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I missed roller derby practice this morning. :( I feel fine, but I am too sleepy to actually function. Also my legs are as sore as if I ran ten miles yesterday. Of course, I can't go back to sleep either. How annoying.

I should do a big update. I do daily updates at my LJ, and I just haven't found a perfect niche for my (e:strip) to fill in my life yet, but I like this community. Apparently I party harder than I blog, in Buffalo-centric situations.

Last night's party was lovely. Happy birthday, (e:enknot)!

I'm going to continue with my webcam idea. I do periodically take pictures of myself with my iSight and I don't know why but it seems amusing. Here's one this morning, waking up:

Note the little 16-ounce Nalgene. That thing is great. It is my new party friend. Since I carry a giant purse it fits inside with no problem and it is perfectly sized so that I can say to myself, Self, we need to be more hydrated, and then I can drink it all in a reasonable amount of time before my attention wanders off, and then I can hang onto it and eventually say, Self, we need more water. And everywhere I've ever partied except one place (ugh) has water, so, it's usually feasible to refill it. So it's better than the 32-oz Nalgene which is too heavy to carry around like that. And I stay hydrated for real, and then, no hangover!

Although what with this weather, I'm always bordering on dehydrated. Some days I drink and drink and drink water and I still pretty much never pee. It's annoying.

Oh, here's a bonus picture: this is me taking the bus to work last week or a couple weeks ago.


Yes, I was playing with my webcam, on the bus. I am a spaz.

I have a really funny blog I've been saving to write here rather than Livejournal. But I'm not coherent enough right now to post it. So instead I'll briefly sum up all I've been up to since my last post here:

1) Roller derby. We've picked teams. I'm on a team with the league founder, Sweet Pea [erroneously referred to as Sweat Pea in the Buffalorising article, which they have never corrected despite our pointing out their error], and the team captain is Mia Mauler who is a fitness instructor for World's Gym I think? Anyway. Everyone else on the team is like super-cool, and I've never been cool at all, so I have this terrible insecurity that I was picked last just to sort of even things out since the idea is that the teams are equal, not that one is just super-cool! So I'm all, man, I gotta get a lot better so that even if I am the uncool one, at least I'm not some sort of incompetent.
Our first bout is Feb 10th at Rainbow Rink in North Tonawanda, so if you want to see real live roller derby action, I will post back here with the time and the price. The rink will have a liquor license!!!
We're also having a dance prior to that, Jan 20th I think-- I have to go to Goodwill and find an old prom dress I can wear to it. It's our Coming Out party-- a Derby Debutante B(r)a(w)ll! Rent a tux and rent some skates! More details to follow on that as well.

2) NaNoWriMo/ Noveling in general:
My final total for National Novel Writing Month was somewhere in the 60,000 range. I set Barbarians Novel aside and started in on a brand new one. For a while now I've been wanting to write something set in the contemporary world, because I keep getting little snippets of ideas about modern objects and things, and also i'm tired of how sometimes, when people read my fantasy novels that are set in pseudo-historical settings, they say the language is too modern and jarring. But it's not really a historical! It's not like there's any historical accuracy to maintain in the language! Bah.
So the new one was about a roller derby girl who is also a porn star and she knows magic and there's a bit with another person getting trapped in her body and then there's time travel, and that's about as coherent as I can be. Take my word for it that it was fun to write but doesn't hold together well and needs some major plot assistance-- but in the act of finishing it I know I'll come up with something and the second draft will be great. I just wish I had the time for that.

This upcoming week I'll be going to visit my parents' house, and spending some time with my grandmother, who fell the other day and now has two cracks in her pelvis. But, she says, it is tremendously good fortune that she did not break her hip. Cracks in her pelvis hurt terribly, and indeed she can't try to walk without fainting from the pain, but it's not like she needs a hip replacement. She's had two knee replacements, so she knows of what she speaks. Hip problems SUCK. Especially when you're 87.
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