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11/23/09 04:52 - 53ºF - ID#50368

Community-Supported Agriculture

Occurred to me that as I'm looking for a CSA to sign up for, I should ask on here. Anyone have any recs? I've Googled and found a couple of local farms that do it. I'd looked intensively last year and found one I thought might be good, but I had just planted so much stuff in my own garden that I thought perhaps it'd be silly to buy produce. As it turns out, my garden didn't yield a whole hell of a lot, so I should've. But, live and learn. So I want to sign up for one, maybe next spring, but it seems like now's the time to look.

So far I've just found:


Anyone have any dealings with either of these, or have any other recommendations?
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11/05/09 04:56 - 38ºF - ID#50226 pmobl

Just got this from Grandma

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