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12/24/07 09:35 - 26ºF - ID#42633

not dead yet

Just posting a reminder--

Not dead. Just snowed under. Literally and figuratively.

I had something else to post here. Crap, what was it?
Ah yes.

Photos taken at a roller derby practice last week. See if you can find me!
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12/08/07 07:24 - 28ºF - ID#42438

I always write about porn here

I'm totally still researching porn, lest you think all my earlier posts were in vain.
But I just wanted to share this snippet I found. I think the website is or somesuch-- she's a woman in her late 30s-early40s who's been doing Big Boobs Porn for a while, and I just love her style. She's blond, brash, brazen, busty, and all-natural, lets herself be whatever weight she is, and apparently is just sincerely horny as all get-out. She blogs and writes on message boards and what have you.
But this isn't really about that. I just think this picture, from an affiliate blog trying to drive traffic to her site, is absolutely hysterical.

Not X-rated, so I'm just posting it:

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