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04/28/05 12:04 - ID#20857


Hi Maureen!!!

I just wanted to say Happy 22nd, you took it better than I did!!!

I am totally looking forward to seeing you soon.
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04/25/05 12:54 - ID#20856

Mark this in your calendar

I am sure you all will be very sad to hear that not one (Jill) but 2 (& Teres/Beast) of your elmwoodstrippers will be journeying to Edinburgh, Scotland for an undesignated amount of time. That is right, we have our one-way tickets and are ready to move on out of this small town. Mike, Jill, & Teres are planning for a get together at some bar, which is undecided. But I just wanted to get you pumped about it early. It is probably going to be May 21st.

And I would like to extend a special invitation to metalpeter...just think if you came to the party then you could find a balance between socializing & the computer. The bonus is that you don't' have to think about if you will regret life or not cause you have the best of both worlds!!!

As for other things going on...i have taken an amazing/amazingly hard course this semester all about evolution and who is our closest relative. I feel confident to say that it is the Chimpanzee. They commit homicide and are the only other animal besides humans that will kill to expand their territory. Aand in case you wanted to know there are four great apes, and the bonobos are my favorite!!!
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