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North To Alaska

Hey fellow strippers! I have made it here safe and sound. Things are going well. I have only had one real day of temp work and have one more tomorrow which was lucky. The kid I was filling in for got sick so they are letting me stay on an extra day, originally I was filling in so he could go to a conference. I need the money, as I am still job searching!!! It is a little frustrating, i am just hoping that something will come through soon.

For those who have not been to Anchorage, its not a pretty sight. The city is ugly and spread out. It makes Buffalo look beautiful, ya I know! The mountains are fantastic. The view from my window is kinda funny. There are these huge beautiful mountains with a huge Wall-Mart in the foreground. Looks silly.

There are plenty of military folk here. I have thank them for introducing me to an ice luge (sp???). It is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. I am going to bring the idea home to Buffalo. It's a huge block of ice set up on an angle with 2 path ways dug into it. 2 people put their mouth at the edge of the block and 2 people pour shots down it. I have a picture or 2. I will have to share. I highly recommend it. The best thing since peer pong!

Oooh and I have a moose story too! Last week my cuz & I were walking down her street and at the end of her street are huge snow banks you can't see around. My cuz came face to face with a moose standing right there. I was just behind her. She ran the other way. I just wanted to pet it!!!

This weekend we should be heading to a nearby town for a little day trip, I will be sure to bring my camera.

Hope all is well with the rest of the e-strippers.
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