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08/24/09 03:33 - 69ºF - ID#49621

Energy Saving Trust - Week one

So I got a job with Energy Saving Trust and I really couldn't be happier except if it was closer to my home. For you Buffalonians this won't seem far, but its 5.5 miles from my home. In real terms this means 1.5 hr walk, 1 hr run, 1 hr on a bus or 45 minutes if Hamish picks me up.

Also, 9-5:30 is quite long and ends up about a 12 hr day :-(

Everyone is so extremely nice! This is the first that I have found so many people in one place that seem so normal and nice!

Right now I am doing a lot of basic adminy work but eventually I will be able to approve or reject applications for loans and grants which is funded by the government (although this is a non-for-profit organisation). It is nice to have a job that I believe in and that I am helping to make the world a bit greener. Granted anyone could do my job and its not the skills that I bring but rather that I get to be a part of something positive for the environment which is something that has always meant a lot to me.

Not to dismiss my last entry...because I definitely still plan on becoming a teacher but this is happy times while I wait to be able to return back to school.

There was a work night out on Friday and I unfortunatley got too drunk, I don't know why I always do that with new work people. I feel that some of the highlights included this guy who called my boss a minion (which my boss is totally cool and told me on my first day that its totally cool if I am late and is also letting me get paid for not working this Friday despite that fact that we are to be "working from home" as my office is moving down a floor). So yea, this guy was talking crap about my boss and saying how when he worked in London this chick was really mean to him because he had turned her down for sex - some how I do question this.

I also got in a bit of a funny tiff with one of the manager's at my work, not one of mine - just a head of another department. He is just as new as me. He kept making fun of my height and I kept calling him a horrible wingman because I thought he pointed out how much the other guy liked this girl but then it turns out it wasn't the girl that I thought he was talking about and then I think I almost gave the other guy away after claiming myself to be the best wingman. Not sure if that makes sense at all?

I also think that I might have creeped out a couple of the girls in the office that I really like by going on about how nice and awesome they are. Yes, perhaps coming on a little strong for my first week of work. Oh well, I always seem to battle my weirdness/awkwardness. Perhaps eventually they will find it charming, that is really the only hope I have :-)

I also got gossip about when I interviewed which is always good info to know what people thought of you upon first impressions!

I did actually make a couple of friends as well!

So overall I am really happy with my new place but hope that I am less drunk next time. Round two is this Thursday! TBC...
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08/06/09 03:27 - 74ºF - ID#49472

Final Answer?


For the past year I have really been searching to try and figure out what it is that I want to do. Something that is feasible and going to leave me employed.

As of several days ago I decided that I am just going to go for it and become a teacher for many many reasons:-

1. The glam, the glory. I really want something that I am proud to say that I am and I feel like no matter what you can be happy to declare that profession.

2. The perks . Holidays - You get so much time off that I would be able to see my family lots and get home. Good pension and benefits, for looking toward the future.

3. Breaking up the grind. You always have something to look forward to and work towards. I miss that feeling of being in school where you were always looking forward to the next thing whether it was Christmas vacation or the excitement of starting a new school year and how new everything seems again - each class would be like that, though some you would be glad to leave behind.

4. Getting there. It would only be one more year of schooling and then I would be certified. Though I have to get some experience under my belt in the next year.

5. Job Outlook. I think that Scotland might have a better job outlook than Buffalo for teaching, but not entirely sure that is true. But it is pretty fair to count on the fact that eventually I would land a job in teaching.

6. History of Desire. When I was little I bought all the teaching essential for my pretend class including greaseboard, pointer and TONS of workbooks. When I graduated from University I wanted to become a professor and would have endured research just to be able to teach. I have always had an interest in doing this, its just coming back around once again.

I have kind of been feeling that I just need to choose something and go with it instead of becoming stagnant and totally losing the will to participate in life. I barely cared what I would decide to do, so long as I chose something and stuck with it! This is something I feel that I would always be interested in and feel confident enough to go and run with it.

I feel that its time to start actually building something rather than temp jobs from here to there. Even if I lose my great enthusiam, I still think that I should push through and just do it because there are so many reasons to . No more mind changing, this is my FINAL ANSWER!

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