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Recalling Easters...

Not the most creative titles...but I have been thinking that I have had some pretty interesting Easters the past few years:-

Senior year of college I was in the Bahamas at some Gospel church with a hangover from too much Bohemiam rum.

The following year I was living in Alaska with my cousin but she was away on Easter. I had picked up some guy the night before who spent the night with his friend. His friend left in the morning but I was planning to hang out with the guy the next day. That plan was foiled when his girlfriend called him that afternoon. I couldn't help but laugh because I certainly wasn't interested in the guy and it wasn't surprising that he had a girlfriend because he didn't seem all that trustworthy. Just a funny way to spend an Easter.

I guess its really only two interesting Easters in a row but I thought I would share them.

Last year I was home with my family and this year I will be in Edinburgh perhaps cooking a brunch with my good friend Maggie or spending it with Hamish's parents.

HAPPY early EASTER!!!!
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04/08/09 02:19 - 38ºF - ID#48325

Control Dramas

So recently I went back and re-read one of my favorite books that really moved me when I was 'younger' - The Celestine Prophacy. It's an absolutely excellent book that I highly recommend - action, adventure and spirituality.

The chapter of the book that moved me the most was about control dramas. There are four types and every person has their own favorite one that they learn in their childhood which is in response to their parents' control dramas.

The book explains a control drama as the way that we steal 'energy' from each other. I can't think of a good term to replace with energy if you don't like that word.

The four types:-

Intimidator - uses physical or mental threats, dominates.

Interogator - questions people to find out about their life and then criticises them.

Aloof - plays it cool, mysterious almost, sits back and wait for people to approach and talk to them.

Victim - makes you feel guilty for how you treat them.

I personally am an intimidator.

What are you?

I just find it interesting to recognize what category you fall into and be aware when you are doing it. Does it make you want to stop playing into your control drama? Why do you need a control drama anyway?

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