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Crazy Temp Agent

So unemployed once again which is kind of fun, at least at the moment. After about a week and a half, not so fun anymore - I am anticipating - this was Day 1.

Anyway, this all led to signing up with more temp agents. I met with this lady who seemed kind of eccentric and more cut out for acting or being up in front of people performing in some way. She was telling me about how she was in the pharmacy the other day and apparently it was the time of the month when the 'poor' people (neds aka. 'wigger' might be the closest word??) come to get their prescriptions. The pharmacy techs were apparently being so mean to these people and she said that she almost felt bad and was going to say something if they weren't neds.

I said, "so its okay to talk to them like that because of what they look like?"

I think her mouth was talking faster than she could sensor but its pry what she really thinks. I didn't like her although I would like her to find me a job - weird I haven't heard back from her yet :-)
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