hadn't said anything I felt was controversial, so I wasn't worried. HA!)
There was a small explosion. And the league's governing Board thought that perhaps it could tell me what to do in regards to my own personal journal. I simply excised any mention of the league by its full name and told them if they wanted more than that, they could fuck themselves. Not in so many words, but more or less. If I'm not going to let some shady Russians who own my servers tell me what I can and can't write about, I'm certainly not letting some overzealous volunteers in an organization that has taken over my life tell me what to do. For one thing, the volunteers don't have Putin on their side.

Anyhow. That's my deep thoughts on "blogging", a word I hate. I am sincerely and truly glad that I have a site I can journal on whose owner I can get drunk with on a semi-regular basis. (E:paul), you are better than lj user=bradfitz, in that I know you and you don't take money from shady Russians.
Well, that I know of.

And here's the real litmus test of whether roller derby peeps read my blog here too (how thoroughly am I being stalked?): the kerfuffle is that I dared to mention that there was controversy over the officiating at our last bout (March 8th), and that I felt like the skaters have really improved from last season but the refs haven't had the same training opportunities and may need some more support. Apparently saying that on the Internet is tantamount to tossing a primed grenade into one of our Board meetings.
I am thinking of making myself a t-shirt (I used to do that a lot, hand-silkscreen/stenciling t-shirts) that just says Trouble on it. I already have one of those O'Reilly t-shirts from ThinkGeek that says "I'm blogging this", which I may just wear to practice next week and see if anyone's head fucking explodes. HA HA.
Sorry. I actually already have a shirt stencil I made in college, that just says, "difficult", because that's what my mother told me I was.
Anyone else want one?

I'm also sort of slowly edging into radical size-acceptance politics. My experience over a year ago of having a doctor be completely disgusted with me and unable to help me at all because I was "obese" has been wearing at me, and so when somebody linked to an article at Shapely Prose ( I read it, and then spent the rest of the week devouring the site's archives. I love Kate Harding, but I also love the two other women who contribute there, Fillyjonk and Sweet Machine. And I discovered that Sweet Machine is ME:
i.e., Too fat to not be fat, too skinny to be accepted as fat, completely fucked when it comes to finding clothes that fit, etc.
I also got kinda addicted to the blog Junkfoodscience, because OMG SCIENCE. (Incidentally, that's the source for the study (e:Zobar) was writing about the other day.)
The movement is more commonly called Fat Acceptance but I'm more interested in the concept that (radical as it seems) it's just not right to judge someone based solely on their body shape/size/condition. Even on their perceived health. A person is a person, whether they're 135 or 535 pounds. Most size-based discrimination is really income-based or race-based, but hidden behind an acceptable veneer. And almost 100% of the "concern" people express at other people who are too fat, too thin, or engaging in "risky" behaviors like having a glass of wine while pregnant, having a cigarette ever, or, you know, walking down the street while fat: it's the same as concern trolls on the Internet, and it's not about concern for a stranger whose life you know nothing about. It's about the person expressing the concern feeling morally superior. All the "drive-by mommies" who tell other mothers they're not parenting right because their kid is only wearing one sock because the other fell off: Concern trolls. Concern trolls. Concern trolls.
The moral of the story is, mind your own fucking business unless you truly, truly think you can help. Be fucking nice to people and have some goddamn manners. That's all it's really about. And don't assume you know everything because you read a study in the Times that said something, because media-reported studies are usually incomplete, biased, or just plain fabricated. (Just go read junkfoodscience's archives. I'm serious. It's addictive. And fascinating. And depressing. Did you know being obese raises your risk for... surviving a heart attack, or not having one at all? Yup. Take that, concern trolls. ,
And, ha ha, )
So anyhow. I'm kind of glad that this obsession is one that (e:Zobar) can kind of share. He gets shit for being a skinny tall person constantly. I get shit for having fat tits all the time. It's a common interest. Go figure.
So, that's me. How have you all been? I do read on here occasionally, but not enough.

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02/21/08 01:16 - 20ºF - ID#43415

photographers wanted

I think I am going to become a size-acceptance activist.
But I am not necessarily going to do this in a conventional way.
I am going to do it by making porn.
I think that would be awesome.

I recently got my fat ass onto a scale to see if I'd lost any weight, since I've been tracking my caloric intake and half-heartedly restricting calories. recommended for my weight and height that I aim for 1600-1900 calories a day, and I went with that.

I weigh 200 pounds now.
I had never been more than 19....3ish... 5ish... it's not a very accurate scale.
But I'm 200 now.

People have been telling me I look good, I look thinner.
I'm not; my size 14s don't fit me. Which means I'm back in the not-misses'-size, not-plus-size ghetto where I was before I started waitressing and skating.
I've got much more toned upper arms than ever, and my thighs are like rocks, but muscle is heavier than fat.

I now have a BMI of 31.3. Anything over 30 is considered "obese". When I had that run in with the doctor last year who yelled at me to lose weight and told me I was "dangerously obese", I had a BMI of 29. Which is Overweight.

(Did I blog on here that I found out that the knee pain that sent me to her office in the first place was patellar tendonitis caused by improper arch support making my feet pronated so the knees weren't bending properly but had too much lateral pressure? Which is, by the way, entirely unrelated to my weight? Not that she even connected the knee pain with the weight, it's just that the weight is the only thing she saw fit to discuss with me. I've a feeling that if I'd come in bleeding to death she'd still have lectured me about my weight, as if it were relevant.)

Anyway. I just wrote a huge rant on my Livejournal about how I am not ashamed of my fat titties and fuck you if you are (ashamed for me, that is). (

I really do think I should at least do some pinup modeling.
If I could dance I would do performance art.

But I'm tired of feeling ashamed that I don't feel as bad as I ought to about the fact that I'm a fucking fatass.

So... if anyone's ever wanted to practice their portrait/pinup photography skills, I am a willing model. Let's make art.

And then sell it to porn sites because hell, I need money. I have a lesbian shotgun wedding to attend in Europe this spring and I don't have the dough for it.

How often do you get to go to a lesbian shotgun wedding???

p.s. I never shared my roller derby team photos here!


There I am! Clinically obese.
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02/03/08 09:42 - 32ºF - ID#43167


I'm x-posting this from Myspace because I finished writing it and liked it, and figured it was as much about Buffalo as about roller derby. (I tend to compartmentalize my journals, so (e:strip) is for Buffalo things while Myspace is for roller derby things.) To contextualize, on Myspace I've recently had cause to comment on my high pain levels; my knee is injured and this weekend my team had two very intense practices that both left me very, very sore.

So, in short, I'm really miserable at the moment and am writing this while self-medicated, so I'll be very interested to see how this appears to me when I reread it tomorrow.

So: Handles.

This is kind of a roundabout story, so just hang on to the end. I promise there's a punchline.

I live in this kind of weird little house. My boyfriend's great aunt bought this house when she first arrived in Buffalo after fleeing wartime Latvia. They'd had to spend some time in refugee camps along the way, so it took them a couple years to get here: let's just say the house must date from 1950.
Great-Aunt Matilda [that's her real name] lived here alone; her only son died at 16 from lukemia, and her husband died of heart failure in the llate '70s or early '80s. Her sister died in the early 90s. She was a very alone woman, with only her neices to care for her-- though they did so attentively and faithfully, still they were women with their own families to mind. One by one the aging population of Latvians who had made the journey with her died of old age, leaving Great-Aunt Matilda more and more isolated.
So Great-Aunt Matilda got by mostly on her own.
She was a Latvian, and a refugee, as I mentioned, so her survival instincts were well-honed, and she had very frugal and meticulous habits. She clung with the stubbornness that had helped her escape the Soviets to her independence, insisting she could manage, that she was fine, that there was nothing wrong. Even as her health failed, she stayed in the house and did everything herself.

An aside:
Q: How many Latvian grandmothers does it take to change a light-bulb?
A: None. "I just sit here in dark..."

The upshot being that the house in which I live was customized over several decades by a stubborn old lady living alone, who saved every plastic bag she ever got, and wrapped the pipes in the basement in tinfoil to keep them from becoming dusty. (She regularly changed the tinfoil.)

But finally, poor Great-Aunt Matilda had to go into the nursing home. One too many falls left her hip so damaged there was not enough bone left to stick the metal fastening pins into. Her vision deteriorated until she was completely blind. It just wasn't possible any longer for her to manage on her own.

The house passed to Z's mom's management. Z's older sister was college-age, and looking for more independence. So she moved in, repainted some things, updated the wiring in the office, etc. She removed the tinfoil from the pipes. But the door-chains at floor height she left, because she never fastened them and didn't care. And the chrome handles bolted into the wall next to the door stairs, the basement stairs, and the stairs down onto the sunporch she never bothered to remove; they were handy when she came home drunk and needed support while unlocking the door.

Z's sister moved to California and got married. But Z's cousins were looking for a place to live; newly-married, their grungy apartment downtown was no longer satisfying. So they lived here a few years, had a daughter, put child-safety covers in all the outlets, childproofed the cabinets, and repainted things again. But they, too, left some things behind: the door-chains and the wall handles. "Yeah," said his cousin-in-law to us when he moved out, "those wall-handles are actually pretty handy."

We moved back from Jersey [long story], and Z's cousins, ready for a second child, had moved out to a new place. We moved into the house.

"Uh," I said, "why are the door chains so low on the doors?" It seemed weird to me to have to stoop to fasten them, and it seemed rather silly that an old lady would make it so difficult for herself. Then I thought about it, thought about how poor Great-Aunt Matilda had fallen and broken a hip on several occasions. Oh. Yes, I suppose you would want to be able to unlock your doors in those situations. Grim. I shivered at the thought, but didn't move the door-chains, because you know, why rock the boat? I never fasten the things anyway.

I thought the chrome handles in the walls were pretty weird, but funny. I never liked bannisters anyway-- the one from the basement is handy to grab if you're trying to lever a huge laundry basket through the narrow entryway.


Now I use them all the time, and actually need them, every day, whether I'm drunk, carrying a laundry basket, or not. Just like poor Great-Aunt Matilda.

I might change my derby name to Great-Aunt Matilda.
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02/03/08 09:01 - 32ºF - ID#43165

Allentown Athletix

Any of you members of Allentown Athletix? They have a nice facility. Also, they're smart.
My team captain in roller derby is a fitness instructor by trade, and in general a fitness nut. She kickboxed competitively for years, her last season being 2003, when she retired after 18 wins, 2 by knockout. She's about six feet tall, shoulders like a bull, intimidating. She plays hard. Her squat bar, she is fond of saying, is exactly equivalent to the weight of one of my teammates (Notorious V.A.G., who is on the skinny side let's just say).
She's got impressive fitness qualifications, having been certified in several disciplines. She works for more than one gym, and takes on private clients for a hefty fee.

She negotiated a deal, via the Queen City Roller Girls, with Allentown Athletix: She teaches a class there every Saturday morning, 11:30 to 1:30. It is open to any member of the gym. (Nice, as there are no other classes there on Saturdays.)
It is also open to any member of the Queen City Roller Girls, with no need for them to sign up with the gym. (They have our names all on a list, and we just give them photo ID.) The QCRG are also being offered a really great membership rate, so we can use the facility anytime. And in return, we're giving the guy ad space in our programs, listing him as a sponsor, and we've agreed to make a couple of appearances at the gym on skates, probably leading a class or something. It's a really nice deal, and hopefully will benefit both parties enough that it continues, because I would love to join a gym.

It's an insanely good class. She leads off with some intense cardio kickboxing, not this Billy Blanks bullshit but real kickboxing. Then there's a weight training session, with lots of squats and some upper body work. There'll be a resistance-band segment once we get equipment sorted out (the bands in the room were too intense for any of us to manage; poor Stonewall Smack-Some almost took herself out with one and Dewey Decimator nearly snapped her skinny self in half), and then she finishes with a really good session of her Power Yoga-- some yoga, some tai-chi, some using the body as its own weight to strengthen and tone, and a lot of good body-awareness.

But what makes the class really awesome is the instructor. Mia's had a long successful career as a fitness instructor because she is a unique brand of awesome. She alternately barks commands, cracks self-deprecating jokes, bullies and encourages and motivates you to actually do the insane shit she is suggesting. She simultaneously intimidates and inspires. She has this way of demanding success from you by simply expecting that you will perform-- but if you don't, as long as you don't whine about how you can't, she will do her absolute best to give you support or more instruction so that you can perform.

This particular class, however, is also added-to significantly by the members of the class. This past Saturday, the most faithful members of the Knockouts were in attendance. I don't think I'm being vain to say that we are a particularly amusing and hard-working crowd. Hyper Bean, gifted with pattern-recognition skills, began to pick up on when Mia was about to tell us to do the exercise double-time, and would shout it out just before Mia said it. She also, at one point, when she couldn't grasp a combination, just started yelling and flailing, which made the rest of us laugh so hard that it was kind of twice the ab workout.
Stonewall Smack-Some is very new to the whole concept of kickboxing, and is not quick on the uptake physically. She's also Southern. She punctuated the class with comments about yawls just goin' on without her.
NoTorious V.A.G. peppered the entire thing with filthy double-entendres and suggestive comments.
I don't remember who it was who re-dubbed the Tai Chi section's "Wide Wu-Chi Stance" the "Wide Coochie Stance".

We worked our asses off, but we laughed our asses off too. (We followed it up today with a three-hour skating session and then a long brunch at a diner wherein we offended several patrons enough that they left, and also entertained one another until none of us could stand upright for the pain in our abs from laughing. Man, we work hard and play hard, I guess, but holy ow motherfucking ow. Also, ferrets on rollerskates: Hilarious. "Come on, Ferret! Keep up! Trust your gear! Take chances!" Though you had to be there.)

I strongly suggest that anyone who wants to hurt like a rollergirl hurts and is a member of, or had ever considered becoming a member of, Allentown Athletix haul their flabby ass out of bed on Saturday mornings and get in there at 11:30 and ask for the roller derby class.
The Knockouts (and most likely some Dollies, and maybe a Saucy or a Siren or two) will happily entertain you, as long as you do your best to keep up.
(I'm saying, by the way, that we're amusing and inspirational, not hot: you should take this class because it would be good for you, but not if you're going to be creepy. Most of us are married or as good as, bat-shit crazy, or lesbians, so you probably shouldn't be creepy or attempt to hook up with any of us. It's not really a good class for that. You'd be better off coming to a bout and sitting in the front row and hoping to catch one of us in your lap; it's less creepy and at least you paid us to get in.)

So yeah, there's my ad, kind of, and also it would be fun to combine (e:strip)pers and rollergirls. Anyone want to hurt like I hurt? COME ON DOWN. It's awesome.
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01/28/08 11:11 - 30ºF - ID#43062

another bout this weekend

So once again it's time to shamelessly pimp roller derby.
There's a bout this Saturday night.
The most fun part:
I am not skating in it. It is the other two teams vs. each other.
So! I will be at large, in the crowd, relatively free of obligations!
This is absolutely unprecedented-- I've never actually been able to watch a roller derby bout before. I sort of half-expect I'll get sucked into doing some job or other.
But I'm just so psyched.
So if anyone wants to come... I can actually drink this time, too!! I'm so excited about all this I can't even explain.

And the bout is Mardi Gras themed. So I'll be wearing my team uniform, as is expected, but I'll also be wearing some Mardi Gras-themed costume bits. Costumes are encouraged in the crowd, as well.


Come on down. I promise it will be fun. We might sell out again. And watching a crowd of [numbers may not be disclosed due to fire regulations] doing The Wave was an experience I look forward to repeating.
But if you're coming--- Let me or (e:zobar) know!!! I'll look for you and maybe I'll even be able to sit with you!!!

Come early-- we usually start letting people in around 6:45-- because we had standing room only last time and you want to score a good seat so you can see. We will have bleachers this time, but I don't know yet how good the view will be from there.
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01/24/08 10:43 - 18ºF - ID#43008

pinup calendar

Two things.
1) The sister of an online acquaintance is moving to town and asked me for the normal advice about moving to Buffalo. I gave it to her, mentioned (e:strip). Said, where are you going to be living?
The apartment complex across the street from (e:PMT)'s!
How funny is that? So maybe she can get to the bottom of whatever those weird people were doing with their windows across the street.

I appear in a pinup calendar for the Queen City Roller Girls. These calendars did not sell out at our first bout-- although our first bout did. This would not be a problem except that these calendars kind of cost us a lot of money to print, and are going to rapidly decline in value as the year goes on. So we've got to sell them to make back our money, so we can make an even hotter one next year. Etc.
We put them up for sale online.

Click the banner that says "2008 Calendars!"
Or, here's the order form, wherein you also can buy tickets:

They are $11.
$1 from every purchase benefits Crisis Services.

These calendars are really fun, and a bit hot, and mostly cute. Each month features the skaters from the 2007 season who were born in that month and also wanted their picture taken. The pictures were ALL taken by a skater on the league who taught herself portrait photography for the occasion and did all the work herself. It's really a totally grass-roots thing, but looks pretty professional and slick.

I am sorry that there are not cool preview pages for each month. There should be. Low-res versions and outtakes of the photos are up on the Myspace of the derby girl who took the photos.

The cover:

An outtake that I just think is cute:
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01/17/08 02:08 - 28ºF - ID#42928

highlight reel

I can't believe I haven't posted this yet.
It's taken me being home sick from work and trying desperately to do yet more roller derby crap to remind me to spread this particular bit of love.

My team's the one in the navy blue with the stripes. I'm #17, with white caps on my kneepads and red fishnets on my legs.
Check me out at 0:54 getting completely stone-cold blindsided. The awesomest part is that I did not get one bruise from that fall. Actually it didn't hurt at all, it just slowed me down.

I hope that embed thing worked. We'll see.

Just wanted to share. Next one's Feb 2nd!
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01/06/08 03:28 - 47ºF - ID#42770

WE WON!!!!!!

The Knockouts won!!!! The Knockouts won last night!!!! OMG!!!
I can't even believe it.
It was so close, so fucking close, I couldn't even tell you, we were sitting on the edge of the bench holding hands through the last jam. It was intense. We were down in the first period with penalty troubles, but we brought it up to a tie in the second and we kept getting ahead by ten, they'd get six, we'd get two, they'd get four, we'd get four, they'd get two, for forty solid minutes of gameplay. It was insane. It was brutal. I got the shit knocked out of me. A lot of the girls write their numbers on their arms in marker and I had black marker all up and down my shoulders and arms from slamming into them. I had nice cloth armbands with white numbers and they're all grungy with other girls' marker.

The final score was within ten points. But I don't have the stats yet.

That was my sixth bout, that I've skated, since February of last year. We're coming up on the first anniversary of that one. I've skated for the Sluggers, the Knockouts, and the QCRG travel team. And I've never had a victory before, never gotten to swarm the track and cry and hug people and shriek. It's been close before, it's been so close, but I've never actually <i>won</i> before. So it was a really intense experience. I want to say it's changed my life but of course it's too soon to tell. ;)

Better still, WE SOLD OUT THE VENUE. We sold every ticket!! We sold 500 tickets in presale, and there was a line across the parking lot when we opened the doors. We packed that place, it was standing-room-in-the-fire-aisles only. We sold out of beer twice. We packed that house and rocked the fuck out of it. It was a good game, a smoothly-run show, and my Knockouts finally fucking won.

I'd say I could die happy, but I've got the rest of the season still to go. The next one's Feb. 5th, the Dollies vs. the Saucies, and then my Knockouts get next crack at those Saucies on March 8th. (The Saucies went undefeated last year while the KOs went winless. Some of us felt they weren't so gracious about it. So we've got a score to settle.)

This is going to be an awesome season. I don't know if any of you made it out, but if you did, let me know what you thought-- all I really know is that it was an incredible experience to be involved in.

Also I feel like I got plowed over by a fucking Mack truck.
And yet?
I don't have a bruise on me.
No trophies! No fair.

Photos to follow-- at the moment I got nothin'. Didn't bring a camera, couldn't have taken any pictures anyway.
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