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06/03/05 08:48 - ID#20861

Beautiful Edinburgh

So Jill & I have safely made it to Edinburgh and even managed to get a lovely flat around the corner from JK Rowling. It's in one of the nicest parts of Edinburgh which is great! I am a receptionist at a building that keeps records on the monuments/architecture in Scotland. I have quite a bit of freetime at my job which has internet (hence where I am right now) which makes it totally enjoyable. I am beginning to get really good at knowing how to do nothing. Also I am picking up on the accents since I have to understand them on the phone, which can be difficult!

I am beginning to miss my family and friends ALOT!

It's weird but ever since I came here four years ago Edinburgh has felt like another home to me which is helping this transition.

Hopefully soon Jill & I will be posting some pictures, we just have to actually start taking some first.
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