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02/18/05 10:15 - ID#34508


no great plans.
no paycheck thanks to my big red white & blue uncle.
gotta plan another trip in the next 6 days.
must clean pig sty.
do hair.
& install internal dvd burner



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02/17/05 08:34 - ID#34507

whatever happen to:

People being nice to one another just because. Yes it still happens here and there but why is it when you are nice to some people and they do something nice in return, they want a [size=xxl]BIG[/size] payback?
you are paid to carryout what you may deem as a favor and you lay the guilt trip on like you went out of your way for me... and then mix ideas in the same breath like" dinner/hotel!>?!?! WTF!!!
I need my own car fast.

<<1+ hr PAUSE>>

forget everything I said, The Bubble Bath made it all go away. Yay for bubble baths while you listen to Louis P. & Louis A. & Ella "Dream A Little Dream of me..."!!!! Its quite weird how I feel the need for these while posting lately.

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02/16/05 08:17 - ID#34506

Ride into the falls sunset

Does anyone know how I can train for this: ? I am so out of shape .


_ '<,_

(_)/ (_)______
Thats a long way. I may need a new bike - A real snazzy one with chrome wheels and chrome brake discs!!!
Sounds cool though to ride from NYC to Buffalo/Niagara Falls. After that I doubt that I would want to ride in a van back here. Give me a Jet with Wings that can soar high, high above the clouds!

So I agree with (e:Ajay), why aren't there more hook ups from this site? or all they all on the D/L? Spring & Summer are nearing, we need another (e:Peeps) wedding!!! Although, nothing will compare to the wonderful union (e:Trisha) & (e:PaulnotPaul) shared with us.

(e:Jill) & (e:Mike), where's that gossip column at? That's why we need epeep night back. (e:DrClx), maybe you should have a more vocal position on the venue(s) selected and so it won't be so lame, as you say, here on out...
There have been some interesting things going on there in WNY; I haven't seen anyone use the calendar in a while: Whats up? It's winter, so what...get together and have a meet the new peeps night or something. Doesn't have to be weekly necessarily. We have an "in house" band, a "mad-funny" scientist, a deep diving spatial conceptualizer, a vocalist (spring faerie that's you!), several clothing designers,a soont o be loft interior designer(go for it Trish!), a superhero (mike that's you), ((now I am getting silly) gourmet meal preparers, video graphical artist, etc. But you get what I mean, I hope. We can do so much united together.

On a separate note, There were some messages from guest. So to answer one question: No apple did not require me to return the malfunctioning earbuds, as they were covered under a 90 day warranty. Ater using the new pair, I realize they quality is not so great, the new ones had some crackle in the one bud. seems ridiculous for such an overpriced item that could have had some really cool features that would totally outshine its competitors. oh well.

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02/15/05 07:22 - ID#34505

Here's Another Day to Thank!

nothing to gripe about. Just a lovely day!!! Just because.
The sunrise was most amazing today - Orange Red Purple !!!! Just amazing.
Just thankful for experiencing another day.

I also received replacement buds from Apple today for the ones that broke sunday and some nice guys at work game me a pair of earphones too!

Everyone talked about what they did or planned to do yesterday for Valentines day; Well I planned to bake "slice and bake" cookies and make gift bags for my 53 co-workers. The heart shaped cookies didn't turn out quite the way I hoped, so I scraped that Idea and ate the remnants.
Later I planned to actually leave work timely and not get home @ 7pm. That also didn't work out as I hoped, but still worked out just as well. Rainy rushour traffic. So many people and limos out last night. I wonder if people made it to their destinations or spent the evening in a car on the highway?
So anyway, I still got home@ 7, yet made a wonderful Cajun Alfredo Shrimp dish set atop Angel Hair pasta nests. Garlic, Chives, one Vine Tomato, old bay, fresh parmesean, butter & heavy cream! Deliciouso!!! oh and don't forget the shiraz!
I had a date with myself last evening. How fun!!! Hope everyone else had a nice evening too!


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02/13/05 10:41 - ID#34504

did we break up already?

If only I waited, I could have had this nice little toy:
esp. now that I only have one working earbud!!! yes, prince george is already defective. It may be significant of what really happends in my real life relationships,; I just stomp on their poor little hearts. phooey! This olympus thing rocks. I swear I researched everyday for months. nothing... maybe I am reading the wrong info sites. besides, I guess I have to have prince george around anyway since I actually bought stuff from itunes over the past year, and I really don't feel like trying to figure out crazy ways of converting them...phooey.
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02/13/05 10:33 - ID#34503

Are You QuirkyAlone?


How quirkyalone are you?
Your score was 80. Somewhat quirkyalone (otherwise known as quirkytogether):
You are probably part of a mysterious group of people, the quirkytogethers. You share many of our quirky qualities, but you manage to find yourself, on a regular basis, in a coupled situation. Interesting.

Wow, I just noticed I finally hit 5,000 views. I'll have another cup of "baked goods" java to toast! hmmm, when I think of toasting, for some reason it made me think of (e:Holly). Where the hell is (e:Holly)???

seperate thoughts, I am really into John Legend right now. You may have heard his hit "Ordinary People". Contemplating actually buying the cd - I haven't bought a cd in a while. (e:Matt) help keep my ears filled with the Barbra Collection, so there was no need or time to fit anyone else in... Speaking of Barbra, I found another fan at work. This is great.
So his music(John Legend) is quite soul soothing,esp. around this time of the year centered around v-day crap. I say crap because it's either you have to celebrate because you are with someone or you have to celebrate because you are not with someone. Who says!?!?! Really, "Just date yourself for a day" is what it should be called. Give yourself LOVE and do something loving for others, not just a sweetheart - why do we have a "sweetest day" then?
so, since I like doing things to make other people happy and feel loved, I have to figure out if I want to schlep cupcakes or cookies to work tomorrow... .

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02/11/05 08:37 - ID#34502

Date Nite

I spent it with my new beau I call Prince George. I love Prince & I love George Micheal.
It was perfect. we had veggie pizza & a balsamic vinagerette endive/escarole salad & of course vino. there were no snide remarks about all the cheesecake, cherry turnovers, apple fritter I ate since yesterday. there was no play begging me to put out afterwards. and there wasn't any talk of any ex's. I think he is a keeper.


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02/11/05 06:57 - ID#34501

Freedom of Speech, Thought, Expression?

This sucks. &
There goes my chance to work for the Secret Service...
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02/10/05 09:11 - ID#34500

My Funny Valentine...

Who needs chocolates, stuffed bears, fancy dinners with losers, or diamonds when you can make your own valentines sweetheart(or at least buy one)!!!

Here is mine.
I haven't given "it" (because it doesn't have to be a "he") a name yet other than Chamille's Ipod. We went on our first date today. We wore matching colors, green. I could hear the love in the sweet wispers that were music to my ears and I could see the twinkle in it's screen as it lit up with every shuffle. wow! I may be in love!!!! "sigh"


Hope your valentines is just as hot!
speaking of... I need some Barry White on this thing!!! hot diggitty!!!
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02/08/05 09:32 - ID#34499

New Shoes II

Hey (e:Paul), I got new shoes too!!! Wore 'em to work today. These were my Innaugural Day Shoe Shopping Splurge.

Red Riding Hood...




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paul said to ladycroft
Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

ladycroft said to joe finger went spastic. ...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...