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08/31/09 10:20 - 59ºF - ID#49671 pmobl


This is my maiden attempt at (e:strip)ping via iPhone. I am hoping to figure out how to add photos too because I am sewing a really cool case for the new phone and I want to post progress pics!
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08/10/09 04:06 - 79ºF - ID#49499


I posted a bunch-ola of photos up on my Flickr account, lest you think (e:zobar) stretches the truth about Pennsic a tad. I didn't take any of topless women, or of anything that might be nudity, or whatever. But that doesn't mean I didn't take any that were fun.

One of (e:zobar) in garb

And one of me, in garb!

It was a good time, if the pictures don't make that clear. Along with (e:zobar)'s description. Which is approximately correct.
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