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10/18/04 01:41 - ID#20850

Polish Fest

So my Polish boys are back in Poland incase I didn't say. But they have been e-mailing me. Here is a link to some of their photos. Damnit they are so cute!

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10/10/04 02:59 - ID#20849


SO I found out about this trip/class that I can take at Buff State and I would get to go for a week to the Bahamas. It would cost a mere $1,300 for EVERYTHING! And you get to do field research and hang out on the beach. AND the beach is pretty secluded as is most of the island, although there is a club met. YOu fly into Fort Lauderdale (sp?) and then take a charter plane. I am scared of dying on it, but other then that i think it would be so totally amazing. So I am pretty sure I am going to do it! Oh and its actually the island that they think Colombus landed on.image
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10/02/04 03:43 - ID#20848

Light Hearted

Mike and I went for a walk down elmwood which was most pleasant! It was so nice to have an evening off and just hang out and talk about everything that has been going on. It feels like ALOT has happened, even though it didn't. I know I just wrote an entry about being bored not too long ago. It was so pleasant to be in Mike's company. I hope you feel better mike. I love you!!!image
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