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12/26/04 12:02 - ID#20855

Cell Equiped

Yes, the moment has finally come that I do in fact now own a cell phone...for the next 12 months at least!!!-free of charge to me. It's not just any cell phone, no way dude its totally top of the line. YES! With an outside screen, and camera-I am obsessed and in a bit of heaven.image

I think everyone celebrating Christmas should walk away feeling a bit more "fetch" and more organized!!!
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12/12/04 02:55 - ID#20854

Oh Water

Why is it that water sobers you up so quickly? All those irrational thoughts of needing to talk/flirt with someone disappears. You realize that you weren't asked to give a speech at your undergraduate commencement, as your parents laugh at you. You remember to hate yourself again for almost stopping your aunt's 50th birthday party downtown because you forgot your ID, even tho your mom was there vouching for you, because you were taking your damn Subject GRE and you forgot your 2 greatest forms of ID in your jeans. You remember how incompetent and dependent you are, and you wonder when will you become a coherent person. And damnit you have an exam Monday and two exams Tuesday. Why is it again that I suck so much, oh yea because I am me!
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12/10/04 04:24 - ID#20853


Mike, thanks for the birthday wishes, and congrats on finishing your paper early. Do you think I have been too much of a GOOD influence on you? Well I hope you don't mind that i changed my user pic to a HOT picture of the both of us!!! You know I love ya "BABE"
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12/04/04 02:33 - ID#20852


So, I feel I am at the end of a lot of things in my life. Some stuff is good and some is bad. I cannot wait to be done with this semester as it has been grueling, but I have learned a lot about how to handle many tasks at once-not that I ever feel that I need to test that skill again, or atleast for a while.

But my 22nd birthday is Sunday and my body is now creeky, and I don't like it. I don't understand why my body now feels stiff, rusty, and grindy. It scares me, as I never thought that my body would become this way. Although I can see I am already one of those people likes to complain about getting older, I plan to give up that habit shortly. I am just in transition to acceptance. There are a lot of things I like about getting older and the fact that I am more capable of being a responsible person that is more able to be kind to others. Its really important to me, but I feel that I am more capable of this lately. I just cannot believe that I am going to be 22, there is nothing to do but grow up from here. I really need to keep an immature side, so I hope my friends can help me with that. For some reason I always thought I would feel 12. I think its just lately, but I don't really get excited at the thought of going out. I am happy to be low-key and do nothing and hang out with some cool people. I suppose I was never really a huge party person, except here and there. This is a really strange birthday, probably the first I have never counted down, the first time I was sad to leave a year behind. I really don't want to be 22, but i am sure that soon enough this "grow up" self will find peace in it, as I am always forcing myself out of stuff. Okay this is getting way too depressing.
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