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04/07/04 12:16 - ID#24310

Squeak Squeak


Listening to the new Modest Mouse album....(now is the picture making sense?)'s fantastic....go buy it!!

Okay, it is now painfully clear that I have way too much free time on my hands.
I'm just so addicted to this sketch feature

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04/06/04 08:26 - ID#24309

Time To Rally


Let's all ban together and eradicate the term "No Offense" from our collective vocabulary.
I mean, all it really does is make whatever follows MORE offensive.
For example, if someone were to say to you: "I think people with big teeth are dumb" would only be insulted if you considered yourself part of that group, however, if he or she had said: "No offense, but I think beople with big teeth are dumb" than you are automatically implicated as not only someone with big teeth but also as someone lacking in intellegence.
SO, if I was to say to a friend : "No offense, but I think that people who use the term 'no offense' more often than 'hello' are completley insensitive bums who are too lazy to actually rephrase their comment so as to avoid insulting someone".....I think I would be making my point beautifully.
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04/02/04 02:46 - ID#24308

Yah por mis amigos


Just got back form the Bishop Allen was super fun.....and I don't really deserve such awesome friends........I think I'm the only one who really takes advantage of their kindness (sorry my peeps......mmm...peeps)

THe concert was great, even though we missed most of it......damn my nausea.

Can't explain why concerts make me so happy...they just do.....

Gonna go to sleep now......waking up painfully early tomorrow.....yuck!

By the by, Bishop Allen: better live than their album.....super crazy energy

Have a great day!
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03/29/04 12:30 - ID#24307

Who's the Birthday Girl?


(I do of course realize that I am a day late....sorry)

I hope that your birthday is (or was I guess) fantastic!!!
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03/30/04 12:22 - ID#24306

Things are Crazy


Bob Dylan is in the new Victoria's Secret commercial...........hmmmmmm.....yah....
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03/27/04 07:51 - ID#24305

Elmwood Strippers

I'm looking for a karaoke place. Not one where trendy drama kids hang out to show off, rather, I prefer a place where middle-aged men and women gather after work to entertain their inner celebrity.......if anyone knows of such a place please let me know.
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03/27/04 07:45 - ID#24304 rock so much!


Wow......this drawing feature is I the first person to use it?........everyone should... it's brilliant!

Anyways, not much to say. Went shopping today, that's fun, bought a new ring, it's big and amber and so pretty....I love how new things sparkle so much.....
Also, tickets for the SOndre Lerche show in Toronto went on sale yesterday.....I haven't gotten them yet cause I actually don't know if I'll be around then.....I hope so, that would be a great show!!
.........more later
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03/25/04 02:33 - ID#24303

Bishop Allen

Hey Y'all Bishop Allen is playing at the Mohawk Place April 1st.......Check 'em won't regret it!
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03/25/04 02:04 - ID#24302

Few Things to say....

1) Craig Kilborn is not funny......he's just not.
2) To thesimeon, I have seen some of PBS' reality show......I enjoyed it....they also did a series where several families had to live as American pioneers......also very enjoyable (but than again I am an avid reality tv watcher) I may be biased...
3) Speaking of reality tv, shout out to Yoanna, winner of America's Next Top Model (which, I know I should be embarassed about watching every week...but, I have very little shame...)
4) To Zack, Griffis Park sounds cool (the pictures are beautiful)...but I think I need some place more people-focused....I thought of McDonalds or some seedy bar....but I'm still deciding, if you have any more suggestions I'd appreciate it!
5) I love tea...mmmmmm-mmmm-yum-yum..
6) I should not have cut bangs for myself....I've once again created a all I want to do is chop away at the rest of my hair......I'm gonna be bald soon.......time to hide the scissors...
7) Smile...because tomorrow the weather is supposed to be lovley (well rainy, but lovley)...and it only gets better from there!
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03/23/04 02:05 - ID#24301

How Much Longer?

Missing Image ;(

I want to be these people....I don't know who they are but I want to be sitting atop a mountain in some crazy foreign country..........nothing would make me happier....
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