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Is the Grass Greener?

I can't believe its just been over three years since my last entry! I would like to think that I will come back with full force to write regularly but I suppose only time will tell...

In living in Edinburgh, Scotland for just about a year and a half although my only intentions are to live here permanently the question of the day is - is the grass greener in Edinburgh as opposed to Buffalo. People make big life changing decisions because they believe that it will make them happier but is my life happier with all that I have given up to live in this society?

The main reasons for moving here were for my Hamish (husband), the most beautiful city I've ever seen, health care and vacation time (minimum 4 weeks plus about 9 public holidays).

Hamish is certainly a good match and a very attentive partner. He more than lives up to the expectations that I had.

Edinburgh continues to be completely enchanting with more than plenty to keep me busy and entertained.

Sure, I have 'lots' of vacation time but all of the time is spent going back to Buffalo. I had thought that I would be taking elaborate vacations all over western Europe but actually I haven't gone anywhere 'exotic' since my big move.

There is also the issue of missing my closest kin! There is nothing more satisfying and comforting than being around people that are like-minded. I haven't found very many of these people here, not that they aren't nice but just can't say that I feel all that connected to them.

So was the move worth it? - I guess that I don't feel there was much of a choice for the direction my life was taking. I feel satisfied but there are definitely struggles that will never be overcome when it comes to missing homebase and the people that are there.
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