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long time no post

It's been one of those periods in my life, where everything is too hard to catch up with. I've let emails slide, let almost everything slide.
(e:zobar) keeps me up to date on what y'all are doing, but I haven't been by much myself.
I am psyched for the housewarming party, though. I will definitely make it to that, although I'm letting (e:zobar) handle the official RSVP.

Did I miss anything important? :)

I've been not doing much-- new computer, lots of time spent transferring files and trying to get organized.
I chose a name for Roller derby: B-17, after the WWII-era bomber planes famous for returning home with half a wing shot out and two engines out and no tail piece and no landing gear and the navigator dead and the pilot with no legs etcetera etcetera. (WIKIPEDIA -

It is a small tribute to my not-so-inner geek that I also chose the B-17 name over any of the other famous bombers because the B-17s were primarily used for daylight, strategic raids on military and industrial targets, rather than the nighttime terror bombings of civilian population centres favored by the RAF. In plain language: they flew during the day to drop bombs on oil refineries, not at night to firebomb apartment complexes. Their role was breaking the industrial capability of the German war machine, as opposed to devastating the morale of its citizens.
(The B-29, perhaps a more famous bomber, was used to drop The Bomb on Hiroshima. It seemed tasteless to adopt that as a moniker. The B-52 likewise was an atomic bomber and that makes me a little uneasy too.)

But, I am a huge geek, and my father specialized in military history (and actually a goodly portion of his retirement thusfar has been spent writing a deeply personal account of the Vietnam War for the benefit of the surviving members of his unit, which I think he should try to publish but he thinks nobody would want to read).

I am getting a lot better at skating, although as I write this, my thigh is throbbing from a huge bruise where I fell last night for no reason.

Work continues apace: been doing more socializing with coworkers, especially the woman who shares my register who is in the middle of breaking up with her husband of 28 years and thus is often in need of pleasant distraction.

The novel is nearly done, but seems stuck in that so-close-to-done-but-not-yet phase that it's been in for EVER. I keep saying it's almost done but needs a little something, and people are starting to not believe me. But I have a goal: start sending out query letters to agents in October, so that I have it off my plate by November, which is National Novel Writing Month. Yays! I don't have a plan for what to do yet but I have a couple ideas. We'll see.

Anyhow. *waves hi* Just letting y'all know I'm still around.
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