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Category: life

08/06/07 07:31 - ID#40414

check it out!

notice anything odd about this screen shot?


EXACTLY! Hallelujah! It finally works again! I have no idea why, but who cares.

Just in the nick of time too, since my new online banking site (I decided opening a joint account with my new TIC partner would be a good opportunity to switch my personal accounts too) doesn't like Safari. Their tech support was actually very responsive. But when I told them my text settings were not causing the problem (see gigantic navigation buttons filling the entire screen below), they told me what I knew was coming all along. The problem is I'm using a Beta version of Safari. (Or at least, that's their out.)


They suggested I use Firefox, or revert back to Safari 2. Obviously, I'd rather slit my wrists than revert back to Safari 2. So I gave Firefox another go.

Amazing. I have another lease on life. If only I could find the time to have a life...
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Category: life

05/29/07 04:56 - ID#39442


(Time to change my userpic. I think Il Papa is giving me a holier-than-thou rep I really don't deserve.)

Did I mention I got a letter saying the bail money had been received, but if I didn't appear in court on the new date (rescheduled for today because Monday was a holiday), I could be thrown in jail? Didn't take me too long to realize it was meant for my ex-tenant. I resealed the envelope and expedited delivery to his forwarding address. Nice to know someone else is in more trouble than I am, haha.

Met two craigslist guys this week. I've been exchanging email with the first one a couple times a day since May 4. That's a long time to put off meeting someone who only lives 3 miles away, and it was entirely my fault. Partly I just didn't have time. But I also enjoyed the email banter, and the possibility there might be real connection if we met in person. Problem was, I had the feeling meeting in person would kill both those diversions. Eventually it got to the point where I started beating myself up thinking, don't I already have more than enough pen-pals, what the hell am I doing here? Although so what if I enjoy a little anonymous pen-pal action on the side -- whatever gets you through the day.

Oops. Ron just called to make sure I knew my unit was on the real estate brokers' open house tour today. Nope. Had half an hour to run around like a maniac and hide any incriminating evidence of mundane life like dirty dishes, laundry, toothbrush, sex toys, drug paraphernalia -- you know, the usual stuff. So I don't really have time to finish this right now OR change the userpic. Hopefully my life will get back to it's usual mundane self soon.

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Category: life

09/16/06 07:53 - ID#36748

Get the Balance Right

I only seem to have time to post telepathically these days. I hope you all enjoyed my latest 10, haha. Ok, here's a brief recap.

Stevil [inlink]twisted,425[/inlink] and I have gone to a few shows together. Somehow, they've all not worked out for one or the other of us. We're like star-crossed music lovers. I don't know what the deal is. Luckily all the shows were free, but still - I don't have time for this.

I had originally invited Mr. Coffee [inlink]twisted,433[/inlink] to see my friend Paul play the Red Vic last night. That also turned out to be a mistake. I did it on impulse - since I had declined his last two invites (the latest one being to a new 80s bar opening with free beer sponsored by The Onion). I figured it was my turn to go out on a limb and be accepted or rejected to keep things even. I was accepted, but in the most disturbing way ever. I think I've already alluded to having some reservations about him. I hate to judge someone (within reason) before I've met them. But he has this habit of making up cutesy (your opinion may vary) terms for things, which could be very annoying. Or maybe cute. But I doubt it.

Anyway, it was tolerable in writing, and untested in person so far. Then I got his email response to my invitation (below):

dang it! 80's is my favorite decade, and free is my favorite price! oh well.

My friend Paul Manousos is playing the Red Vic Friday. Wanna go?


His response is so over the top, it's not even funny:

well, hey dare and howdee!

i hope this email finds you in fine fikkle and amongst good spirits.

"yes, please", as my new orleans friend used to say (about just about everything, but that's nawlins for you)....

but more specific cali: "yes please", to a red victorola lisa's friend concert. how ami gonna know which ones chew? i guess it doesn't really matter. we can all just get along.

hey which 80's are your fave deck? 1980's? 1880's? 2080's? (wise guy, me)

That pretty much rendered me speechless. Long enough for him to renege (thank God!):

guess what. we have to go on not meeting like this. here's why: Dug Hlsinger and Bruce Ducheneau are playin' at SF's lovely eagle tavern fri nite:

with all due respect to yer pal, (and i checked his website and i like the music) when hilsinger plays, i simply have to go get my ears baked.

rats, i was looking forward to meeting you, and i continue to look forward to it, i'll just have to look forwarder.

Anyway, why does this have to be so hard? Now that I live in SF, I think I just have to get out there more. Meeting online is for the birds.

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