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New Year's Resolutions...

I don't think that I always make up New Year's Resolutions and sometimes when I make them up, I actually follow through. Like the one year I decided that I would go to bed earlier so that I would regularly get enough sleep - I am still doing that! I am trying to remember other Resolutions but that is the only one that comes to mind. I guess its good that I think I have such an awesome track record, that should be helpful for this year's endeavors...

So this year is going to be a general one - ]"Self Discipline". I suppose that really covers all Resolutions, now doesn't it? We want that little voice in our head that tells us what we really should be doing to get bigger and louder. Or perhaps that's just the crazy voices that I hear? - haha!

I have to say that I am fairly good in the exercise department as I mostly walk/run to work when I can (usually approximately 40 miles per week) but am not going to be hard on myself as the snow in Edinburgh has been unreal, nothing like they've seen in 40+ yrs. It doesn't look like that is clearing up anytime soon but when it does, I'll be back motivated cause I really love running/walking; most of the time it really beats public transportation.

So the Part I is really eating! I think that I eat fairly healthy but need to get better about my portions at dinner and not overeating on a Sunday night but rather starting the week out right and wake up feeling skinny on a Monday.

Part II - Drinking! This has somehow become an essential part of my weekends, I suppose that's a natural danger of living in Scotland when EVERYONE drinks and its difficult to find other activities outside of the house at night time. And spend more weekends in reading and perhaps learning to play the guitar? I would like to drink less and especially in moderation with less binging. Maybe binging every six weeks? As opposed to weekly. Gosh, that is terrible!

Part III - Toning! I want to get toned up, just a bit. I want to lift weights twice a week. Nothing serious, I just don't want to have pussycat arms anymore.

Part IV - Activities! I want to take part in a few more activites, i.e. meditation and/or hill walking with the local club. Build my vocabulary, etc.

I suppose the list really could just go on and on. If I can just become more disciplined and spend less time nursing hangovers while overeating/watching TV and feeling fit over the next year I think I'd be satisfied :-)

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