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I am exhausted today. I spent all day yesterday racing the impending rain-- it's supposed to rain/drizzle/be cloudy all week, and I know that I have trouble starting seeds outdoors because I never can water them adequately.
So I busted sod, thrashed roots out of dirt, made German mounds (where you make a mini-compost-stravaganza underneath where you're going to plant a plant), and went to town out there. From 8 am until 1 pm yesterday, I was a gardening machine.
I am being daring-- the guaranteed frost-free date isn't until May 17th. But we've had such warm weather for so long that I am gambling, recklessly, that we won't have another killing frost. (A light frost, I think my seedlings can weather-- I have plastic milk jugs with the bottoms cut out that I plan on using as hotcaps should the worst occur.) One year I gambled and then there was a frost, but I threw blankets over the tomato cages and all was fine. I'm being pretty reckless, but I don't think it's unjustified.
So I planted out a few cherry tomato seedlings, and two jalapeno pepper plants. And a basil seedling. I also repotted more tomatoes from little seed-starting cells into bigger pots.
The rest is seeds:
spinach, lettuce, marigold, radish, turnip, beet, snap pea, pole bean, muskmelon, cucumber, acorn squash, zucchini. I wanted to plant basil but couldn't find my seed packet! So annoying.
I heard that basil and tomatoes are mutually beneficial companion plants, so I want to try that.

Anyway. The upshot is, I have planted out three cherry tomato plants, which is as many cherry tomatoes as I can reasonably expect to go through with three people in the house, one of whom doesn't eat tomatoes and one of whom is moving out in August during peak tomato season.
And I have like six nice healthy cherry tomato seedlings left. Maybe more.
There's a big plant swap somewhere local, I saw it on the GardenWeb forums, but I just thought I'd ask if anyone wanted a cherry tomato plant or two-- I don't think I'll have time to go and attempt a swap. Months ago on here I theorized that we ought to have an (e:strip) plant swap, but again, I don't really have time. But anyway-- they're Burpee's Super Sweet 100 cherry tomato hybrid. Indeterminate, so they'll get pretty big and need staking or a cage.

And one other random announcement: Last roller derby bout of the season is May 9th. I'm playing. It'll be fun.
If you can't make that, May 15th is my team's fundraiser, and it's at a pool hall with great drink specials. They're running a pool tournament for us, which is cool. More info here:

So either come watch me skate, or come play pool with me! I can't shoot pool at all so I don't know how that's going to work. But whatever. It'll be fun anyway.
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