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12/03/09 05:11 - 45ºF - ID#50451

The usual birthday shenanigans

So I don't know why I don't change my attitude towards my birthday?

I mean every year I think its going to be something huge, and even this year I decided I wasn't going to make it something big and its still disappointing. I always feel guilty not inviting someone (or I just really want to invite someone) and that leads to three other invitations and then none of those people show up!

I think that I just need to decide to be really exclusive so I don't have to feel ditched!?! Or maybe I should just celebrate in February when there is nothing to do and life is dull so people are more motivated to hang out with me???

Any suggestions???
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12/03/09 05:05 - 45ºF - ID#50450

YES Woman!

So the other day I was talking to my mom and she put me on call waiting while she talked to her sister. She came back and said that she agreed to go out with her sisters although didn't really feel like it. She decided to go out because she saw "Yes Man" and found truth in the idea that if you said 'yes' to everything that you would be less depressed.

I guess my mom is generally a depressive type person but I would say that is because she is constantly empathetic with the negative side of human existence.

It has really stuck with me that this movie has been so influential in my mom's life - I mean if such a movie could do this for her, could you imagine if she just surrounded herself with positive things?

Who would think that such a crap movie (though I never saw the whole thing) could be so positive?
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